The Most Beautiful Yoga Studios in The United States

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The Most Beautiful Yoga Studios in The United States

Sometimes it feels easy to motivate yourself to workout, and other times it feels, well, impossible. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about these beautiful yoga studios—because a flow with real ocean noise (and mind-blowing views) makes it a whole lot easier to get up and go.

Sprinkled throughout the United States, these yoga studios are as gorgeous as they are healthy. They come with beachfront yoga sessions, ultra-soothing spa features, indoor waterfalls, and a ton of other daydream-worthy amenities meant to sooth your senses and inspire your flow.

  • Kindness Yoga | Denver, CO

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Kindness Yoga in Denver, CO
    image via Kindness Yoga Platte Street

    Describing itself as “funky, unlikely, and ingenious”, this studio is all of that and then some. What was once an industrial labor warehouse has transformed into a soothing urban getaway for Denver yogis. Kindness features large, sun-washed studios (one with mirrors and one without) that can accommodate up to 100 yoga mats (spaced enough that you don’t get feet in your face). It also has high ceilings with billowy white tapestries that allow the abundant natural light flow in, so you can be sure you’re getting the ultimate in peace-making experiences.

  • Liberation Yoga | Los Angeles, CA

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles, California
    Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles, California

    Liberation Yoga offers a yoga experience for every sensibility. Nature lovers can find their zen in the semi-outdoor garden studio surrounded by trees, fountains, and ancient Chinese wood carvings. And those who prefer to practice indoors will be treated to elegant dark wood floors and sparkling twinkle lights. Looking past the venue, classes are of the Hatha variety and are offered for any experience level. So if you’re ever burnt out from LA living, take a deep breath and find your chill here.

  • Black Dog Yoga - Los Angeles, CA

    Black Dog Yoga
    image via @bryceyoga

    Every room at Black Dog Yoga has a rich and vibrant monochromatic color scheme (that means one color) designed to uplift your spirit and stimulate your senses. We’re talking super hot pink, the royalest of blues, and bold and bright burnt orange. No one will be seeing red by the end of an invigorating flow, though. Plus, each room also has a ton of Buddhist-inspired art and statues. All experiences and all levels are welcome, so make your way to LA and treat yo’self.

  • Sunset Yoga Hawaii | Waikiki, HI

    Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii - Oahu - Maui
    image via Beach Sunset Yoga Hawaii - Oahu - Maui

    We can’t do a round-up of beautiful yoga studios without mentioning the gorgeous state of Hawaii. And this Hawaiian studio is a studio like no other. Offering beachfront yoga classes for all levels, jungle waterfall mindfulness hikes, and meditation retreats of all kinds, it’s pretty much perfect for anyone looking to practice in paradise. When you’re finished practicing, you can head over to the spa for a steam room detox, chill in an oceanfront lounge room, or get down on some tea, fruit, and tasty chocolates (sounds terrible, right?).

  • Dharma Yoga | Austin, TX

    Dharma Yoga Austin
    image via Dharma Yoga Austin

    This studio is all about finding the beauty within. With its chillaxing atmosphere, authentic artwork, rich colors, and highly-experienced teachers, Dharma Yoga in Austin is the perfect antidote to the chaos of everyday life with awareness-based mindfulness and relaxation practices. Promising “good music and good vibes”, the folks here go out of their way to cultivate a beautiful, soul-nourishing experience from start-to-finish. And one thing’s for sure: you’ll leave any class feeling brighter and better than you did when you came in.

  • Prajna Yoga | Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Prajna Yoga Santa Fe, New Mexico
    image via Prajna Yoga

    This magical little spot is more temple than studio. Nestled in the desert landscape of northern New Mexico, Prajna Yoga is built entirely out of natural, non-toxic materials. And it uses solar power and a rainwater catchment system to maximize good vibes and minimize its eco-footprint. That’s an Earth-win. The Japanese gardens, walkways, ponds, and rock benches are just gravy at that point. So if you’re seeking out a yoga oasis, wander about 15 minutes outside Santa Fe to witness this serene fitness.

  • Amrita Yoga and Wellness | Philadelphia, PA

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Amrita Yoga and Wellness in Philadelphia
    image via Reather R. - Yelp

    If skylights in every classroom, cozy fireplaces, and indoor waterfalls sound like a stellar yoga experience to you, then you must check out this yoga studio in Philadelphia. This place runs the gamut of yogic practices, with a dash of pilates, offering classes categorized by level and type in an incredibly beautiful setting. And once you get your stretch and sweat on, you can get a full-body massage by one of their trained masseuses. That said, if you decide to skip the workout altogether and opt for a massage instead, we won’t tell.

  • Yogamaya | New York, NY

    image via @angela_pancake

    If you live in New York City, you need yoga in your life. Try Yogamaya, an industrial printing facility transformed into a tranquil escape from traffic, missed trains, and empty pockets. Here, the doors are handcrafted, the window screens are imported from India, and the walls feature vintage lithographs depicting Hindu deities, all designed to help you step up your mindfulness game. To de-stress, there are classes of all kinds as well as focused teacher trainings, so you can cover all your yogic bases.

  • Green Monkey Miami Beach | Miami, FL

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Green Monkey Miami Beach
    image via Green Monkey Miami Beach

    There are a few Green Monkey studios in Miami, but for the ultimate in blissed-out beauty, you ought to check out the one on Miami Beach. What makes the Miami Beach location so special, you ask? Oh, just its spectacularly jaw-dropping beachside sessions and waterfront views. And all experience- and skill-levels are welcome here, so whether you bend beautifully or not, you now have the perfect excuse to take a vacation to Miami. You’re welcome.

  • Evolation Yoga | Santa Barbara, CA

    Most Beautiful Yoga Studio in the U.S. | Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara
    image via Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara

    Picture this: You, your yoga mat, and an expansive view of the Pacific Ocean as you run through your favorite poses. Sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be. Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara is fantasy for the real world with their beautiful studio overlooking the ocean. Their classes are always growing and evolving, but you can count on a wide range of offerings from hot yoga to easy peasy flows, so whether you just want the view or prefer the view upside-down, there’s almost certainly a class to fit your fancy.

  • Tahoe Yoga Shala | Lake Tahoe, CA

    Tahoe Yoga Shala
    image via Tahoe Yoga Shala

    Ever dreamed of moving into downward dog surrounded by majestic mountains? Well, that dream just became a reality. Tahoe Yoga Shala is a practitioner’s paradise right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can work on your flow with view of the nearby marina while you’re surrounded by the protection of beautiful, ancient trees. And with 35 weekly classes focused on stress reduction, fitness, self-awareness and community, there’s a little something for everyone here. Fitt tip: Go in the winter. Their open studio is so peaceful surrounded by snow-covered trees.

  • Vibetality | Chandler, AZ

    Vibetality in Chandler, AZ
    image via

    If a good vibe attracts your tribe, then you can expect to find a bunch of good vibing people at Vibetality in Chandler, AZ. Its beautiful dark wood floors paired with walls that are overflowing with growing plant life create the perfect atmosphere for a little R&R. And once you’ve finished a challenging yoga session, you can slip into one of the on-site floatation tanks (you float on water with Dead Sea salt!) for the ultimate in relaxing self-care to restore your senses after a stressful day.