Rip Wave After Wave at NLand Surf Park

Rip Wave After Wave at NLand Surf Park

There’s a lot for fitness adventures to get excited about in Austin.

There are rock climbing spots a stone’s throw from downtown, kayaking and paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, and beautiful hiking trails minutes from virtually anywhere. In fact, it seems like the only thing we DON’T have, is surfing.

Oh, wait — we do.

  • Surfin’ ATX

    NLand Surf Park
    imave via @sweetadventurer

    As it turns out, we don’t need to let our inland status crush our dreams of becoming stellar surfers. And it’s all thanks to NLand Surf Park, a magical place in Del Valle that makes every surfing dream come true.

    Doug Coors, NLand’s founder and CEO, is a master engineer and surfer who decided to use his powers to create the only surfing destination of its kind in North America (be jealous, everywhere else).

    It’s a surf park dedicated to bringing the biggest and best barreling waves to anyone looking to get their feet wet in the surfing scene. Designed for beginners and world-class competitors alike, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Who needs an ocean when you can have perfect, consistent waves whenever you want them?

  • Green Waves

    Land Surf Park Surfing Austin Texas
    image via @nlandsurfpark Instagram

    Now, an environmentally conscious soul might think, “That sounds great, but doesn’t it waste a ton of water?” We appreciate your concern and are happy to report that this business is super sustainable!

    NLand collects rainwater and channels it to a wet pond where it’s bio-filtered by algae and fish before moving into a deep reservoir and filtration system for treatment. That’s science. And that means, even in a drought, this magical lagoon is completely self-sustaining.

  • The next wave’s yours

    So, how can you get in on the sustainable surfing action? Easy peasy. Coaching sessions and clinics range from $65-$190, depending on your level of instruction, with 30 minutes of dry land training and 60 in the lagoon. And they’re open seven days a week, so you’re good to go no matter your schedule.

    Not so interested in surfing but curious to see the awesome surfers in action? You’re not alone. That’s why they offer a Shore Pass for $5.

    And whether you choose to surf or prefer to chill and watch, you can definitely get down on the farm-fresh, locally-sourced food from the onsite restaurant, Blue Prairie. Delicious tapas, burgers, and salads abound for you to refuel and recharge.

    In a nutshell, you owe it to yourself to check this special place out ASAP.