The Best Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Austin

The Best Spots For Vegan And Vegetarian Eats in Austin

Sometimes vegetarians (and especially vegans) are hung out to dry (no, we don’t want another salad, thank you). Fortunately, veggies in Austin don’t have that problem.

With entrées ranging from vegan variations of macaroni and cheese, BBQ sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, and nearly every other form of deliciousness you can think of, there’s no better place to be a herbivore.

  • Counter Culture

    Plainly put, Counter Culture has pretty much everything. They seem to know just how generic veggie-friendly meals can be, so expect unique combinations and inventive flavors at this Eastside spot. With options like a Philly Seitan Sandwich and a Beet Mushroom Walnut Burger, you’ll leave with a full belly and satisfied senses.

  • Soup Peddler

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    We have three words for you: Green Goddess Soup. This is possibly one of the best vegetarian soups in town, but Soup Peddler has tons of other veggie-packed options to taste as well. Head to one of the five locations all over Austin for juices, smoothies, soups, and sandwiches that are not only flavorful, but don’t leave you with all the unwanted guilt.

  • The Vegan Nom

    East Austin is home to this popular vegan food truck with a Texas twist. Serving mostly Tex-Mex, you’ll find vegan versions of breakfast tacos filled with tofu and veggie chorizo, vegan queso(!), and even loaded nachos. It’s all so good, we bet you can trick even your most meat-committed friend into joining you.

  • Vinaigrette

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    Who says salads are boring? Vinaigrette is South Congress’ soup, salad, and sandwich (and now brunch) hot spot serving big green plates that hardly lack in flavor. The menu boasts fun, playful menu item names like “All Kale Caesar” and “Nutty Pear-fessor”. Make sure you add on some panko-crusted goat cheese or you’ll regret it.

  • Baby Greens

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    Baby Greens is a quaint little drive-thru or walk-up restaurant that delivers healthy ‘fast food’. There are no frills and thrills, just honest healthy food that caters to veggies, vegans, and even carnivores. Baby Greens has tons of salad and wrap options with dressings that are made fresh daily too. The North Austin joint also caters, so let your office manager know! Fitt Tip: Try Sharon’s Wrap — it’s a must order.

  • Mother’s Cafe and Garden

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    Chances are you’ve heard of this vegetarian staple in Hyde Park. Either because it’s been around for more than 30 years, or because pretty much everyone (vegetarian or not) loves it. Their menu features a wide range of culinary goodness. Everything from pasta to Tex-Mex to stir-fry is available here, so no food sensibility will go unsatisfied.

  • BBQ Revolution

    Like we’ve been saying, vegans have long been neglected by barbecue joints. That is until the BBQ Revolution trailer rolled into the Eastside. Offering meat-free alternatives to the BBQ favorites of brisket, coleslaw, ribs, and more, this is a unique opportunity for vegans to chow down on a long-standing Texas favorite.

  • Mr. Natural

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    The folks at Mr. Natural are committed to meat-free flavor, and for that, we’re thankful. They know what they’re doing with the Veggie Burger, and they don’t mess around when it comes to their Veggie Steak Sandwich. But where they really shine is at their all-vegan brunch buffet during the first Sunday of each month. You can find ‘em on South Lamar and on the Eastside, but their Cesar Chavez location is where you need to go to get down on the monthly brunch.

  • Casa de Luz

    A lot of folks make the mistake of thinking just because something is vegetarian, that it’s healthy. But vegetarians know all too well just how wrong that is. Casa de Luz off of Barton Springs makes health a priority with their veggie dishes. In fact, most everything is vegan, gluten-free, and 100% organic. And the menu is ever-changing, so you’ll never be stuck ordering the same ol’ thing.

  • Conscious Cravings

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    For a healthy lunch on the go, check out Conscious Cravings in the S. 1st Trailer Park. Serving up smoothies, salads, and spicy signature wraps, their Indian-inspired take on veggie cuisine is, in a word, everything. We especially like the spicy blackened tofu wrap, but you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose here.

  • Flower Child

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    Flower Child brings you healthy, locally sourced, fresh meals in the Domain’s Rock Rose. They’re known for delicious salads and grain bowls that are as equally pretty as they are delicious. Our favs? The Mother Earth and Thai Cashew Quinoa (with added tofu). This boho-style cafe is colorful and fun, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from Instagramming the whole experience.

  • Veggie Heaven

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    Speaking of heaven, featuring vegan food with an Asian twist, this downtown spot delights veggie-lovers everywhere. Warm up with their vegan Sweet Bun with sweet red bean paste. Then get down on the Miso Awesome with ramen, miso broth, bamboo shoots, and more. Or, pick your Asian cuisine favorite, which is sure to be on their menu of more than 60 items.

  • Bouldin Creek Cafe

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    More restaurant than a cafe, Bouldin Creek on S. 1st is a favorite among herbivores. Not only is it all-vegetarian, all the time, but it’s crazy good. They keep us satisfied with a broad range of options not typically available to vegetarians—their BLT is deceptively tasty—and they go the extra mile by making most menu items vegan-friendly, too. Even the eggs (served all day) can be transformed into tofu yumminess fit for the vegan palate.

  • The Beer Plant

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    The Beer Plant is Austin’s first vegan gastropub and takes gourmet vegan meals to a whole new level. This Tarrytown gem serves craft beer, wine, cocktails and plant-based delicacies in a cool farmhouse pub atmosphere. Treat yourself to some buffalo cauliflower, vegan banh mi, or nachos. Be sure to head on in for happy hour every Tuesday through Friday from 4-6pm to try their best apps half price. And don’t forget weekend brunch, when they serve up a mean carrot lox.

  • Curra’s Grill

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    South Austinites: have you checked out your local avocado-margarita joint yet? If not, you must. Not only are the smooth, creamy avocado margaritas killer, but nearly everything on this Tex-Mex menu can be made veggie-friendly. We’re talking veggie tamales, chorizo, empanadas — you name it, they got it. But promise us one thing: you won’t go without trying the wonder of the world that is the avocado marg.

  • Arlo's

    Arlos Truck Austin
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    Veggie-lovers get the short end of the stick when it comes to comfort food — just because we’re not into meat doesn’t mean we eat like rabbits. Thankfully, the folks at Arlo’s food truck know the struggle. Comfort food favorites usually off-limits to vegans—like mac & cheese, bacon cheeseburgers, and chicken tacos—are all made vegan-friendly without sacrificing flavor. Even carnivores will drool over the vegan dream: the Bac’n Cheeze Burger.

  • Wheatsville

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    Wheatsville is everyone’s favorite neighborhood co-op grocery store, for good reason — it’s a vegetarian’s dream world. With tons of fresh groceries, a smoothie bar, hot bar with delicious vegan options, and the best buffalo popcorn tofu around, Wheatsville has made a definite name for itself in the Austin community. You can find this grocery-cafe on South Lamar or on Guadalupe.