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It may be difficult finding tranquility in the concrete jungle, but finding a yoga studio is not. Not in Baltimore, at least. The options are never-ending, so make your way to the many welcoming studios dispersed throughout the city and beyond.




Discover your inner warrior at 4Warriors in Towson, a studio dedicated to empowerment through a welcoming community. 4Warriors guides you through your flow in the Nahi Warrior tradition (a type of Vinyasa that truly invigorates). And if you’re looking for something fun on a Friday night, stop by for the $6 Community Class. Hot in more ways than one, you’ll definitely want to spend some time sweating with your new tribe.

What used to be the St. Stanislaus Church in downtown historic Fells Point is now Sanctuary Bodyworks. It’s a church transformed, but it still puts out the vibe of a safe haven for your yoga practice. You can also take your workout to new heights in their aerial fitness classes (be on the lookout when they hold this amazing series). New to yoga and want a private class? They’ve got private and group fitness sessions — sign up for a one-on-one appointment or bring your OM-ies!

Welcome to the laboratory responsible for pushing you past your boundaries. Movement Lab in Remington stands by the belief that movement IS science by dividing the space into two rooms: The Alchemy Room and The Chemistry Room. Take classes ranging from Flow Yoga to Antigravity Aerial Yoga, using an antigravity hammock to challenge your strength and flexibility. Come to class and enjoy kombucha on tap, or take an evening session before you head downstairs for dinner at R. House.

Art-lovers, prepare yourselves! AsanaRoots is planted in the heart of the Baltimore Arts and Entertainment District, complete with hardwood floors and exposed-brick walls to give the space a rustic charm. But let’s be honest — you’re not there just for the interior design and charming aesthetics. Try Rhythmic Flow and practice your yoga to the beat of the music.

Stoneleigh’s friendly neighborhood studio gives you that daily dosage of OM. You’re guaranteed to be comfortable in your practice no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced yogi. From community yoga classes at just $7 a pop to sky-high aerial yoga sessions, prepare to take your flow to new heights.

Grow your practice on the Avenue in Hampden. Beginner or advanced, you can’t miss your chance to try out Rocket Vinyasa — a fast-paced practice with several inversions and arm balances. You’ll definitely be dripping with sweat by the end. Not feeling fast or furious? Try Yoga Tree‘s slow flow classes, then treat yourself to acupuncture or a massage in their healing studio!

CorePower is a big deal all over the nation, and it has taken Baltimore by storm too! Studios keep popping up by popular demand, and we have four outposts at our fingertips in BMORE: Fed Hill, Brewers Hill, Harbor Point, and the Rotunda. See? You really can take your CorePower practice all over the city. Enjoy a heated class, or if you need a little cardio or sculpt in your routine, give their signature Yoga Sculpt classes or CoreCardio Circuit a go — just remember to hydrate!

Take it to the waves! What helps you find balance more than posing on the open water? B’More SUP of Dundalk is more than just a place to rent a SUP board. It’s a peaceful space to explore nature and your soul at the same time. You’ll see that it’s really not your typical yoga class once you add the difficulty of balancing on a board. Want to take the full-body workout up a notch? Try FloYo Fit, an interval-based workout incorporated into the yoga flow, for an extra challenge.

You probably didn’t know this: bamboo is considered to be a life force. BambooMoves in Locust Point aims to help you achieve the “essence” of the bamboo by becoming flexible, sturdy, graceful, and pure. They offer a variety of classes fit for all levels of yogis, but if you’re looking to mix it up, check out their Friday night Yoga Remix class, a Vinyasa flow to the tunes of pop and hip-hop. And live music classes are offered, too, so you can enjoy your slow flow in the candlelight to an accompanying acoustic guitar.

_Yoga is for everybody. _That’s the motto at YogaWorks. So call up your pals and head out to any one of their multiple locations from Fells Point to Columbia. If you don’t know them, YogaWorks is a national company and definitely recognized as a top-notch studio in Baltimore. With a team of talented, well-trained instructors providing a variety of classes for any type of student, you can be sure to experience a different flow every day. And with their weekly community classes offered at a cheaper price, your wallet will thank you.

Ignite the fire within at Aluma Yoga. Nestled within Baltimore County, this boutique studio offers a tranquil community space with class options perfect for any yogi, plus wellness workshops and yoga retreats. Feel the burn and come try one of their Yin Yoga classes where you'll hold postures for an extended amount of time. We won’t judge if you hold child’s pose for half the class.

Have you been to Lift Yoga + Strength yet? If not, next time you find yourself looking to fit a yoga class into your schedule, stop by this space in Mt. Vernon. Retrofitting a former Baptist church, you are sure to find peace in this studio featuring stained glass windows, high-vaulted ceilings, and chandeliers (where beauty and minimalism meet). And if you desire a more intense yoga practice, their signature Lift class is a mix of high-intensity cardiovascular moves with yoga stretching and relaxation at the end.

Head to Highlandtown to discover a tranquil space for meditation, sweat, juice, and... CrossFit and yoga? SEYA CrossFit and Wellness delivers various types of practices for you. Restorative more your thing? They’ve got it. Want to mix it up with a CrossFit class AND yoga? They won’t stop you! And there's a creative space for you to get work done pre- or post-flow, as well as a counter to grab an acai bowl or juice before you head out the door. Think of it as your one-stop health and fitness shop.

Mt. Vernon surely is amping up its fitness game, and we have BikramYogaWorks partly to thank. The studio's goal is to better your lifestyle and wellness, so you can expect some attention to self-care through cryotherapy and fascial stretch therapy. What about classes? Bikram yoga and Pilates are the go-tos, so expect warm temperatures during your practice (and likely some sore muscles the next day). Best of all, they’re located next to Mt. Vernon Marketplace, where you can grab some delicious food and a post-sweat brew!

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