7 Baltimore Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

7 Baltimore Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

Bike Parties: a renowned event in the city where cyclists all over get together, go out for a ride, then drink! But with that, you’re sure to get more of a buzz more than a burn. When you need the best possible workout on two wheels, turn to Baltimore’s indoor cycling scene.

Classes are popping up everywhere and these cycling studios are sure to whip your butt into shape, show you how to have fun with your workout, and help you ditch those training wheels!

So saddle up, clip in, and enjoy the ride.

  • The Dailey Method

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    image via @tdmtowson | Instagram

    Your prayers have been answered, Towsonites — a cycling studio has finally opened in the area and this place is the best of both worlds. At The Dailey Method you can get your cycling fix and sweat it out in a barre class for the price of one membership. In the mood to take your workout to the next level? Every month they host a Triathlon — an hour long class that includes a 20-minute run followed by a 20-minute ride, then a 20-minute barre class. If your legs aren’t shaking at the thought of that, you’re one hell of an athlete.

  • Under Armour Performance Center

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    image via Under Armour Performance Center | Facebook

    Will you protect this house? Take an cycling class at the Under Armour headquarters in Locust Point. Here, you can train with athletes and feel like a star (seriously, your instructor probably hoisted a trophy at some point). And on a sunny day, during the summer months, you can find the high-intensity classes on the outdoor Maryland flag-colored turf field, pedaling to the beat of the music and sounds of the Chesapeake Bay waterfront. Fitt Tip: bring sunscreen and sunglasses for outdoor fun.

  • REV Cycle

    best cycle studios in baltimore
    image via @revcyclestudio | Instagram

    REV your engines, gang. No, not your motorcycle. We’re talking about getting your heart pumping after you climb aboard a Schwinn at REV Cycle. One of the first boutique cycling studios in Baltimore; first at Locust Point, now also in Brewers Hill, the instructors here know how to push you to your limits, help you conquer your fears, sometimes even make you cry. You heard right. Their motto is expose your heart and we can’t resist a little uplifting, emotional motivation. Fitt Tip: if you want to take Esther’s class, sign up the second registration opens on Sundays or watch the available bikes disappear before your eyes.

  • Core Cycle

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    image via Core Cycle Studios | Yelp

    A boutique studio in Timonium, Core Cycle is focused on making sure you’re moving every muscle in your body. That’s why they offer cycling, yoga, barre, Pilates, and INSANITY (so they’ve got so much for you to try)! But right now we’re talking about cycling, and let us just say, their signature Core Crush class will get those glutes in gear. And if you want to mix things up, take their Core Fusion class which incorporates yoga and barre into your cycling workout.

  • BeachFit Baltimore

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    image via BeachFit Baltimore | Facebook

    Who knew muscle beach was in Canton? Well, sort of. From surfing the indoor waves to spinnin’ those pedals, BeachFit has something for everyone. The fan favorite Pipeline takes your cycling experience past the use of weights to tone those upper body muscles by incorporating the indoor surfboard for the ultimate full-body workout off the bike.

  • Club De Cycle

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    image via @2t_ndthecity | Instagram

    Windsor Mill is home to Club De Cycle and when you’re sweating it out in one of their high-energy classes, you’ll forget your in a studio and not on the dance floor. Get ready to take your ride to new heights with heavy climbs, push-ups on the bike, and tons of tap-backs, all to the beat of bumpin’ music. Don’t worry — no dance experience is required. Just let the rhythm guide you through your workout.

  • CorCycle

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    image via @burpees.for.beer | Instagram

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside a bank’s vault? Well, you’re in luck (and your name doesn’t have to be Bonnie or Clyde). CorCycle is INSIDE Downtown Baltimore’s historic Savings Bank Building. Don’t be afraid to open the vault — the classes are full of energy, sweat, and cheers. Working up a sweat often smells great here, too (stick with us); citrus incense in the studio is used to give you the extra boost you’ll need to really put the pedal to the metal.


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