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Whether you’re a cycling newbie or a seasoned vet, you’ll find plenty of studios to sprint, climb, pedal, and power your way into tip-top shape — and we've got your guide to all the best ones.




Since 2016, Austin has been obsessed with SoulCycle. Head over to their spot in The Domain or downtown for a heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping workout. Like many riders who’ve come before you, you’ll be addicted in no time. The community vibe and energetic instructors all but guarantee it. Plus, the post-workout high will put your SoulCycle experience over the top.

With a commitment to moving you musically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, the folks at LOVE Cycling Studio downtown make every workout fun for your mind and for your body. If you’re new to the cycling scene, check out their Higher Love class for a playful and rhythmic 45-minute class. And if you’ve been in the cycling game for a while, challenge yourself with Tough Love — a one-hour high-intensity class simulating an outdoor ride and designed to be extra challenging.

If intensity’s what you seek, look no further than DEFINE studio in South Lamar. DEFINE keeps their classes small and open to all levels. This way instructors are focused on making sure everybody gets a good workout in. And trust us — you will! The DEFINE Revolution class is a fast-paced cardio workout that incorporates isometric moves aimed at the core and upper body. Whether you’re there to cycle or for one of their barre or yoga classes, bring a towel because you’re going to need it.

The South Congress Equinox keeps in step with the chain of luxe, high-performance fitness facilities found across the nation. Members have access to top-of-the-line amenities like an in-house spa and personal assessments, as well as yoga and barre classes, plus a juice bar from Roots Pressed Juice. Of course, the “more than a gym” athletic club has cycling in the mix, too. Devotees clip in on the daily for their signature Cycle Power class, whose ride mimics the road, complete with a killer, upbeat playlist.

This cycling studio keeps your enjoyment at the top of their priority list. They deliver a “workout that loves you back” with intense 45-minute rides set to tunes that will motivate you to ride faster and farther. Check out any one of the classes they have all day, every day at their three studios — one in Downtown Austin, the Hill Country Galleria, or Westlake. We especially recommend the Beyoncé vs. Jay-Z RIDE for some music-bumping, heart-pounding fun.

This is the real deal. Pedal Hard is a studio for cyclists and triathletes — a studio “designed for cyclists, by cyclists”. Their programs and coaching will transform you into an athlete ready for your first race. They also teach all the elements of cycling that happen off the seat, like bike fitting and fitness testing. All in all, steer clear if you want to drop in for a quick and simple workout. But, if you’re looking to improve your technique and get some serious PRs on the books, you should cycle straight to Pedal Hard.

As one of the premier cycling studios in the country—that’s 200 studios and counting— CycleBar knows its way around a bike. They’ve built a solid following for their CycleBeats playlist that takes full-body cycling workouts to the next level. And, speaking of levels, you’ll be able to see yours. Every session is tracked via CycleStats and metrics emailed you post workout, helping you reach your goals and pushing you to move faster, stronger, and longer.

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