Find Your Flow: 16 Incredible Yoga Studios in Atlanta

Find Your Flow: 16 Incredible Yoga Studios in Atlanta

Atlanta has lots of good karma to go around and it’s truly an exciting time to be a yogi! The yoga community is passionate, vast, and crazy creative. Studios learn from one another, identify a niche, and bring their own unique versions of what’s best to the scene.

And this city knows there’s no one right way to practice — which means there’s no one best studio to practice in. Maybe you like to start your work week right with some Yin practice and finish Friday night with Bikram. Or maybe you’re a perfectionist, seeking the most optimal Iyengar sessions?

Whether you’re on the market for a new tribe or curious about the hottest place for hot yoga, you’re sure to find a fit (or two) in Atlanta’s yogi community.

  • Thunderbolt Power Yoga

    image via Thunderbolt Power Yoga | Facebook

    Bring on the Yogastorm (their phrase, not ours) at Thunderbolt in Buckhead Court. This studio offers hot power yoga classes on the daily and sprinkles in some fan favorites like Yoga for Athletes and Dubstep or Hip Hop Power Flow. Every class ends with a cool-down featuring a eucalyptus essential oil-doused Savasana towel, designed to mesh with lemongrass and lavender diffused in the room. This is relaxation at its peak.

  • Dancing Dogs Yoga

    Dancing Dogs Yoga Atlanta
    image via Dancing Dogs Yoga Atlanta | Facebook

    Founder Shelly Lowther is a certified badass and Baptiste-style yoga teacher — conquering Mount Kilimanjaro is checked off her bucket list, and you can bet her classes are as powerful and motivating as she is. Sign up for weekly Power Hours out of their Old Fourth Ward location to get your butt kicked in the best way, or opt for Yinpowerment, which combines the easing elements of Yin yoga with the kick-pow-punch of power.

  • Be Hot Yoga Atlanta

    Atlanta Yoga
    image via @behotyogaatl | Instagram

    This studio prides itself on being the first Bikram practice in the area and keeps true to tradition. They heat the room to a solid 106 degrees and flow through a series of 26 postures in a 90-minute session. Owner Cristina Rey credits this style of yoga for the control, trust, and stability she has with her body when indulging in her hobby of free-form skydiving (perks of the job, we suppose). Come find your own purpose and get hot at their VaHi studio.

  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga Atlanta
    image via @corepoweryoga | Instagrm

    This popular yoga studio is making Atlanta sweat more than usual. They’ve made their mark all over the city—from Midtown to Buckhead to Ponce City Market—and bring with them a line-up of high-intensity workouts paired with all the focus and flow of yoga. Head to Yoga Sculpt for free weights, squats, cardio poses, and inevitably sweat-drenched yoga towels.

  • evolation yoga

    evolation yoga atlanta
    image via @evolationyoga | Instagram

    Wondering about hot yoga? Wonder no more. Midtown’s evolation offers beginner-level “warm” classes to quite literally warm you up. Once you’re good and cozy, hop into a Bikram or Barkan method class to put your muscles to the test. Also, keep an eye on their event line-up. They frequently offer seminars, introducing philosophy and storytelling into your routine.

  • Tough Love Yoga

    Tough Love Yoga Atlanta
    image via @toughloveyoga | Instagram

    On the edge of Little Five Points, you’ll find this eclectic haven for rebel yogis. They’re all about being affordable ($10 for a drop-in!), accessible (there’s something for everyone and every ability), and the home of Metal Yoga (“Melt your face off in a very relaxing and healing way,” they say). Stop by for “yogahour”—a laid-back class dedicated to perfecting your form and flow—or try “buddha-licious” and find your flow to some ’80s hip-hop.

  • onlYoga

    onlyoga atlanta
    image via @onlyoga | Instagram

    onlYoga takes pride in creating intimate and challenging core courses, all creatively designed by the staff. Stop into their Midtown spot on a Saturday to see for yourself! That’s when they offer free Ashtanga classes for both seasoned and fresh-faced yogis. But watch their event page for the real hidden gems — you’ll see offerings like OY Aerial yoga classes, Thai massages, and body rolling workshops.

  • Highland Yoga

    Highland Yoga Atlanta
    image via Highland Yoga | Facebook

    Highland Yoga flows in Grant Park, VaHi, and Buckhead, and all of the studios are heated to 93 degrees and host creatively-structured classes. For example, Heated Power Vinyasa is an all-body workout all about strength, while Slow Burn Vinyasa really focuses on your core. But the star of the show is the Yin/Restorative class, dedicated to soothing sore muscles and speeding up recovery.

  • Kashi Atlanta

    Kashi Atlanta Ashram
    image via Kashi Atlanta Ashram | Facebook

    Kashi is your neighborhood ashram (where you gain your yogi spirituality) dedicated to building the Lake Claire community through mindfulness and inclusive classes. Check out their high-intensity Yoga Boot Camp series for a daily burn, and keep an eye out for special workshops and events. They offer a 10-Day Yoga Detox three times a year, complete with a daily yoga class, meditation sessions, semi-fasts, and reiki sessions.

  • BURN Studios

    BURN Studios Atlanta
    image via BURN Studios | Facebook

    Heating up in Brookhaven and Buckhead, BURN’s most popular class is Burn Sculpt Yoga: a mix of Pilates, barre, and yoga (and you can bet free weights are involved!). For added fun, you’ll wear a heart rate monitor to track your sweat sesh in real time and see it on the 70-inch in-studio TV. If this isn’t enough of a burn for you, pair your yoga with cycling and kickboxing classes.

  • Westside Yoga

    Westside Yoga Atlanta
    image via Westside Yoga | Facebook

    This studio (that borders Buckhead, Midtown, and, of course, Westside) offers five distinct classes, each one focusing on a different kind of yogic style. Build your strength at the BURN power yoga classes, or RESTORE your sanity with light Vinyasa flow and a heavy dose of meditation. And if you’re still searching for your flow, this might be where you’ll find it.

  • Red Hot Yoga

    Red Hot Yoga Atlanta
    image via @adrianaaatm | Instagram

    Red Hot Yoga kicks your typical sweat sesh up a notch. Their Hot and Power classes are superheated to 102 degrees for some real release and relaxation after the workday. If you can’t wait until 5 o’clock, swing through Buckhead and stop in for a Lunch Crunch class to get in your midday ab workout.

  • Sacred Thread Yoga

    Sacred Thread Yoga Atlanta
    image via Sacred Thread Yoga | Facebook

    Found in East Atlanta, Old Fourth Ward, and by the airport in Hapeville, Sacred Thread offers highly unique classes. Though, if we had to pick any, we’d say check out their Yoga Nidra class, a practice that includes body scan, sensory perception, and imagery exercises. Practicing it is said to ease insomnia and stimulate deep relaxation.

  • YogaWorks Atlanta

    Atlanta Yoga Studios
    image via YogaWorks | Facebook

    Formerly Infinity Yoga, this popular studio has ungone a metamorphosis and joined the expansive, nationwide YogaWorks family. In Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody, and Old Fourth Ward, yogis of all ages and abilities can get down with their signature and ever-popular classes like Heated Vinyasa, Yoga for Runners and Athletes, Power to the Core, Yoga Sculpt, Flow and Meditation, and many more. Fitt Tip: for a price to match, you can buy a YW passport to gain access to all ATL locations.

  • Nirvana Yoga

    The Best Yoga Studios in Atlanta
    image via Nirvana Yoga | Facebook

    From the moment you enter its door in Grant Park, Nirvana Yoga’s studio will feel like home. The studio, with a vibe that’s sort of a cross between Buddhist temple and a ski lodge, houses a community passionate about their alignment-based and Vinyasa flows. From a Rise and Shine Yoga Flow to Moonlit Movement and all the hours between, Nirvana has everything—including Hip Hop Yoga workshops—that you need for your practice.

  • Bring it Om Yoga

    Bring it Om Yoga Atlanta
    image via @bringitomyoga_ | Instagram

    New to Buckhead, Bring it Om Yoga channels the vibes from New York City and LA communities, creating a clean, crisp, and, dare we say, beautiful space to deepen your practice. The infrared-heated studio offers a signature power Vinyasa, but also a low-intensity restorative flow to cultivate awareness and reflection. Bonus: being in the Andrews Square development, they’re neighbors with {SAMA} Food For Balance — refuel with a coffee, cold-pressed juice, or Brekkie Bowl!