Introducing The Slutty Vegan, Atlanta’s One-of-a-Kind Vegan Food Truck

Introducing The Slutty Vegan, Atlanta’s One-of-a-Kind Vegan Food Truck

ICYMI, there’s a mobile eatery that’s turning heads in Atlanta — and not just because of their unique name. We’re talking about The Slutty Vegan, a 100% vegan burger food truck that hit the scene this past summer and garnered an insane following in just a few weeks!

If Ya Got It, Flaunt It

It all started when owner Pinky Cole started searching for a place to grab some late-night vegan eats and kept coming up empty handed. Thus, the idea for The Slutty Vegan was born.

At first, you could find the plant-based burger joint at various pop-ups around Atlanta. Diners craving comfort food and clean eating at 11pm on a Saturday could order online through Instagram, and they’d be given an address where they could pick up their food. Like the burgers, the system wasn’t conventional, but it worked.

And thanks to overwhelming response, within a month of turning on the grill, Pinky was able to purchase The Slutty Vegan food truck. Since then, they’ve been dishing out delicious, post-party “junk” food to healthy, hungry Atlantans all over the city.

Order Up!

Brace yourself — this menu is not like the others. The Slutty Vegan’s idea of a meatless burger does not include your average black bean fritter or vegetable pâté. Their burgers feel and taste like beef and are created using a special blend of Caribbean spices and a touch of Southern flair.

Indulge in the vegan patty of your dreams, like the One Night Stand (topped with vegan bacon and faux cheese) or the PLT, a sandwich stacked with grilled plantains tossed in a spicy jerk sauce, and finished off with lettuce and tomato. Pair your handheld with a side of Heffa Fries and round things out with a helping of vegan ice cream from First Batch.

If you find yourself craving one of The Slutty Vegan’s creations and aren’t already in line outside the truck, you can head over to their new brick-and-mortar location in Westview! Slated to open January 13, 2019, you’ll be able to sit down and dig in to the same menu that put these plant-based burgers on the map.