All The Best Juice Spots in Austin Right Now

All The Best Juice Spots in Austin Right Now

So, you just finished that long workout of yours. Now you’re looking to refuel before crushing the rest of your day.

How about a fresh-squeezed, locally-sourced, organic, made-to-order, juice or smoothie? We’ll take that drool on your face as a yes. When you need your juice fix, head to these juice and smoothie joints around Austin for a grab-and-go snack that’s actually good for you.

  • Juice Society

    juice society Austin
    Image via @arleneleilani

    Raw, cold-pressed, and 100% organic, oh my! Honestly, what more could you want in a juice? Juice Society officially opened their doors in April 2016 and have been a booming success ever since. Their juices are all prepackaged and packed full of clean nutrients that each serve a purpose, meaning they don’t just throw ingredients in just because. You can find Juice Society’s dreamy concoctions at their quaint South Lamar space, or at one of many retailers around town. Hit up their website for a list of coffee shops and markets that have the hook up!

  • Blenders & Bowls

    Blenders and Bowls in Austin Texas
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    You could also call this spot straws and spoons because that’s how you sip your smoothie or snack on your acai bowl. Each menu item combines delicious and nutritious ingredients, like fresh fruit, nuts, granola, and other superfoods, into grab-and-go concoctions. If you want something to sip, go with a blender. But if you want to spoon, the bowl is your best bet. Be on the lookout for Blenders & Bowls locations popping up all over Austin.

  • JuiceLand

    Austin Juice Bars

    This spot might be Austin’s most well-known juice and smoothie bar. JuiceLand offers a ton of options and even more ways to customize them. And with 20 (and counting!) shops around the city, you can be positive their cranking out a lot of juice. With hipster vibes, healthy lunch bowls, and down right delicious drinks, JuiceLand knows how to please the locals and keep ‘em coming back for more.

  • Jugo

    best juice bars in austin

    Although relatively new to the Austin juice scene, Jugo should definitely not be overlooked. This grab-and-go spot in the heart of Downtown Austin is ideal for those busier workdays when you need a quick, healthy pick-me-up. Their fresh-pressed juices are to die for and will leave you feeling revitalized. A Fitt favorite? The apple, spinach, ginger — you can’t go wrong with this combo. If you need something a little more substantial, grab one of their yummy snacks or grain bowls to go along with your juice!

  • The Soup Peddler

    The Soup Peddler in Austin, TX
    image via The Soup Peddler Facebook

    The Soup Peddler’s owner (David) began his quest by delivering soups to the South Austin locals on his bike (go figure). After opening his first brick and mortar in 2010, he began integrating the juice and smoothie business into his famed soup business and hasn’t looked back since. Now, self-named “liquid emporium”, The Soup Peddler is sure to be your one-stop-shop for soups, smoothies, and, of course, juices!

  • Daily Juice

    Daily Juice in Austin, TX
    image via Daily Juice Facebook

    No juicing amateurs here! Since opening their first location off good ol’ Barton Springs Road in 2003, Daily Juice has expanded to seven locations in the greater Austin area and has three spots in Houston. From their cold-pressed bottles to their made-to-order combos, even the pickiest member of your crew will find a juice to guzzle. They pride themselves (daily) on their quality of ingredients and RAW, cold-pressed (never processed) juices. And don’t venture to Daily Juice without trying one of their acai bowls, hot soups, or garden toasts once in a while.

  • Snap Kitchen

    Snap Kitchen in Austin Texas
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    Now, just because these juices are not made-to-order doesn’t mean you won’t get that oh so refreshing feeling after you sip. Snap Kitchen packs incredibly flavorful juices and blends with all sorts of crazy ingredients that we’d be hesitant to add to our shakes at home (like garlic and cilantro). But, trust us — it makes all the difference. Their “Antioxidant” pours it on HEAVY and makes the immune system feel like new again. And for those less adventurous, they have plenty of options not so far off the beaten path — like their “Energy Boost” which is a watermelon-based heavenly drink.

  • O’ JOY

    Austin Juice Bars

    One of the newest juice bars to join the North Austin neighborhoods, O’ JOY not only makes delicious drinks, they know giving back is what makes it all worth it. The husband and wife power couple, Michael and Ghena, let the juice flow from their Burnet Rd. spot. And both are extremely passionate about sustainable food practices and healthy living. With the purchase of any menu item, a meal is donated to a child living in poverty in a developing country. Did we mention they use local/organic products whenever possible?

  • Peoples Pharmacy

    If you haven’t heard of Peoples Pharmacy, it’s about time you have. It’s every Austinite’s favorite pharmacy because of their holistic vibe. Along with an amazing wellness center, they also have a deli featuring flavorful, healthy offerings (hello Zesty Kale and Quinoa salad). Here, you’ll find raw, cold-pressed juices and smoothies as well as other delicious veggie-packed menu items. And with locations all over Austin (central, Westlake, north and south), there’s no longer an excuse for you NOT to check it out.

  • Mañana

    Austin Coffee, Juice & Bakeshop
    image via @steph_hinrichs | Instagram

    Tucked into the beautiful South Congress Hotel, Mañana is one of our favorite little secret spots. While their coffee and tea are certainly standouts, their rotating selection of juices should never be overlooked. And their cold-pressed juices feature delicious, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. Grab one for yourself, and take a seat in the beautiful, green-filled lobby of the hotel for a perfect rest spot on the popular South Austin street.

  • True Food Kitchen

    Organic Local Juice Austin

    True Food Kitchen might not be exaaaaactly what comes to mind when you think of a traditional juice joint. But don’t be mistaken — their menu features super refreshing, health-infused drinks that no doubt deserve a spot on this list. At their downtown location, you’ll find gems like the Kale Aid and tons of other veggie-packed creations. And be sure to get your matcha fix with the super delicious Honey Lemonade. Pair it with one of their amazing food items and you’ve got yourself a meal made in health-food heaven.

  • Juice Austin

    Juice Austin in Texas
    Image via @caslinsmith

    Parked on S. Congress, this incredible Austin trailer offers ridiculously healthy and refreshing vegan and vegetarian options. Although S. Congress is their main squeeze, they pack up shop and drive to events all over Austin. Bonus: not only do they offer freshly-squeezed juices, they also have menu items like smoothies, granola bowls, salads, and sandwiches!

  • Wheatsville Food Co-op

    Best Places for Juice in Austin
    image via Wheatsville Food Co-op | Facebook

    Wheatsville isn’t just your average locally-sourced grocery market. There’s a hot bar to die for, tons of veggie/vegan options, and a juice bar that makes fresh-pressed juices right in front of you. With locations south and north, Wheatsville offers plenty of juice concoctions to choose from — or get creative and whip up your own with your favorite veggies (well, they’ll whip it for you). Don’t forget to snag a container of their buffalo popcorn tofu to top your salad — you can thank us later.