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APR 18, 2019

Modern paleo eaters are still hunters and gatherers; they have to hunt for things they can eat whenever their friends gather. But some restaurants in Baltimore don’t have an issue offering paleo-friendly items on their menus.

And it’s easy to recognize that these spots know how to take care of their ingredients. Whether they note paleo-friendly or not, you’ll be able to stick with your regimen even on a night out — no need hide in a cave while your friends enjoy a meal out on the town.



The healthy fast food craze continues with honeygrow, found in Harbor East and Charles Village. This quick-serve is known for allowing you to utilize your creativity and inventiveness. With a menu packed with stir-frys, salads, and fresh fruit, there are ample options for meat-lovers, veggie-lovers, and the paleo champions. While you may need to look past the stir-frys due to a few paleo no-nos, you can’t go wrong with any of the salad creations. Order a chef favorite or design your own salad bowl full of fresh greens and protein. Fitt Tip: if you’re in Harbor East, enjoy your meal on the waterfront or even swinging on a hammock in the Sandlot.

Cafe and bakery by day, restaurant by night! Praised for pasture-raised and health-conscious concepts, Cunningham’s is a great spot in Towson for your paleo needs. Want pasta? Order the incredible Squash Spaghettini — spaghetti squash noodles topped with roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and veggie broth.

The brains behind Mt. Vernon’s Dooby’s sought to create a menu full of food that would be delicious, nutritious, and perfect for all meals of the day. Their veggie bowl (roasted sweet potato, stir-fry broccoli & carrot, roasted cauliflower, pickled vegetables, and sweet corn) topped with hormone-free chicken is one of our faves and an easy fix for your paleo palate.

Zia’s Cafe in Towson may be a juice bar at heart, but this shop is undeniably paleo-friendly. Any of their sandwiches or wraps can be paleo upon request with use of a scrumptious sundried tomato wrap (made in-house with flax and sunflower seeds). Not satisfied with their signature wraps? Concoct your own savory delicacy!

Nalley Fresh


Nalley Fresh has built an empire in the Maryland area with 10 locations! And this popular “fast food” chain is where you go for healthy bowls, wraps, and salads. Choose from any shade of green to create your own salad, or try out one of their signature bowls. But may we suggest the Sweet Potato Bowl — packed with your choice of protein, sweet potato, spinach, carrots, oranges, and so much more, this convenient meal always satisfies. Just request NO wheat berries and your paleo taste buds are guaranteed to do a happy dance.

Here’s a spot perfect for those that need to forage on the go. sweetgreen, serving Harbor East, allows you to hunt through the menu and gather the ingredients you desire to create your own bowl of deliciousness. Dedicated to fresh seasonal ingredients, sweetgreen packs your salad, so you bet you won’t be leaving hungry.


**Updated by Alison Sallitt, November 2018