Atlanta’s Best Spots For Paleo-Friendly Eats

Atlanta’s Best Spots For Paleo-Friendly Eats

People are kicking meat to the curb at high rates these days, which means Paleolithic options are becoming a bit harder to find. But fear not caveman dieters, Atlanta happens to be home to some paleo-friendly restaurants that are serving up meals so delicious you’ll forget you’re making the healthier choice. And we’ve rounded up some of the best. Warning: you will be hungry after reading this.

  • The Pig & The Pearl

    Paleo Restaurants in Atlanta
    image via The Pig and the Pearl | Facebook

    Tired of going to happy hours with no paleo grub to munch on in between drinks? Well, keep this Atlantic Station spot on your radar for your next outing. Not only do they have $5 cocktails, they also have $1 oysters every day during happy hour. Feed your paleo appetite with their grilled trout plate, certified Angus beef brisket, or locally-sourced chicken hot off the smoker. Polish things off with one of their fresh vegetable sides or salads and enjoy the chill backyard vibes in the heart of the city.

  • Table & Main

    Paleo Restaurants in Atlanta
    image via Table & Main | Facebook

    If paleo is all about eating what you’d catch, then Table & Main in Roswell is right up your alley because they serve up entrées like pecan-crusted trout and a mean vegetable plate. Expect a host of mouth-watering meat options and perfectly-seasoned sides. But here’s the kicker: each and every Wednesday they dish out paleo-specific eats. So just remember to make your reservation for the middle of the week!

  • MetroFresh

    Paleo Restaurants in Atlanta
    image via MetroFresh | Facebook

    No need to wonder what’s what at MetroFresh in Midtown, meat-eater options are clearly labeled along with gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and other diet preferences. Another thing that sets this place apart? Their menu changes daily! That’s right, they switch it up every day. And with options like roasted free-range chicken breast, blackened bone-in pork chop, and an array of salads and veggies, deciding what to eat will be the only problem.

  • Happy Belly Kitchen

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via Happy Belly Kitchen & Truck | Facebook

    At Happy Belly Kitchen in Cumming, you could go with the obvious choice — the Go Paleo dish, but what about going bun-less with the short rib-brisket burger? Or, sink your spoon into the 3 Bean Chicken Chili that’s perfectly spiced with natural herbs. But if you’re looking for something extraordinary, go with the Not so Ordinary Chicken Sandwich, you’ll get your fix of fruits and veggies all in one heaping handheld.

  • True Food Kitchen

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via True Food Kitchen | Facebook

    Between their delicious, paleo-friendly bowls, entrées, and burgers, you can’t go wrong with True Food Kitchen in Lenox Square. The grilled salmon’s unique flavor is sure to have your taste buds dancing and the Moroccan chicken is equally satisfying. But the grass-fed burger is definitely a top pick among paleo friends. True Food Kitchen’s most appealing factor? Its menu rotates based on the season’s harvest.

  • Farm Burger

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via Farm Burger | Facebook

    The grass-fed deluxe burgers at this hot spot in Buckhead, Decatur, Dunwoody, and Grant Park are so thick and savory you’ll be thinking about them hours after you’ve left the restaurant. Swap your bun for lettuce and top it with a sunny side up egg (yum!). The best part? Farm Burger is committed to sourcing all its meat from local farmers who never use antibiotics or hormones. Consider this the perfect place to get back to your hunter/gatherer roots all while enjoying a guilt-free dining experience.

  • Zoës Kitchen

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via Zoe's Kitchen | Facebook

    There are so many mouth-watering options on the menu at Zoës Kitchen, but no need to get overwhelmed. For paleo dieters, sticking to the kabobs is your best bet. And trust us — you will not be disappointed. The Mediterranean flavors are created with fresh ingredients that you can taste in every single bite. Order up chicken, steak, salmon, or shrimp kabobs and pair them with freshly-grilled veggies like zucchini and peppers. Stop by any of their 10 Atlanta area locations for a meal fit for a caveman.

  • R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via Timothy A. | Yelp

    Breakfast or dinner? It’ll be hard to decide at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill in Brookwood. Consider this place omelet heaven because each one comes with your choice of grilled veggies. And if you’re not feeling eggy, all of the main entrées are tender, juicy, and marinated in all-natural herbs or chargrilled. Top that with the sautéed veggie sides and you’ve officially reached food paradise. One thing’s for sure, health-conscious, paleo dieters can’t go wrong here. Plus, they’re open 24 hours, so your late nights don’t have to end up in regret (at least when it comes to your food choices).

  • Bantam + Biddy

    Healthy Eats in Atlanta
    image via Bantam & Biddy | Facebook

    The paleo options are a little skimpy at Bantam + Biddy in Ansley Mall, but the ones they do offer are to die for. We’re talking tender, fall off the bone, oven-roasted chicken, sautéed salmon filet, and the often bragged about Southern Cobb salad. But you can always try one of the super-meaty egg dishes instead. The Protein Scramble is a paleo dream featuring the legendary oven-roasted chicken.