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JUL 14, 2020



Some of you may know the Lagree Fitness Method (started by the one and only Sebastien Lagree), the Megaformer, the Reformer, and all the Pilates-based workouts that are sure to make you sweat. Though, we’re sure others may have absolutely no idea what we are talking about.

Pilates was not always known as a challenging type of physical fitness, but times have certainly changed and there is a whole slew of studios taking the base of this workout to a new level. So, it’s time you got to know the go-to boutique fitness studios in Atlanta for these muscle burn-inducing, full-body toning workouts. ATL, get ready to shake.

Fresh to the Atlanta scene, this Lagree-certified studio is already making a name for itself. Setting up shop in South Buckhead, Third Eye Tribe is all about inclusion, empowerment and building a fitness community that is passionate and supportive. Housing the sixth-edition Megaformer, the M3K+, this machine was carefully designed with the user in the mind. The unique angle and shape allows for ideal body alignment, so you can properly activate those slow-twitch muscle fibers and dig deeper into each move. The studio offers a variety of classes, like Full Body Basics, Full Body Balance, and days focused on upper- and lower-body. Plus, with experience from all different fitness backgrounds, the Tribe’s group of instructors is as diverse as the moves you will conquer on the M3K+. Fitt Tip: after class, don’t hesitate to hang out at the studio’s Ayurvedic Tonic Bar and get to know your instructor and classmates a little better.

Pace’s motto is simple: Slow. Steady. Strong. The moves may be slow, but the burn will hit you fast, and you can expect to fully embrace that motto in their Pace 55 classes. Pace instructors know the Lagree Method well and don’t hold back when it comes to delivering a dynamic workout on the MS3 Megaformer. To ensure everyone not only has an awesome workout but feels welcome and comfortable in their studio, they offer a beginners class, called ‘Pace 101,’ developed entirely to show Megaformer and Lagree newbies the ropes. Meanwhile, the mid-morning “Carpool Class” is precisely scheduled so all the moms (and dads) have a chance to get their sweat on. And for all those really seeking a challenge, rise to the occasion with 20 extra minutes of shakes in their special 75-minute Sunday class, Pace 75.

With two locations open in Atlanta—Buckhead and Sandy Springs—SculptHouse has become a fitness destination for their one-of-a-kind workout and curated athleisure boutique. SH utilizes the Lagree Method and was the first studio in the world to combine the Megaformer and treadmill — specifically, the dreaded Woodway Curve treadmill. Their signature CardioSculpt class is truly special: the two-part workout consists of 25 minutes of strength training on the Megaformer, and 25 minutes of cardio interval training on the treadmill. It is an undeniably, challenging full-body workout that will tone your muscles, build endurance, and torch calories. And don’t fret if you are a bit confused your first few classes by the odd exercise names and movements — all instructors go through a rigorous training program, so when they call for “catfish” or “reverse bear”, you know they aren’t just making things up as they go. Fitt Tip: sticky socks are required and first-timers should arrive early to get the full overview of the machines before class begins.

Once you visit The Daily, you may just want to do it on the daily… because their high-intensity format of Pilates comboed with endurance training is going to transform your mind and body. The Daily offers six different Pilates Reformer classes, which means there is something for everyone and every fitness level. The Daily Foundations class is a great introduction to the Reformer and those new to this type of workout, and those with a bit more experience should check out the Daily Sculpt or Daily Sculpt Advanced. Both the Inman Park and West Midtown locations offer all six of their 55-minute Reformer classes, so pick your poison. Regardless of your choice, the instructors have you covered with their expertise, high-energy music, and all the positive vibes.

This small studio in East Cobb holds only eight Megaformers, so we recommend booking in advance if you want secure a spot. Open to all fitness levels, Sculpted Body wants to be your destination to achieve your health and fitness goals with their 50-minute Megaformer classes and encouraging environment. Their total-body workouts will help you strengthen, sculpt, and tone with dynamic moves that will keep your body guessing. While their sweat sessions are intense, rest assured the unique method is designed to be low-impact on your joints to keep you feeling your best. And the intimate space enables instructors to provide personalized guidance throughout class, ensuring your weighted springs are correctly loaded and your form is on point. Fitt Tip: try out the studio with their $10 First Class Special and don’t forget to bring or purchase a pair of ToeSox.

While [solidcore] follows the same general guidelines of slow, controlled movements, this widely popular studio has developed its own method and designed their very own resistance-based machine they like to call [sweatlana]. Currently, [solidcore] has two locations in Atlanta: Decatur, and Midtown, plus 40+ studios nationwide. Attendees will know it’s time to hop on the machine and get down to business when the studio’s signature blue lights change color, at which time your instructor will lead you through 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact movements that will literally put the “sweat” in [sweatlana]. At the base of every [solidcore] move is either a plank, squat, or lunge, and each class will definitely deliver the total-body workout you came for. And if you are a beginner, we highly suggest trying out their beginner’s class to learn some of the lingo and get a better idea of what your form should look and feel like.

Stellar Bodies was Georgia’s first Megaformer studio, with their first location opening in Midtown and a second location now in Buckhead. Embracing the Lagree Fitness Method and utilizing the Megaformer, the studio aims to help you craft a leaner, stronger, and more balanced body. Their combination of resistance and counter-resistance exercises will ignite every muscle group as you transition through their full-body classes. And although most of their classes are group fitness, they keep it small and intimate so clients still receive individual attention. Both locations have a knowledgeable group of instructors that are keen on ensuring your form is correct, so you get the most out of every calorie-torching, muscle-lengthening move.


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