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JUL 14, 2020



“Have you been to the Slutty Vegan yet?”, every Atlantan has been asking each other since its emergence in 2018. If you haven’t, you better get in line now because the demand for Pinky Cole’s insanely popular, Slutty Sauce-smothered, plant-based burgers is out of this world — or at least around the block. This menu has hungry folks waiting in line for up to five hours to dig in, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re craving burgers and sandwiches like the sweet jerk plantain-topped Dancehall Queen and the Heaux Boy: vegan shrimp tossed in New Orleans-style batter with the works on a Hawaiian bun. The guacamole-loaded Super Slut has hungry folks turning heads, but it’s hard to resist the vegan bacon-topped One Night Stand — both, however, use an Impossible Burger patty .

All burgers considered, decisions with this certified #Sluttified menu can be tough. Everything is unique, fresh, smothered with flavor and, best of all, 100% plant-based. It’s pure in-your-face clean-eating indulgence, and it’s here to stay.


Pinky Cole is the mastermind behind Slutty’s signature guilt-free guilty pleasures. She started Slutty Vegan as a ghost restaurant, selling burgers fresh to order via Instagram. In a few weeks’ time, Cole’s Slut Burgers picked up speed — literally. She started zooming around Atlanta and serving burgers from a mobile food truck.

Nowadays, it’s a much bigger picture.

Slutty Vegan’s first brick-and-mortar opened on Ralph David Abernathy in Westview, where they sold 1,200 burgers just on their first day in business. Slutty’s menu has since enticed a few household names you might know? Snoop Dogg, Tyler Perry, and Usher (who ordered a Ménage à Trois) have all been seduced by these unique vegan eats.

Slutty’s second permanent restaurant is set to open in downtown Jonesboro, a city about 18 miles south of Atlanta. The community showed ample appreciation for SV’s food truck at city events in the past, so it’s only fair they get their own permanent spot.

Slutty Vegan has lots of love for its food truck roots and isn’t likely to throw it in park anytime soon. The truck—or should we say trucks—frequently visits towns surrounding ATL. Keep up with their Instagram to scout out where their “Slut Mobile Location” is on any given day.


So, what’s next?

For one, Slutty Vegan is opening its third location in Old Fourth Ward, right next to Edgewood Pizza. They’ve also announced via Instagram the rollout of Slutty Strips, the brand’s vegan bacon strips, “coming soon to a grocery aisle near you.”

They’re clearly on a campaign to make delicious vegan-eats accessible all over Atlanta, and lately, the Southeast too. Next stop? Maybe Charlotte, North Carolina! Slutty Vegan attracted a crowd of hundreds during a pop-up event in Charlotte, and some waited up to six hours for their meal (which is par for the course these days, right?). If they do set up shop in Charlotte, supply is destined to meet demand.

But first, a reality television show is in order. Pinky Cole had a career as a TV producer before owning the Slutty Vegan, so making a debut on the small screen is no tall order. While details are still in the works, rumor has it Cole is working with a major production company to get things rolling. And this time, she’ll be the star of the #sluttified show.


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