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Charlotte Nagey

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Running isn’t just for those with a ‘26.2’ sticker on their car. You don’t have to be training at the crack of dawn, either. Running can also serve as a social event—the miles go by a little faster when you have someone by your side, or an iced cold brew waiting for you at the end.

Whether you’re new to Baltimore or just want to get a little healthier while seeing the city (all the while making friends along the way), then maybe one of these running groups is right for you.


@Catherine Leclerc Cohen‎ | Facebook

No, their name doesn’t mean it’s a group of snail-paced runners, though they certainly got their motto right: “We’re behind you all the way”! The Trail Snails make up the largest Baltimore trail-based and ultra running group! They’re a supportive group of runners ranging from experienced athletes to those who just love to get out for a run on a Saturday morning. Where, exactly? They alternate Saturday mornings running the NCR trail (you guessed it) and Loch Raven. After they’ve worked up an appetite, expect to gather around a table to fuel up with brunch.


Henry Peck | Facebook‎

Meep Meep! Serious running group coming your way! The Baltimore Road Runners, though more serious when it comes to runs, promote both recreational and competitive running. They change up their running location throughout the week, so be sure to check out their calendar and keep up with their events. And they’re all-in on community: in support of promoting the sport of running in Baltimore, the Road Runners developed a scholarship (in honor of a former runner) to assist high school graduates from track teams to pay for their college expenses.


Anders Forselius | Facebook

Fed Hill, Monday evenings, 6:30pm outside Federal Hill Fitness—be there or be square. This group in Federal Hill has never missed a Monday since their formation in 2004. Membership ranges in all ages and experience levels—you can also expect to meet out-of-towners in Baltimore for business looking for a good workout. After your workout, the group heads out in Fed Hill for dinner and drinks together.


Straight to the point. Run, gab away with a buddy, gulp a coffee or beer (depending on time of day…), and head off on your merry way. Also known as RG3, this group is good for all levels of runners, those who enjoy running routes at lakes, parks, waterfronts, trails, and RG3 always encourages members to speak up and find new beautiful spots to run together. No matter the trail, you can expect to have good conversation and a beverage waiting for you after your run—in the morning, coffee; in the evening, beer… but we don’t judge.


You can find this group running around Charm City on the first and third Friday of each month at 7pm. They like to refer to themselves as CCH3, a club of drinkers with a running problem. Meet up with the “Hashers” at the Happy Hour spot they choose the week leading up to the run. There, enjoy heavy apps and beer pre AND post run.


Maryland Half Marathon & 5K

If you’re looking for a group that focuses primarily on exploring the city, this is the group for you! The Baltimore Pacemakers meet every Saturday morning at 7am, offering a variety of distances around Charm City. If you get caught with a runner’s high, you can keep running too—they route distances ranging from four to 20 miles each morning. You just run until your legs can’t take you any further. And if running didn’t wake you up enough in the morning, join the group after at a local coffee shop (support your Baltimore small businesses!).


Black Running Organization | Facebook

Baltimore locals get in shape and stay in form together with Black Running Organization.  This three-year-old group is all about organizing, educating, and conditioning the Black Community. And just like their tagline—Bro Let’s Grow—the club always welcomes new members. Oh, and don’t be surprised if your see BRO members running beside the cool kids of Poet Pride Run Club. BRO advocates for the student running group from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, too.


Faster Bastards | Facebook

Faster Bastards is the slick crew that clocks in some serious distance on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, rain or shine. Anyone’s welcome—just get your legs to Canton Waterfront Park to get those miles done. Team up with this group for running festivals and races in Baltimore, Philly, and… well, just about anywhere. This running family will travel the distance to show off their speed.


@athletesservingathletes | Instagram

A Baltimore City original, ASA is the feel-good run club that pairs wingmen with athletes who have disabilities so that everyone can get in on the race day thrill. ASA hosts three major events per year, including their very own 5K. And for every other weekend, they keep an updated calendar of races that extend from Charm City to the Eastern Shore. So, you can pair up and get moving, together.


Back on My Feet Baltimore | Facebook

Back on My Feet combines fitness with service. Runners of all fitness levels commit to at least one run a week to join members who are working their way out of homelessness. It’s all part of an educational program that motivates and encourages individuals on their path toward employment. Runs take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:30am in five different spots across the city. Go any day you’d like to help another runner chase after their goals.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in Baltimore’s health and fitness scene.

Get Fitt delivered to your inbox.

Get Fitt delivered to your inbox.

Stay up to date on what’s happening in Baltimore’s health and fitness scene.