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JUL 14, 2020



Bone broth, matcha, and butter coffee are trending for a reason — they provide healthy protein and fats without the unnecessary sugars and additives. And Austin is right in the thick the trend, with some classic and new takes on all of your favorite super-beverages. So, sip on these nutrient dense, nourishing daily drinks all year long to stay at your best.

Okay, we know. You’ve heard enough about Picnik already! But we had to put this on the list because it has all three categories mastered. Their pastured chicken bone broth has lots of optional add-ons—like ginger, turmeric, cayenne, ghee, and even coconut milk and lime—that will change the minds of even the most skeptical newcomers. It was the first place in Austin to offer butter coffee and it’s still a go-to. Their matcha lattes, one made with spicy golden milk spices and the other with ceremonial matcha and coconut milk, are some of the dreamiest we’ve tried. Plus, all of these are available at all three locations!

Soup Peddler has recently added a local, grass-fed beef bone broth to their menu — it’s simmered for 24 hours, seasoned, and ready to drink. It has a rich flavor and makes for a great nourishing afternoon beverage (when you know you don’t need that fourth cup of coffee). They now have five locations all around town, so there’s no excuse not to get your broth in!

Cucuma offers delicious 100% vegan versions of broth, bulletproof coffee, and matcha. Instead of butter in their coffees and matchas, they use things like activated cashew milk, coconut butter, and hemp milk. Meanwhile, spices and chickpea miso are used to make nourishing plant-based sipping broths.

This place has some of the most supercharged drinks in town — perfect for post workout (the cafe shares the same building as their gym) or to get your day going right. Their “optimized” drinks include their versions butter coffee and chai matcha, which are loaded with high-quality fats and ingredients. They have pastured chicken bone broth, too, which they say promotes muscle recovery and immune function!

Found in the heart of downtown at the corner of Congress Ave. and 7th St., this is a beautiful and bustling cafe — a perfect place to start the day. Their butter coffee is on point, as is their matcha latte sweetened with honey.

The coffee bar at the downtown Whole Foods Market Lamar is one of our favorite places for picking up a butter coffee or matcha before hitting up the trail. It’s consistent and convenient when you’re there for the caffeine and not the ambiance. Best of all, the salad and hot bars are right behind you if you need a little extra fuel.

Peoples Rx serves bulletproof coffee blended with the mold-tested Bulletproof beans. The quality bean starts the process and is then blended with the same brands’ high-quality grass-fed butter and “XCT oil” (their version of fractionated coconut oil). You can also add raw cacao, vanilla powder, and/or maple syrup to make things a little more interesting.

Nowadays, there’s pretty much a JuiceLand on every corner here in Austin making all of our smoothie dreams come true. They make a creamy, vegan matcha latte with hemp milk, dates, coconut oil, and vanilla. And if you want to simply caffeinate your favorite smoothie, you can add matcha to anything on the menu.

When it made its way from LA to Austin this summer, Alfred was an instant hit. Even though they coined the phrase “But First, Coffee.”, more photos were popping up with Austin influencers drinking bright green matcha than ever before. And it’s no wonder: with Alfred’s high-quality matcha and specialty nut milks, they make one of the best matcha lattes in town. It’s set up in the lobby of the LINE Austin, where there’s plenty of seating and people-watching to accompany your beverage of choice.


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