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JUL 14, 2020



You could say Atlanta is a little crazy about CrossFit. We’re just totally addicted to endless rounds of squats, lifts, and jumps that get our hearts pounding and bodies sweating.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a CrossFit fanatic looking for a new stomping ground or just want to see what the hype is all about (and maybe even earn some callouses) — there’s definitely a box in this city with your name on it. So, gear up to get your WOD on.

Head to this West Midtown spot if you want to be strong. Pop in before the sun rises or after the work rush for an hour-long class led by experienced, knowledgeable trainers. To get started, you’ll endure the Elements On-Ramp Course, designed to test your current fitness level and teach you the basic moves you’ll need to know to build strength and succeed. Bonus: it’s dog-friendly. Nothing beats a 5:30am workout with a happy doggo curious about your front squat form.

Hit up this North Atlanta gym, near Smyrna, on Monday at 6:15pm for a free trial class, and then sign up for their Fundamentals Class to get the lowdown on all things CrossFit. Your standard CrossFit regimen is not all these guys have in store. Their outdoor bootcamps, YogaFit, and personal training make sure your training is as challenging as it is balanced. And they’ve got a killer soundtrack to that will help you get pumped up on those days when you feel like dragging your feet.

You’re not going to find any boring, repetitive workouts at this Buckhead box. Here, you’ll get the chance to shake up your routine with kickboxing, karate, kettlebell training, and yoga classes. And with a roster of passionate trainers who care about member goals, you’ll have someone there for you from your one-on-one training sesh all the way through your rigorous WODs.

Get motivated, stay inspired, and stick with it. That’s what this Reynoldstown gym is all about. The folks at CrossFit Terminus know WODs can be hard and can be super intimidating when you first start out. That’s why they emphasize community spirit and safety above all else. Drop in to see what they’re all about and stomp some of your PRs with a supportive community at your back.

No surprise here — Atlanta’s largest indoor CrossFit facility is pretty damn big, which means there’s more than enough space to lift, squat, and press your way to greatness. Start off with a complimentary class before rolling into the regular sessions. Fitt Tip: as a testament to their welcoming community, any visiting athletes can drop in for free on a day they’re in town.

This box is the total package. It’s a 6,000-square-foot facility packed with top-notch equipment (including bikes and a peg board), a chic little community space with a coffee bar and Athlete Library, and yummy grab-n-go meals. They also have an outdoor space equipped with sleds and tires. There’s no fancier way to break a sweat in Buckhead.

This hot spot near Lake Claire has all your standard CrossFit elements — you know, power, pumps, and pain. But they also have some programs like Ladies Only CrossFit and Masters 50+. However, don’t expect these classes to be easy breezy. No way. They’re as tough as your typical WOD but focus on your individual needs.

You can bet the home of the Buckhead Barbell Olympic lifting club can kick your butt. If you’re interested in joining the club, sign up as a member and pay your dues to USA Weightlifting ($50 per year) before humping into CFP’s Olympic Weightlifting class (offered four times per week) to work on explosive power and movement control. The club competes in local meets throughout the year — and because of the in-house club, you can bet that Peachtree’s weekly CrossFit classes have the best barbell fundamentals around.

This West Midtown gem specializes in getting everyone started with personal training taught by top-tier coaches. Once you’ve got the basics, then you graduate into some intense group workouts. Specifically, if you’re an endurance athlete, you’ll want to know about their Pose Method running classes. CrossFit Atlanta is currently the only gym in Atlanta with a trainer licensed to teach Pose Method, the running technique that’s equipped the cardio-crazed for 100-milers and IRONMAN triathlons.

This spot is huge, equipped with three Olympic lifting platforms and enough bars and barbells to keep you busy on your fitness journey. Plus, they like to make use of the nearby Zonolite Trail during WODs. How about a little 1,000-meter kettlebell carry/nature walk to start your day? They also offer specialized half-hour skill sessions designed to focus on your weak spots. This is that extra little bit of work that will take your WODs to the next level.


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