All The Best Coffee Shops Across The US

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All The Best Coffee Shops Across The US

Deciding on the best coffee shops in the US is no easy task. In your town alone, how many coffee shops are there? Three? 10? 40? Regardless, coffee shops are everywhere with more popping up every day. However, we’ve settled on a list of 16 stateside coffee shops that provide just a little something extra than your average coffee experience.

  • Oxford Exchange, Tampa, FL

    Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    image via Oxford Exchange | Facebook

    Part bookstore, part restaurant, part eclectic retail, part TeBella Tea Co., and part Buddy Brew coffee, Oxford Exchange is unlike any other coffee shop in the world, let alone in the US. What used to be an old horse stable in the 1800s is now a place for friends to gather, eat, read, play boardgames, and to take pictures at one of America’s most Instagrammed restaurants. The marble floors were imported from Italy and, fun fact: there’s a window in every room in the building to bring in the natural light. Oxford Exchange is a hidden gem right on the outskirts of the city and right across from the University of Tampa — once you find it, you’ll go back time and time again.


    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via @thenaturalmystic | Instagram

    Let’s talk about history! Café Du Monde first opened up in 1862 and, to this day, remains open 24 hours per day, seven days per week in NOLA’s French Quarter. Where else can you find a coffee shop that does that that’s not a chain?! They’re also big on tradition — their menu consists of only dark roasted coffee and chicory, white and chocolate milk, and fresh squeezed OJ (iced coffee and soft drinks found their way to the menu in 1988). You can order a coffee “black” or “au lait”, which is mixed with hot milk. And, to top off your quick trip back in time, make sure to order beignets—fried dough covered in powdered sugar.


    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via Denali National Park and Preserve | Facebook

    It’s almost too picture perfect here: a log cabin in the middle of Alaska, surrounded by wildflowers and bountiful nature… and they serve a mean cup o’ joe. Black Bear Coffee House is right on the outskirts of Denali National Park and run by a young, husband-and-wife duo (who love to chat with you about your adventures). Stop in before you start your day’s exploration and fuel up on local pastries or avo toast.


    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via @thenamestesa | Instagram

    Taking the cold coffee scene by storm, La Colombe is best known for their draft lattes — and if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out. It’s everything you’d expect from a regular latte: frothy milk, rich coffee, and a smooth texture… but in a can. You can find them in your local grocery store, order them online, or go to a physical La Colombe location and get it from the tap. If you’re going to do the latter, make sure to go to the one in Fishtown neighborhood of Philly — it’s in an old warehouse, has lots of greenery, great food, and hipsters are everywhere.


    Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    image via Daylight Mind Coffee Company | Facebook

    As if being in Hawaii wasn’t already awesome enough, having a cup of coffee at Daylight Mind takes your trip to a whole other level. While you sip on your latte and overlook the gorgeous Oneo Bay, you might also consider nibbling on a freshly-made pastry or make an entire brunch out of it. The best part about Daylight Mind, however, is that they use 100% Kona-grown coffee beans for the Sweet Wave espresso. You honestly can’t get more local than that.


    Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    image via Daylight Mind Coffee Company | Facebook

    One, the name of this coffee shop is perfect, and two, they have really good coffee. Right off of Route 66 in Oklahoma, you’ll find a mixture of people — from hipsters with beanies and round glasses to construction workers with work belts and boots. But one thing remains the same: Foolish Things Coffee roasts some of the nation’s best beans to provide you with a perfect product every time. They also have a really well-curated Instagram.


    Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    image via Daylight Mind Coffee Company | Facebook

    Hello, beautiful! (And cool, awesome, hip… you get the point.) But besides the natural-lit, brick-exposed, 3,600-square-foot space to enjoy your coffee (unheard of roominess in the Big Apple), the magic of Devoción is in how they get their coffee. The founder, originally from Colombia, has strong relationships with coffee farmers all over his country. And since Colombia is one of the only countries to harvest coffee beans all year long, every cup of coffee at Devoción is as fresh as it can possibly be.


    Best Coffee Shops in the U.S.
    image via Barista Parlor | Facebook

    Smack dab in Nashville’s downtown, Barista Parlor is a coffee haven and vintage dream. With four locations spread throughout the city, Barista Parlor loves their city and shows it. From yoga mornings to car show afternoons, Barista Parlor offers a unique cultural experience to anyone who wants to get involved. Oh, and the music you hear over the speakers as you sip your fresh brewed cup o’ joe is most likely coming from a record player.


    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via Marc. C | Yelp

    There may not be anything quite as impressive at Starbucks Reserve Roastery — Starbucks did create the omnipresent coffee culture in America, so it only makes sense that their roastery holds its own. On the ground floor of Starbucks HQ, and described as “immersive, theatrical shrines to coffee passion”, a trip to Starbucks Reserve Roastery boasts beautiful brass machinery, intelligent baristas, and an intimate experience unlike any other. To help back up these impressive statements, just go to their website for an interactive and bold experience.


    image via Colectivo Coffee | Facebook

    If you Google Maps search “coffee shop” while in Milwaukee, 16 different Colectivo Coffee locations will pop up — and rightfully so. Their presence in the city certainly wasn’t forced, as their coffee speaks for itself, and each location offers a unique atmosphere that compliments the city’s cool yet quirky vibe. Their name also plays into everything they got going on: in Latin America, colectivos are funky, art-covered buses that transport people all over the countries.

  • Bluestone Lane | Multiple Locations

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via Bluestone Lane | Facebook

    Flat whites and avo toast seem to be just a little bit better in Australia, but instead of flying 16+ hours to get an Aussie experience, just hop into any Bluestone Lane location in NYC, Philly, LA, San Francisco, or DC. You’ll be welcomed with lots of greenery, modern décor, and delicious “brekky” options.

  • 1951 Coffee Company | Oakland, CA

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via Yu F. | Yelp

    One of the kindest cups of coffee you’ll ever order, 1951 Coffee Company is a non-profit organization that employs and trains refugees and asylees to help them create a life and living in the fast growing coffee workforce. Just a couple blocks away from the University of Berkeley, 1951 doesn’t disappoint on the brews it serves or the Silicon Valley atmosphere it creates. Stop in for a quick cup to go, for a place to set up and study, or for an eye-opening conversation.

  • Holsem Coffee | San Diego, CA

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via Holsem Coffee | Facebook

    Calling all cold brew fans! You haven’t experienced everything cold brew can do until you visit Holsem Coffee. They have banana bread, lemon meringue, gingersnap, Nutella, and colada cold brew… on tap. Yep, we had the same jaw-dropping reaction, too. Their shop is white, clean, and always popping with people. And their name says it all — they’re wholesome, good people.

  • Wright Bros. Brew & Brew | Austin, TX

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via MaiQuyen M. | Yelp

    The only thing better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee is when you can pair it with a nice cold brew… we’re talking about beer this time. 39 rotating craft beers and ciders, to be exact. And you can enjoy them in a beautiful western meets rustic setting. Wright Bros. thought through everything brew and brew, and to top it off, also created a bagel wall. If it seems like this coffee shop is one of the coolest coffee shops you’ll ever experience, you’re right.

  • Yeti’s Grind | Eagle, CO

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via @sharayahclementz | Instagram

    It’s cool enough to sip on your coffee in a cozy, mountain-vibed coffee shop, literally in the mountains. But then it becomes even cooler when you realize the name of the coffee shop is based off of the owner’s nickname, which he got when he backpacked Alaska for a month. Oh,  and the coffee shop has their own bike team. Yeti’s Grind is the perfect shop to warm up on a cold day and to feel connected to the mountain community around you.

  • Caffé Driade | Chapel Hill, NC

    Best Coffee Shops in America
    image via @triangleexplorer | Instagram

    Feeling at peace with yourself and one with nature while you enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is the nature-lover’s dream. And that dream comes true when you visit Caffé Driade. It’s a picture-perfect coffee shop in the middle of the woods, surrounded by an abundance of wild flowers in the summer that turns into a winter wonderland come winter. Pack your favorite book and cancel your plans for the day because when you stop in, you won’t want to leave.