10 Atlanta Brunch Spots For Healthier (And Delicious) Eats

10 Atlanta Brunch Spots For Healthier (And Delicious) Eats

It’s Sunday morning, and you’ve had a long week of being active and staying awesome. Time to treat yo’ self… without completely wrecking your diet.

All around Atlanta, you’ll find brunch menus that are good in more ways than one. While the food at these restaurants is tasty, filling, and exploding with flavor, it’s also locally-sourced, humanely-raised, and, in many cases, grown in the backyard.

These eateries offer decadent, indulgent medleys of flavor paired with base ingredients you won’t feel guilty about eating. It’s almost like your cheat day isn’t really cheating!

  • Cafe Sunflower Buckhead

    Cafe Sunflower Buckhead Atlanta
    image via @cafesunflower | Instagram

    This Sunday brunch spot is a saving grace. You can indulge in all the splendor and glory of fried, gravy-covered Southern specialties because they’re made with your active, healthy life in mind. Go ahead — order the chicken and waffles. They’re made with lightly-fried seitan chicken, drizzled with a natural mustard maple syrup, and topped with vegan whipped cream. Sunday Brunch is only served in Buckhead, but check out their original location in Sandy Springs for a lunch or dinner, and fresh-pressed juices.

  • Ria’s Bluebird

    Ria’s Bluebird Atlanta
    image via @riasbluebird | Instagram

    Found downtown near the Oakland Cemetery, this eclectic diner pays special attention to serving locally-sourced, authentic meals. They serve brunch all day, every day. But on the weekends, get there early if you don’t want a long wait — this place is popular. Probably because the menu features tasty bites like organic shrimp and grits, country-fried tempeh with house gravy and sautéed kale, and a tofu scramble.

  • Sun In My Belly

    sun in my belly atlanta
    image via @suninmybelly | Instagram

    For a seasonally fresh brunch menu with artful flair, head to this spot in Lake Claire. Every dish looks like it jumped off the pages of Bon Appétit Magazine and features locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients. Try something like the beet hummus with raw veggies, or dig into Alison’s Pimento Cheese Omelette with a side of seasonal tabouli. Whatever you do, don’t leave without trying one of their signature, homemade lavender biscuits.

  • Home grown

    Homegrown Atlanta
    image via @homegrownga | Instagram

    This spot is true to its name. They grow veggies and herbs in their garden to use in all of their dishes — and they pride themselves for offering amazing, reasonably priced meals in the heart of Reynoldstown, in East Atlanta. They serve breakfast all day, but go on the weekend for their brunch menu. It features dishes like their award-winning, 100% vegan sloppy joe, and Grant’s Stack, homemade pimento with fried green tomatoes on grilled Texas toast. Fitt Tip: also check out the on-site thrift shop for works by local artists and other one-of-a-kind buys.

  • Venkman’s

    Venkmans Atlanta
    image via @@hungrygirlsdoitbetter | Instagram

    Venkman’s, in the heart of Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, is an ultra-quirky, upscale eatery all about seasonal ingredients and humanely-raised poultry and meats. Simply, their brunch menu is ah-mazing. They’ve got breakfast poutine (have two better words ever been put together?) made with house potatoes, mozzarella curds, roasted mushrooms, and thyme gravy. But if you’re feeling a little extra on your cheat day, try the Tall Boy Breakfast — a classic two-egg meal any style, diner-type meal, served with an ice cold PBR Tall Boy.

  • Vitality Bowls

    Vitality Bowls Atlanta
    image via @nutritiondarling | Instagram

    It’s superfood to the rescue in Midtown, Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Peachtree City. Vitality Bowls specializes in serving acai bowls topped with organic granola and dozens of combinations of fruits, nuts, seeds, and greens. For brunch, try the Energy Bowl. The base is made with powerful ingredients like organic acai, guarana, flax seed, bananas, and strawberries, then topped with goji berries and bee pollen.

  • R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

    R. Thomas Deluxe Grill Atlanta
    image via R. Thomas Deluxe Grill | Facebook

    Probably the most unique place on this list, R. Thomas is dedicated to healthy eats (and the well-being of the dozen or so birds of paradise in their foyer.) They use all-natural ingredients in their food, including cold-pressed organic oils, fresh produce and homegrown herbs, free-range chicken, and wild-caught tuna. Need to make a pick? Try R’s Hearty Breakfast Stew, a red potato corn chowder loaded with quinoa, veggies, dulse, and shredded nori. It promotes good digestion AND settles the stomach!

  • Herban Fix

    Herban Fix - Vegan Kitchen Atlanta
    image via Herban Fix - Vegan Kitchen | Facebook

    Go to this favorite Midtown spot on Sunday morning for a healthy, vegan brunch buffet you won’t soon forget. It’s all-you-can-eat and offers massive variety, from tofu scramble and fresh fruit to pom pom mushroom “steak.” Also, know that the menu changes every week to match what is seasonally and locally available, so you’ll have to go back a few times to try it all.

  • Joy Cafe

    Joy Cafe Atlanta
    image via @livin4eaternity | Instagram

    This locally-owned, mom ’n’ pop joint in Midtown focuses on using fresh, preservative-free ingredients in their menus. When browsing their massive Saturday/Sunday brunch menu, you’ll find staples like chicken and waffles and eggs benedict, but their specialties are what really shine. Try the truffle egg scramble with wild mushroom ragu and sourdough toast, or opt for the homemade granola (made with toasted almonds, pecans, and dried fruits) for a real treat.

  • Upbeet

    Upbeet Atlanta
    image via @rachelscurlyfit | Instagram

    One of the newer spots on the scene, Upbeet can be found in West Midtown, filling up healthy bowls and topping toasts on the go. You can create your own bowl or try one of theirs. For instance, you could go with the Eggcellent grain bowl, made with non-GMO purple rice, kale, roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, and a soft-boiled egg. Finish up with a fresh-pressed juice or fruit smoothie, and in that case, the Glow Getter is worth a try. It’s made with collagen protein (along with strawberries, bananas, dates, and coconut milk) for that fresh-faced look.