Picnik’s Bottled Butter Coffee is Nutritious, Convenient, & Crazy Delicious

Picnik’s Bottled Butter Coffee is Nutritious, Convenient, & Crazy Delicious

It’s no secret we love our paleo-friendly, OG-Austin-staple-food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar Picnik. We shamelessly include them in just about every post we can fit them into. Well friends, we now have a reason to love them even more.

  • Ahem! Are you ready for this?

    image via @picnik instagra

    Picnik has officially released a pre-bottled, grab-and-go version of their amazing butter coffee—in all their most popular flavors! If you’re not familiar with Picnik’s butter coffee, you are seriously missing out. So we’re here to tell you: it’s a MUST-ADD to your diet.

    And now that it’s all bottled up, it’s easier to consume than ever before.

  • What’s the deal with butter coffee?

    image via @picnik instagram

    Butter coffee is a cult favorite in the paleo world. And Picnik’s version is just about the best you can get. It’s the perfect blend of coffee, healthy fats (grass-fed butter), and proteins blended to perfection with some seriously cool added benefits. Sustained energy without the coffee crash? Check. Boosted cognitive functions? Check. Supported fat burn? Yep. Balanced mood + hormone levels? You betcha.

    And yeah, we’re total proponents of all the benefits, but Picnik’s butter coffee is also really freakin’ delicious. So we’re pretty pumped it’s now available in bottled form.

    The bottles come in Cappuccino, Mocha Latte and Dirty Chai — all three of which will make your taste buds scream (with joy). The Cappuccino is a less-sweet, classic blend. The Mocha Latte is a bit more decadent with notes of chocolate from alkalized cocoa powder, and the Dirty Chai has a sweet but spicy kick, lightly sweetened from maple syrup. Each is packed with MCT oil and 10 grams of grass-fed whey protein, so it’s a win-win. Fitt Tip: buy the sample pack so you can try each flavor!

    Not only does it have tons of health benefits and it’s delicious, but we dig the design of the bottles, too! They’re bright, fun, and list all the ingredients in a simple-to-read manner — no guesswork here, folks!

  • A portable fix-all

    image via @picnik instagram

    So, if you’re in need of an energy boost, a new way to stay full longer, or even just a way to combat some of that lack of sleep that’s creeping up on you, butter coffee is the answer. Seriously, just try it out.

    You can buy Picnik’s newly bottled butter coffee online or at either of their locations (the OG food truck on S. Lamar or their new and beautiful brick-and-mortar on Burnet). Just beware — once you go butter coffee, you never go back.

    Update: Picnik has just launched butter coffee creamer! With zero added sugars and all the benefits of healthy, saturated fats, (but with the same taste of a traditional half-and-half creamer), Picnik’s new butter coffee creamer is about to be your new favorite addition to all of your hot and cold drinks. Order some online or swing by any of their locations to pick some up.