Say Hello to KNOCKOUT, Austin’s Newest Boxing-Inspired Workout Spot

Say Hello to KNOCKOUT, Austin’s Newest Boxing-Inspired Workout Spot

Boxing has been badass since even before Rocky ran up those famous Philly steps. Recently, it’s Philly, LA, and NYC that have entered the ring and made “studio” boxing a big deal. Now it’s Austin’s time to ring the bell. We’ve got KNOCKOUT.

  • Your left hook just went viral

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    This downtown boutique boxing studio offers a new breed of kickboxing. Think of that famous Rocky training montage, but with more blacklights and better jams. If you’re looking for the type of workout to make you feel tough and earn you a rock hard body, then KNOCKOUT is the place.

    All the boxing gear you need is provided at the studio (including hand wraps that you get to keep), so first-timers will feel right at home. And, you can easily hit up your favorite ATX eats after your session — KNOCKOUT and Whole Foods, anyone?

  • Don’t sleep on KNOCKOUT

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    Once you enter the arena full of dozens of bags, it’s time to drop the BS and get right to the good stuff. Expect hooks, jabs, uppercuts, kicks, and even an ab portion of the class that burns like no other. And the fiery KNOCKOUT instructors keep the energy (and your heart rate) up during the entire 45 minutes of the class.

    KNOCKOUT breaks the class up into segments — shadowboxing is the warm-up, speed rounds are a cardio challenge, and power rounds build strength. Each part of the class is followed by a short break, full of glove-bumps with friends and some real talk from the instructors.

    You know that inspirational, day-making speech bit during yoga class? Yeah, that happens at KNOCKOUT too. No doubt you’ll leave feeling like a champ, and ready to come back the next day for another round.

    What’s left to do? Book your bag. Grab your gloves and cinch ’em up tight. Then, leave all your aggression right in the arena. Stress? What stress?