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JUL 14, 2020



If you needed any evidence that Atlanta is a hot spot for the latest and greatest workouts, look no further than the Westside Village’s newest fitness club, The Refinery. It’s the first-ever location in the US to introduce the BIOCIRCUIT: a totally personalized, machine-based circuit workout designed to get to know you before kicking your butt. The future is now, friends, and it is sweaty.


Opened mid-May 2019, The Refinery is a luxury gym packed with equipment and technology (and top-tier instruction) meant to optimize your workouts. Namely, we’re talking about BIOCIRCUIT, created by Technogym — and it’s the robot gym buddy you never knew you needed. It uses BIODRIVE, a smart-technology in each machine that tells it to auto-adjust according to your goals, your height, and your fitness level. Anything unique about your body, it factors in with the ping of a microchip so you can get the best workout designed for you.

Together, with The Refinery’s top trainers and Technogym’s top technology, you get a level of personalization and customization you can’t find anywhere else. It all comes standard according to owner Freddy Goldenberg: “We believe everyone can benefit from the tools and training that empower professional athletes to achieve incredible things,” she explained. “We’ll help push past boundaries and reach new milestones.”

On your first visit, you’ll have a consultation with a trainer, get fitted on the machines, and do a cardio and strength test. You’ll wear a wristband that remembers your goals and abilities, and you’ll use it to log in before each workout, effectively setting your unique resistance profile.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll need enough resistance to feel a consistent burn and break a sweat, but your workout will focus more on pace than strength building. On the other hand, if you want to sculpt or train for performance, the BIODRIVE engine will adjust your machine to apply more of a challenge. It’ll be tougher, and you’ll definitely have to lift, push, and tough out challenging reps.

As you grow and strengthen, the machine does a lot of the thinking for you. It’ll adjust to your abilities and keep you challenged. You’ll find equipment for chest and shoulder presses, leg extensions and low rows, a treadmill, an exercise bike, and still more — each completely guided by machine technology. As you move through the circuit, watch the seat on your exercise bike rise and fall, or the handlebars on your machine adjust to your posture. And at the end, you can keep track of and review all of your progress on a phone app.


Though it gets our spotlight, BIOCIRCUIT isn’t the only offering at The Refinery; Goldenberg really pulled out all the stops for a refined experience. More than a gym, this spot is a lifestyle and a statement in the trendy Westside Village.

You’ll get sweaty in brightly-lit open training spaces, cool down in locker rooms with showers and towel service, and chill out in a cozy, wood-paneled lounge. There’s also a covered outdoor training area and a 40-yard indoor track. If you’re craving more of a group atmosphere, on-site certified trainers are available for Pilates, strength training, and Group X fitness classes. Feeling achy? Make an appointment at the on-site Chiro-Spa to get a full-body reset.

The BIOCIRCUIT will be there when you’re ready for it. And it should be noted that these circuits happen on your schedule — the workout starts when you get there, and the layout makes it easy to hop from one machine to the next. Just follow the flooring pattern and keep your mind on your workout. With bold leaderboards and bumping music, there’s little room for distraction. And with the guiding hand of robots and supercomputers, it’s the mindless yet ultra-effective workout you’ve always been looking for.

**The Refinery design by S3 Design Inc. & photos by Steve Fellmeth


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