Find Your Flow: 18 Incredible Yoga Studios in Austin

Find Your Flow: 18 Incredible Yoga Studios in Austin

Picking the right yoga studio can be tough — sometimes you want to channel your spiritual side and other times you just want to sweat. Add to that the fact that our lovely city is practically overflowing with options, and it becomes too easy to choose the couch over deciding where to practice. We’ve totally been there, so we did all the hard work for you and put together this tried-and-true list of these 18 places to find your flow in Austin.

  • Yoga Yoga

    Yoga Yoga in Austin TX
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    Yoga so nice, they had to say it twice. With four different studios all over Austin, there’s sure to be a Yoga Yoga near you — and you should definitely take advantage of it. Offering individual and group classes, this studio is great for both beginners and experienced yogis looking to expand their practice. In addition to standard (and super-fun) Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga classes, they offer Family Yoga, too.

  • Pure Yoga Texas

    Austin Yoga Studios
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    All hot yoga, all the time. If you’re ready to up the intensity of your practice to a steamy 105°, this is just the place to do it. Pure Yoga Texas has four different locations throughout the city offering 90-minute classes for all levels. Targeting self-control, concentration, patience, and determination in addition to a full-body workout, their signature class is an awesome challenge for your body and your brain. They also now offer a one-hour condensed version of their original hot sequence along with Pilates, Yin yoga, and two-hour advanced yoga classes.

  • Practice Yoga Austin

    Practice Yoga Austin
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    Can you say $10 recommended donation (we’re betting you can)? That’s all it takes to practice in this Eastside gem of a studio. Rightly boasting “absurdly high quality donation yoga”, you’ll find teachers and students alike enjoying the wide range of weekly practices — a testament to the quality and affordability of classes at this place. This is a great option for anyone, but especially for Eastside artists on a budget.

  • Wanderlust Yoga

    Wanderlust Yoga Studio in Austin Texas
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    This studio gets their name by being an affiliate of the amazing music and mindfulness festival, Wanderlust. (If you’re not familiar, it’s seriously worth checking out.) The unique blend of classes—often accompanied by live music!—offered in the downtown and Domain studios range from hot to flow to restorative, so there’s something for everyone. But their ever-popular Yoga Basics class is great for newbies looking to dip their toe in the yogi pond. Fitt Tip: the downtown studio shares a space with Blenders & Bowls, so get yourself some tasty acai after your workout.

  • BFREE YOGA Austin

    Austin Yoga Studios
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    Looking for a downtown studio where everyone knows your name? Then BFREE is the place to be. With a strong community vibe and a unique take on classes, this is the spot to make new friends and experiment with your practice. For traditional folks, there are plenty of standard flows like Vinyasa and Ashtanga. But if you’re looking to change things up, their BRocked—Vinyasa Flow to classic rock—will get your body movin’ and groovin’ to a different beat.

  • Energies Balanced

    Yoga in Austin
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    This is your neighborhood yoga studio—that’s what they call themselves—but we’d argued this East Austin spot is a little more than that. On top of a schedule full of varying levels of restorative yoga, they also offer bilingual classes, teacher trainings, and run a massage practice as well. If you’re looking for a more than a workout, and you really want to get rooted in culture, Energies Balanced is your place.

  • Modo Yoga Austin

    Austin Yoga Studios
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    Some like it hot. And those yogis go to Modo Yoga. The heated rooms in this North Austin studio use a special kind of radiant heat that feels like sunlight instead of hot air. But if you’re not a Bikram fan, don’t fret — they have unheated classes as well. In fact, Modo has a number of other unique aspects, like their energy exchange program: volunteer four hours of your time weekly to help out around the studio in exchange for free classes. Or, work on your own karma with their karma sessions — pay it forward to an Austin charity during a donation-based flow.

  • Bodhi Yoga

    Hot Yoga in Austin
    image via Bodhi Yoga | Facebook

    Bodhi Yoga is an open and welcoming yoga space in the Lakeway area specializing in Heated Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin classes. Their claim to fame is that they are the only studio in the city that uses infrared heat in their hot yoga classes, but they also do a great job of creating a safe space for students of every walk of life to heal, grow, and feel connected as a community.

  • Breath & Body Yoga

    Yoga in Austin
    image via Breath and Body Yoga | Facebook

    This one goes out to anybody who’s ever been in a practice and thought, “This isn’t hard enough.” Breath & Body Yoga offers challenging yoga classes in Burnet and Tarrytown. With a focus on Power Vinyasa and their own unique alignment system, your breath will be heavy and your body will be on FIRE (in a good way).

  • Balance Yoga Austin

    Austin Yoga Studios
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    In the heart of Lakeway, this studio is the best of the west. The owner is passionate about making yoga accessible to all levels and ages — welcoming beginners, families, and even offering classes in Spanish! Best of all, the eco-friendly bamboo floors and huge windows provide lovely nature views, making a flow on your mat feel like a day at the spa.

  • Studio Mantra

    Yoga Studios in Austin
    image via Studio Mantra | Facebook

    Studio Mantra really has their own thing going on — they offer yoga, but also Pilates and barre. The highlight of this Northwest Austin studio is their Mantra Sculpt (yoga with weights) and Mantra Fit (bootcamp-style yoga) classes. And they’ve rooted themselves in what’s becoming a true wellness community; deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and trigger-point therapy are just some of the services they share a space with.

  • Castle Hill Fitness

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    If getting your sweat on is priority number one, then check out Castle Hill Fitness downtown. Their studio offers a range of yoga-fitness fusion classes to get your body moving and your heart pumpin’. The Yoga Tone class integrates classic yoga poses with free weights for building strength and endurance, while the Gentle Yoga Deep Stretch class targets the aches and pains of seasoned fitness fiends.

  • Dharma Yoga

    Bikrim Yoga in Austin
    image via Dharma Yoga | Facebook

    This studio is guaranteed to give you a fun, challenging, and potentially eye-opening workout for both body and heart. It’s yoga through the lens of Buddhism, but don’t worry — anyone and everyone is welcomed to partake! Show up for an hour of great music, good vibes, and guidance from some of the very best yoga and meditation teachers in Texas.

  • Sanctuary Yoga

    Sanctuary Yoga in Austin TX
    image via Sanctuary Yoga Facebook

    This aptly-named studio is nestled in a grove of oak trees in South Austin. Offering small Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Hatha Yoga classes in an intimate setting, this is an awesome place to get more one-on-one training. But what really makes this space special is that they’re Austin’s only non-profit yoga studio, with proceeds from every class benefitting the Amala Foundation for at-risk youth.

  • Black Swan Yoga

    Yoga in Austin
    image via @blackswanyoga | Instagram

    Whether you live North, South, or somewhere in between, Black Swan Yoga has a studio near you. But beyond being super convenient, all of their locations offer fun, donation-based classes with an upbeat soundtrack and funky fresh lighting. Instructors are encouraged to express themselves in their practice — no class is the same! Their Power Yoga sessions are a community favorite, but you’ll want to have a bit of beginner experience under your belt before you check ‘em out.

  • Sukha Yoga

    Yoga in Austin
    image via Sukha Yoga Austin | Facebook

    Walk into the Sukha Southside lounge, and you’ll immediately feel more zen. It’s all thanks to their the skilled teachers and restorative yoga flows. Trust us — their classes will fill you up with so many feel-good vibes you could practically float home. And now, they’re offering the same blissful experiences over at their new Sukha Eastside location! Among the two studios, this yoga haven offers over 85 classes each week, including Kundalini and meditation sessions.

  • CorePower Yoga

    Yoga in Austin
    image via CorePower Yoga | Facebook

    With three luxury studios in Austin (and many more around the country), CorePower Yoga makes it convenient to “live your power” by helping you get sweaty on the mat. While all of their classes incorporate invigorating flows and core work, they offer three different experience levels, so beginners and advanced practitioners alike can get just what they need. And if a little extra muscle burn is what you’re after, they also have a Yoga Sculpt class that incorporates free weights so you can get your strong on!

  • Yoga Vida Austin

    Yoga in Austin
    image via Yoga Vida Austin | Facebook

    If you’re looking for more than your average slow flow, Yoga Vida is your place. They offer 60- and 75-minute heated Power Vinyasa flow classes led by thoughtful, seasoned instructors. Just be prepared to sweat — the room is heated to 95° to increase flexibility and detoxification. And here, you’ll focus on more than just nailing your poses, they encourage cultivating breath-synchronized movement, which is really what Vinyasa-style yoga is truly about. All ages and experience levels are welcome at their gorgeous space on Bee Cave Rd.


    **Updated by Liz Harroun, September, 2018**