Ida B’s Table is Baltimore’s Newest Spot For Fresh, Local Soul Food

Ida B’s Table is Baltimore’s Newest Spot For Fresh, Local Soul Food

Get ready for a road trip Balti, because we’re headed down south. Or, downtown rather, in search of a lil’ bit of soul. That’s right — we’re talking modern soul food. Chef David Thomas has opened the doors of Ida B’s Table to reveal classic, local ingredients that are seared, fried, and dished up with a fresh twist.

Named after the black revolutionary journalist, Ida B’s Table honors its namesake with statement-making, nutritious dishes right in Downtown Baltimore. And their innovative and locally-sourced menu has us feeling all the feels.

  • Soul 101


    Not familiar with southern food? No shame. Charm City may be below the Mason-Dixon Line, but Maryland’s cuisine doesn’t always fall into the southern cooking category. Show us where the sweet tea’s hiding — then let’s talk.

    For starters, it’s not all baked macaroni and Po’Boys. Soul food gets a bad rap for all things breaded, fried, and doused in creamy sauce. But it’s about so much more than that. And Ida B’s Table is here to shake things up.

    The farm-fresh restaurant took up residence across from the Baltimore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar on Holliday St. last August, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Veggie-forward dishes and fresh, organic ingredients from local Maryland farms are the new tradition at Ida B’s. So you can nourish your body and fuel the local economy with just one plate.

    Ida B’s Table is currently working toward their Green Restaurant certification. But in the meantime, make a quick reservation and tackle the serious work at hand: choosing what to order.

  • Fried and true

    Healthy Southern Food in Baltimore

    Let’s start with the AM. Brunch is off the charts. Helloooooo, Dirty South Frittata. Might we suggest? Pair that with the Creole Love Call cocktail (we see you, absinthe), and get ready to stay a while.

    For lunch, fill up on the vegan Kale and Black-Eye Pea Chili. Or, try a fresh farmer’s salad or gourmet burger or sandwich. Every component is meticulously selected, right down to the bread varieties. (Looking at you, raisin pumpernickel.) Then there’s the chipotle coleslaw. Butterbean succotash. And sweet potato remoulade. Is it getting emotional in here?

    Of course, some southern classics need few alterations. Say hey to the Shrimp & Grits for lunch, or the Curry Catfish for dinner. That’s right: it’s not all fried foods over at Ida B’s Table. In other words: gluten-free crowd, meet your new food mecca. And for everyone else, get ready for a table full of feel-good nourishment.

    Follow Ida B’s insta and fill up on some serious egg & biscuit inspo. It’s what your soul needs — no doubt about it.