15 Yoga Retreats Around The World That Will Give You a Serious Case of Wanderlust

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15 Yoga Retreats Around The World That Will Give You a Serious Case of Wanderlust

It’s a big crazy world we live in. But yogis get it: sometimes we just need to chill. And these international yoga retreats might be the best sanity-making tools of ’em all.

We’re talking daily yoga sessions accompanied by gorgeous waterfalls, daylong camel riding adventures, rainforest excursions, and some of the freshest, healthiest cuisines on the planet.

So, if you’re looking for the yoga experience of a lifetime or need to escape from reality, pack your bags for any (or all) of these retreats ASAP.

  • Surf Maroc Retreat | Morocco

    Image via @moroccosurfphotography

    Love to surf? Never surfed but want to try? Either way, you definitely want to check out this Moroccan retreat centered around surfing and yoga. You’ll begin each day with an invigorating yoga class, nosh on a nourishing breakfast, then hit the beach for mindful surfing sessions. You’ll then finish the day with a sunset meditative yoga session, cool off in the pool, and fill your body with a delicious vegetarian dinner. And if that isn’t enough, you can also enjoy horseback riding, quad biking, and—wait for it—camel riding. Your experience will definitely be one to remember.

  • Villa Sumaya | Guatemala

    Image via @akgrewal

    This Guatemalan getaway has all the makings of a majestic yogi experience: Your own balcony overlooking the water, a glass-walled yoga studio surrounded by a bamboo jungle, and, of course, a wide range of awesome yoga classes. There are also creative writing sessions to help you get in touch with your flow and a wholesome menu of vegetarian meals to keep you fully fueled throughout your time there. In other words, it’s yogi paradise.

  • Kaliyoga New Year Retreat | Spain

    kali yoga
    Image via @kaliyoga_retreats

    What better way to kick off a new year than by getting your mind right at a stress-reducing, energy-inducing walking yoga retreat through one of the most gorgeous places in Europe? There isn’t one. At this seven-day retreat, you’ll spend a few hours per day hiking through a beautiful landscape of waterfalls, gorges, villages, and shaded valleys. And you’ll start and end each day with rejuvenating yoga sessions designed to help you be your best self as you head into the new year.

  • Summersalt Yoga SUP Retreat | Croatia

    summer salt yoga
    Image via @summersaltyoga

    Little pairs better with yoga than the soothing energy of the ocean, which is exactly why this stand-up paddleboarding yoga retreat in Croatia is making our hearts sing. You’ll practice poses on your board that’ll challenge your balance and leave you with a sense of strength and a deeper connection to your body. There’s also healthy vegetarian cuisine to keep your belly happy, and island parties under the blue Adriatic sky to keep your spirits high.

  • Yogascapes Retreat | Tulum

    Yogascapes Retreat | Tulum
    Image via @yogascapes

    This little oasis is sandwiched between the Mexican jungle and the bright white beaches of the Caribbean Ocean, making it the perfect getaway in the middle of the dark months of winter. There are three healthy meals a day, a fresh juice bar, plenty of massage treatments, and rejuvenating daily yoga sessions that’ll make you forget what stress even is (and that’s saying something). There’s even an optional Mayan sweat lodge you can get down on if you feel like taking your practice to the hottest level.

  • Blooming Lotus Yoga | Bali

    Blooming Lotus Yoga | Bali
    Image via @bloominglotusyoga

    We can’t have a list of stellar yoga retreats without including the mecca of yogi locales: Bali. You’ll spend your time enjoying the natural paradise that surrounds you as you learn meditation and breath control, partake in a variety of different yoga sessions, and gain more insight into how your daily routine can promote a sense of peace and tranquility. And with a healthy balance of structured activity and time to explore, you’ll feel present and engaged all the live long day.

  • Bhutan Yoga Tour | Bhutan

    Bhutan Yoga Tour | Bhutan
    Image via @bhutantoursandtravels

    If you’re a yogi bitten by the travel bug, then you’ll definitely want to check this retreat out (note for the geography-challenged: Bhutan is near Mt. Everest). Here, you’ll experience 17 days(!) filled with travels that include majestic hikes through the countryside, morning and evening yoga practices, and delicious local cuisine. You also have the opportunity to take on a five-day journey through Druk Park, where you’ll check out the beautiful sights Bhutan has to offer, including the Phajoding Monastery.

  • Ananda in the Himalayas | India

    Ananda in the Himalayas | India
    Image via @sweet_apple77

    A yoga retreat nestled into the foothills of the Himalayas? Sign us up. This resort offers everything a yoga enthusiast could want: daily practices taught by experienced teachers, healthy cuisine and complimentary cooking workshops, and daily interactive talks designed to give you a deeper understanding of personal peace and happiness. And all of this just so happens to take place in a setting that’s so gorgeous, it must be seen to be believed (our picture can’t do it justice).

  • Absolute Sanctuary | Thailand

    Image via @cecyalcarazf

    Detox your body and get your mind right at this extraordinary Thailand yoga sanctuary. There are holistic detox programs to help you reset and recharge, a ton of relaxing spa treatments, and a wide variety of yoga classes that take place in a number of different beautiful studios. You’ll also learn ways to de-stress and recharge in your daily life post vacay, so you can think of it as an investment in your future.

  • Amalfi Coast Yoga Retreat | Italy

    Amalfi Coast Yoga Retreat | Italy
    Image via @yogascapes

    Oh, you know, this is just a stunning retreat that happens on an organic farm atop the cliffs of the most spectacular coast Italy has to offer. No big deal. Except it’s a huge deal and it’s amazing. With daily hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and a winery, you’ll never get bored. And with its homemade Italian meals and coast-facing yoga studio, you’ll most definitely leave feeling better than you did when you came.

  • EcoYoga Retreat | Scotland

    EcoYoga Retreat | Scotland
    Image via @yogascapes

    This eight-day retreat in Scotland is almost too good to be true. Almost. From the naturally-heated springs to the underground sauna to refreshing cold pools, there are endless ways to enjoy the day when you’re not partaking in the daily yoga practices. And the best part? All of your meals will come straight from the on-site organic farm, so you’ll be eating the freshest of the fresh.

  • Life Awakening Retreat | Iceland

    Life Awakening Retreat | Iceland
    Image via @yogascapes

    If you’re looking for a traveling yoga experience like no other, look no further. At this retreat, you’ll delight in daily yoga practice, hike giant glaciers, and journey across Iceland while staying in three different locations along the way. All levels are welcome, the only requirement is the will to connect with nature and the desire to take in some of the most beautiful countryside the world has to offer.

  • Life in Wonder | Costa Rica

    Image via @yogascapes

    This retreat is less about material luxury and more about enjoying the natural luxuries our planet has to offer. Set in the Osa and dubbed the “last untouched area of Costa Rica,” this getaway will highlight the wonders of nature through excursions into the wild rainforest, “epic” tree climbs, ocean surfing, and a whole lot more. But it’s not all nature all the time — the rooms are comfy and the food is delicious, so you’ll be plenty comfortable recharging after your day of yoga and exploration. (Plus, WiFi to piss off all your friends on Instagram.)

  • Run Mindful Retreats

    Retreats around the world
    image via @runmindful | Instagram

    Hitting the running trail is a great way to clear your mind and focus on being present in the moment. And Run Mindful Retreats gives you the opportunity to do just that. Don’t expect these weekend retreats in Boulder, CO and Malibu, CA to focus on running form or increasing your race time. Nah, these retreats are all about integrating mindfulness into your running routine and connecting you with nature. Here, you and your group will spend one to five hours a day traversing mountain trails and beautiful beaches, self-reflecting during guided meditation (and yoga), and then refueling on healthy eats made from locally-grown, organic produce.

  • CorePower Yoga’s Perspective in Paradise

    Yoga retreats
    image via @corepoweryoga | Instagram

    CorePower and their semi-famous YogaSculpt classes are changing how we yoga, adding a serious fitness component and giving a whole new meaning to ‘power’ yoga. And while they’ve expanded to almost half of our 50 states, they’ve got their sights set on paradise. They’re inviting you to jetset with them to their retreats in Costa Rica (twice), Hawaii (twice), Puerto Vallarta, and Tuscany. You’ll stay in tents, yurts, rooms with views, or bungalows, and experience the ultimate in yoga, adventure, and relaxation.