Break a Sweat Outside at The National Fitness Campaign’s Fitness Court in Leander

Break a Sweat Outside at The National Fitness Campaign’s Fitness Court in Leander

It’s time to cancel your gym memberships because the Austin area recently landed a free outdoor gym. This “fitness court” from the National Fitness Campaign (NFC) officially made its to Robin Bledsoe Park in Leander and now offers the public a full-body workout free of charge. Open as of November 16, it’s time to make a 2019 resolution to up your open-air fitness game.

Seventh Heaven

The first fitness courts landed in San Francisco and Stanford University 39 years ago, and NFC has been expanding across the country ever since. The new campaign started in 2012 and is reinventing the fitness courts for the 21st century.

“[I] wanted to bring fitness outdoors to make it fun and accessible back in the 80s,” says NFC founder Mitch Menaged. “[The] new campaign is designed to make first-class fitness available outdoors and free.”

The fitness courts include seven stations — squat, agility, push, core, lunge, pull, and bend. For the entire workout, you’ll spend 45 seconds working at each station with a 15-second break to rest and move to the next station. By the end of seven minutes, you will have completed a full-body workout, all using your own body weight.

However, this isn’t the same workout the started with 39 years ago; they’ve stepped up their workouts, and their technology. You can download the free Fitness Court app to track your progress. The app will show you how to use the court and allow you to compete with yourself, as well as other users.

Step Outside

According to Menaged, fitness courts will be popping up everywhere over the next year — 300 cities by 2019, to be exact. And by 2021, he aims to have 1,000 locations. Get ready for the next, new-age fitness jungle gym — this free outdoor gym is open for business!