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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

Whether you’re looking for a detox from the weekend or a daily green juice, these Austin juice bars are killing the game. Swing by for all the tasty blends, from detoxifying to just plain delicious.




You could call this local hot spot Straws and Spoons. First, you'll need a straw for sipping down smoothies. Second, you’ll need a spoon for snackin’ on their signature acai bowl. What else can you expect? Delicious and nutritious ingredients. Think: fresh fruit, nuts, granola and other superfoods packaged into grab-and-go blends. And if you can't decide what to order (it happens), The Power Potion made with all the Ps (pitaya, pineapple, peanut butter, vanilla Vega protein) is a solid go-to. Check 'em out for yourself at one of their five Austin-area locations.

This spot might be Austin’s most well-known juice and smoothie bar, and for good reason. They have shops located on just about every corner in the city, and also offer a juice menu that’s practically endless. When you're on the go, pop in for a pre-made, cold-pressed bottle (hello, Watermelon Chia Pep), and when you've got some time to spare, order the OG Originator blend with an unmistakable spirulina green hue. Hipster vibes, healthy lunch bowls, superfood tonics and lattes, and downright delicious drinks. JuiceLand knows how to keep the locals coming back for more.

In need of a quick, healthy pick-me-up? Look no further than Jugo in the heart of Downtown Austin. They make their farm-to-blender juices with simple, locally-sourced ingredients like orange, cucumber, kale, and ginger. The result is fresh flavors that are second to none. Even better? They compost all of their excess produce and ship it back to area purveyors who put it to good use on their farms. Oh, and if you're looking for something a little more substantial, grab one of their yummy snacks or grain bowls while you're at it.

The Soup Peddler’s owner (David) began "peddling" soups to South Austin locals on his bike (go figure). After opening his first brick-and-mortar in 2010, he began introducing juice and smoothies into his famed soup menu. Now a self-proclaimed “liquid emporium”, this local favorite (with five area locations) is a one-stop-shop for soups, smoothies, healthy snacks, and, of course, juice! Swing by for one of their signature juice concoctions or try out the daily juice special — there are no bad choices.

The minds behind Vida Pura opened their juice shop with everything you could ask for. Raw, cold-pressed juice? Check. Energizing booster shots. Check. Flavorful and nutritious acai bowls and smoothies? Double check. Lucky for you, the list goes on. Plus, their health-minded drinks and foods are all made in-house, with some Latin favorites too. For a refreshing cool-down, you can’t miss the Vegan Horchata or the signature Corázon drink, packed with beets and pineapple, that will really make your heart sing.

No juicing amateurs here! Since opening their first location off good ol’ Barton Springs Rd. in 2003, this neighborhood juicery has expanded to five locations in the greater Austin area, with another spot in Houston. From their cold-pressed bottles to their made-to-order combos, even the pickiest member of your crew will find something satisfying to sip on. And you won't have to worry about what's going into your drink, either. Daily Juice Café prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients with no added sugars or processed foods. They do more than juice, too! Try out their acai bowls, hot soups, or garden toasts the next time you're nearby.

Now, just because these juices come made-to-order doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Snap Kitchen crafts satisfyingly flavorful cold-pressed juices and blends them with all sorts of top-notch ingredients.You might hesitate adding garlic and cilantro to your shakes, but trust us — it works. For the less adventurous, though, they have plenty of options not so far off the beaten path, like their Super Greens made with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, and lemon (that's also paleo, vegan, dairy, and gluten-free!). Fitt Tip: they specialize in meal planning, perfect for when you have a particularly hectic week coming up.

Contrary to its name, Peoples has more than your daily vitamins and cough medicine. Austinites cherish this pharmacy because of its holistic vibe, amazing wellness center, and tasty deli with an extensive menu of healthy, organic offerings (hello Zesty Kale and Quinoa Salad!). While Peoples’ serves locally and sustainably-sourced, veggie-packed meals (many of which are gluten-free and vegan-friendly) they also sell a slew of raw, cold-pressed juices and smoothies that are well worth the trip. And with locations all over Austin, you’re fresh out of excuses to pass them up.

If you’re looking to fill your diet with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, look no further than Nékter. With locations in Northwest and Downtown Austin, they’re bringin’ us the foremost in energizing juices, smoothies, and grab-and-go blends. If you’re no stranger to the juicing game, create your own blend. Or, if you need some guidance, stick to mainstays like the Classic Green, made with four greens: cucumber, cilantro, spinach, and kale. No matter what you sip, you’ll leave nourished.

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