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JUL 14, 2020



It’s no secret boxing-style workouts have punched and kicked their way into popularity. The growing demand for this totally addictive workout has generated a new crew of boutique kickboxing studios and shined a fresh light on fitness clubs that have been embracing this high-intensity, calorie-torching, full-body workout well before it became super trendy.

So, whether you are aiming to perfect that 1–2 punch or just ready to mix up your routine, grab your jab-tribe and get ready to sweat at these top Atlanta boxing destinations.

This versatile training center has an outstanding reputation and supportive community in across their four Atlanta locations. If you are brand new to boxing or kickboxing, X3 has you covered with their X1 beginner classes, they're the perfect way to ease yourself into these high-intensity workouts. Whether you're knocking out punch and kick sequences against their 120lb. bags or improving your coordination and speed in the ring, X3 will definitely have you feeling like a warrior. Once you put on the gloves and start learning the techniques, don’t be surprised if you plan your day around their packed schedule featuring technical classes, yoga, strength training, and more.

With over 15 years in the game and two Atlanta locations (Buckhead and Alpharetta), KnuckleUp Fitness is all about educating, motivating, and proving that non-traditional workouts can bring a new energy to those feeling uninspired. Their highly-trained instructors will teach you new moves and drop the knowledge you need to hone your technique. The popular kickboxing classes are a combo of heart-pumping bag sequences and intervals of core and leg work, designed to deliver full-body conditioning and boost your confidence. Fitt Tip: if you don’t already own wraps, you can purchase a set there and have one of their talented staff members show you how to wrap ’em up.

Check your fear at the door. North ATL’s Sweet Science wants you to bring the determination and commitment that'll take your fitness to the next level. Welcoming to all ages and experience levels, their USA Boxing-certified coaches are believers in building your confidence and teaching the proper way to nail that jab-jab-cross sequence. Sweet Science offers cardio boxing, fitness boxing and advanced boxing classes, all of which will keep your heart pumping and get you fit quick. You will experience the best of boxing while you tone muscles, improve coordination, and increase endurance. So, if you are ready to challenge yourself, put ’em up and find your sweet spot.

Vesta Movement should be at the top of your list for your next kickboxing workout. Created by two kickass women determined to shake up the fitness world in Atlanta, Vesta Movement is all about giving you the encouragement, knowledge, and space to make you shine like a diamond. Whether you choose kickboxing or a strength training class, you can expect your energetic instructor to dish out 55 minutes of intense interval training that'll challenge every muscle in your body. Their workouts are constantly changing so class will always be fun, engaging, and keep your body guessing. The first class is free, so check out their brightly-colored spaces and positive vibes at their original location in VA Highlands or their second location in Midtown!

Emerging from Nashville, Pepper Boxing joined the ATL scene in 2019. This studio brings high-energy, positive vibes, and a kick-ass workout boasting the only circular bag room layout in the world. Classes are a combination of cardio work on the heavy tear drop-shaped bags and strength training employing a weighted bar. Their team of well-trained and highly motivating instructors are committed to elevating each client to their highest potential and will show you how to nail those punch sequences with quality form. Fitt Tip: wraps and gloves are always provided and memberships give you full access to their weight room if you're looking for a little extra strength training.

It doesn’t get more legit than Atlanta Kick, which originally opened as a martial arts school and created Atlanta’s first ‘fitness kickboxing’ program. Located at the end of Miami Circle in Buckhead, it has become a destination for both newbies and veterans alike. The kickboxing and kickboxing circuit classes both offer 45 minutes of calorie-torching training. The traditional class will combine punching, kicking, and bodyweight exercises, while the circuit class incorporates various bags, kettlebells, medicine balls, and strength-based moves. Whatever style you choose, it’s sure to kick your butt, but at least your first class is free.

With studios all over the country, TITLE Boxing Club has definitely made an impact in the fitness world, building a strong reputation as a go-to destination for fierce boxing and kickboxing classes. Instructors focus on teaching you the fundamentals and making sure you feel confident in the execution. What to expect? After a heart-pumping warm-up, you’ll sweat your way through three-minute rounds of punch and kick combos on the 100lb. bag before finishing this full-body workout with various ab-sculpting exercises. Their instructors will light the fire inside of you, helping you discover the badass you are.

Whether you are looking to battle the bag in a kickboxing class or can get down with a little sparring with your fellow classmates in the boxing ring, Team Octopus wants you to leave their facility feeling like a champ. Their cardio-intensive kickboxing classes utilize interval striking sequences that will help you strengthen, tone, and absolutely pour sweat. Their boxing program has built a reputation as one of the best in the A and will help you improve agility to be light on your feet and condition your body so you feel like a pro. Fitt Tip: first class is free but wraps and gloves are required.

With four locations and such a unique concept, there are literally zero excuses why you can’t make it to one of 9Round's intense, 30-minute sessions. First and foremost, this studio stands out for their flex on the typical class schedule; workouts can start anytime beginning at 6am. When you’re ready to crush your workout for the day, head to 9Round and one of their trainers will be ready and waiting to help you wrap your hands and walk you through the nine stations of the day: three designated for strength training and five for punches and kicks on the heavy bag. To maximize your caloric burn, each station in this dynamic circuit needs three minutes of your max effort for best results. Fitt Tip: bring your heart rate monitor and you can sync up with their system.

What’s one giant motivation crusher when it comes to working out? Boredom. It’s legit the worst, so iLoveKickboxing made a commitment to ensure you never experience that dreadful feeling. This community-driven fitness franchise created an engaging, fun, adrenaline-pumping workout to put you and keep you on track in achieving your fitness goals. iLoveKickboxing combines cardio and resistance training inspired by pro kickboxers — their 60-minute class begins with a stretching warm-up, followed by sweat-inducing bag work, partner drills, and total-body conditioning. This is definitely a kickboxing destination for those seeking an effective and energetic workout, with encouraging instructors that will hold you accountable.


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