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JUL 14, 2020



We are all guilty of overindulging every now and then — especially on the weekends, which then turns into a marathon food fest from Friday happy hours to Sunday brunch. Fortunately, Austin has no shortage of flavorful, healthy fare to choose from when you start to run low on nutrients.

And if salads just don’t do it for you, a power-packed bowl is a great alternative loaded with nutrients that will leave you satiated. Check out these local favorites for a drool-worthy spread.

The Steeping Room is a perfect spot for a one-of-a-kind experience; it’s akin to a tea party in a cozy café. Their Buddha bowl comes with options, so hopefully you’re not indecisive. Tofu or chicken? Peanut sauce or cashew? Tamari vinaigrette or sesame lime? And if you aren’t already feeling overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make, their tea list goes on for miles and miles.

When you think diner food, Buddha Bowls may not come to mind. Hidden in the West Campus area, Galaxy Café is an eclectic mix of familiar white coffee mugs alongside plates loaded up with crispy kale. And you can quote us on this — the Zocalo Buddha bowl may be the best vegetarian dish non-vegetarians have tried in recent history. Fitt Tip: order some sweet potato fries on the side. You won’t disappointed.

If you’re going to eat, shouldn’t it be Insta-worthy? This bright, inviting bistro in the Domain Northside is a new local favorite. An open kitchen allows visitors to observe their meal being chopped, juiced, and cooked right before their own eyes. Now, the reason we’re here: The menu features five different bowls — including a vegan poke bowl and a vegetarian curry. Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride.

Fresa’s is a chicken joint… without a fryer. Everything is wood-grilled and seasoned to perfection. Ready to put that fork to use? They offer the Super Bowl with achiote chicken, the Power Bowl with agave-lime chicken, and even a breakfast bowl — which subs the chicken for its pre-bird form: eggs.

If you’re going to name your business after a berry, you better know how to use it and use it well. Acai Hut lives up to the name. The menu ranges from traditional ‘light’ options to more unconventional ‘naughty’ options which include toppings like oreo crumbles and Nutella. Bonus: because they’re mobile, they often make an appearance at events around the city.

It’s pretty obvious: smoothies and smoothie bowls are their jam. Blenders & Bowls has six acai bowl options and one pitaya bowl. Every ingredient is organic and they might just have the freshest (in all senses of the word) bowls in town. It doesn’t hurt that they operate in prime real estate — a shared space with the Wanderlust Yoga studio on 4th St.

We would be literally kicked out of Austin if we made a list about smoothie bowls and didn’t mention JuiceLand. If you’re looking for a swift shot of Austin culture, this is the place to go. True trendsetters, acai has been an add-in for ages. And, wouldn’t you know it, the Barton Springs location just debuted acai bowls on their menu this year. And it looks like we’re going to share the wealth — they’re expanding to other cities in the state as well!

Cut my tuna into pieces, this is my poke bowl! (We promise that’s the only poke joke we’ll make.) If you’re around Koenig or 45th, Poke-Poke is an excellent lunch spot. Build your bowl from the rice up or choose from four tried-and-true signature bowls. And if you want to really cross some bowls off your list, they also serve acai bowls! Fitt tip: throw in some extra veggies for no added cost.

Poké Bowl is the hot new place of poke joints in Austin. It just opened up this month, and already has created a tuna-sized splash. Small bowls include three different proteins of your choice. And students, rejoice — it’s the only of its kind in the West Campus area.

Honest Mary’s is going to be a casual eatery in the Arboretum focused on combining honest ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat, and fish into customized grain bowls. We’d also be foolish not to mention that there is beer, wine, aguas frescas, and kombucha. See you there?!


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