The Essential Sweat Spots in 24 Fitt Cities

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The Essential Sweat Spots in 24 Fitt Cities

We’ve all punched, climbed, stretched, or jumped our way through a workout and left the gym feeling on top of the world. You wear that sweat-soaked shirt like a badge of honor (and you earned it), you get a boost of confidence, a clear head, high-fives all around. Yeah, there’s nothing like it.

And your fellow fitness junkies agree, that is, if the number of new studios and gyms opening up in cities across the US is any indication. Now comes the hard part — sifting through the gimmicks to find the real deal. But don’t worry — we’ve already done all the work for you, pulling the cream of the crop from 24 Fitt Cities.

  • Austin - Athletic Outcomes

    Best Gyms in Austin
    image via Athletic Outcomes | Facebook

    At Athletic Outcomes, they’re not taking themselves too seriously. Here it’s all about health, fitness, and fun. Their small group classes ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout without wondering, “Am I doing this right?”. Their signature AO Fit class will get your heart pounding and your muscles burning with functional movement patterns and strength and conditioning training. Just make sure you don’t skip out on the recovery lounge. A cold tub followed by 45 minutes in compression boots — yes, please.

  • Baltimore - Under Armour Performance Center Powered by FX Fitness

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    image via Under Armour Performance Center Powered by FX Fitness

    Needless to say, Under Armour FX Studios are home to some of the most badass workouts you can find in Baltimore. Operating out of the one-and-only global HQ in Locust Point, on Light Street, and in Hunt Valley, UA offers more than “Average Joe’s” gym, these  Performance Centers (aka just a super-legit gym) are equipped with everything you need to train like a UA athlete. To join the UA FitFam, you’ll need to sign up on their membership waiting list — bummer. But to drop in on a group class sans membership, just check their online schedule, come with eight bucks, and get ready to sweat! 

  • Vancouver - Tight Club

    image via Tight Club | Facebook

    Sometimes, the gym just ain’t your thang. We get that. But don’t give up hope on fitness altogether; we want to introduce you to Tight Club. This cooler-than-cool studio in Chinatown is about so much more than just making gains. It’s a lifestyle, a community, and a place to hang with friends where you just happen to get fit at the same time. Don’t get us wrong — this crew will still push you. Sign up for Booty Luv: functional strength, core, and bodyweight and stability exercises with an added focus on your derrière. Warning — you may not be able to walk the next day!

  • Boston - EverybodyFights

    Boxing Gyms in the US
    image via EverybodyFights | Facebook

    This Boston favorite has a little bit of everything. Boxing in the ring, boxing to the beat of music, circuit training, cardio, and yoga. While you’re learning how to punch, jab, cross, and hook, you’ll be coached by educated instructors giving you the technique cues and inspiration to keep fighting on. And if you want to train like a boxer, you can opt into the Train Camp to track your progress. You’ll truly discover why you fight at the FiDi or Seaport gyms.

  • Boulder - Movement Boulder Climbing + Fitness

    image via Movement Climbing + Fitness | Facebook

    Movement is all about commitment, motivation, and community and members are psyched to have unlimited access to both their climbing and fitness gym. If you’re a daily crusher, Movement offers a bit of diversity for when you exhaust those ritualistic climbing routes. They also offer a full schedule of not only climbing, but cycling- and ski-specific group fitness classes. Another thing to feel good about? This custom building on Valmont was designed with both beginners and professional athletes in mind, and also sources over 80% of their energy sustainably. It’s kind of a big deal.

  • Chicago - Studio Three

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    image via Studio Three | Facebook

    River North’s Studio Three is a fitness dream come true. Three floors are equipped with an Interval Studio, a Cycling Studio (the sound system is sick), and a Yoga Studio. And the Graze cafe in the lobby offers coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, acai bowls and more for some delicious and Instagrammable post-workout fuel. Also, no need to worry about being late for work after a sweaty session, as there are plenty of bathrooms, towels, and showers to accommodate all three levels.

  • Cleveland - GrooveRyde

    image via @grooveryde | Instagram

    GrooveRyde is taking over Cleveland, and now with their new studio downtown on Chester Ave., there are even more classes and opportunities to try everything GrooveRyde has to offer. Their signature GrooveCycle class is 50 minutes long and is an uplifting combination of endurance, cardio, and strength. And while they’re known for their epic cycling classes, they also have bootcamps, Buti yoga, and boxing. So while you’re there, you might as well try it all, right?

  • Columbus - System of Strength

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    image via System of Strength | Facebook

    Whether you want to shed some pounds, pack on the muscle, or tone your booty, System of Strength is the place to go. Try out a Clocked class for an hour of high-intensity cardio or Control to pump some iron at their new Clintonville studio (although you can’t go wrong at the Dublin or Grandview spots either!). Whichever class you choose, SOS is guaranteed to leave you sweaty, tired, and ready for a cheeseburger.

  • Denver - Endorphin

    image via Endorphin | Facebook

    With studios all over the city, you’re never too far from an Endo sweat sesh. There’s something for everybody and every part of your body with HIIT, cycle, kinesis, strength, barre, and yoga, plus combo classes like cycle-row and cycle-barre. Endo’s tagline “movement is our drug” describes the vibe well — teachers and students are addicted to this place, and newbies of any level are always welcomed.

  • Houston - BIG Power Yoga

    Best Yoga studios in the US
    image via BIG Power Yoga | Facebook

    Everything’s bigger in Texas (we know this by now), and that includes yoga. With studios in Montrose and Memorial, BIG serves up Baptiste-style yoga and a community passionate about living life to its fullest. And if you’re sold on their style, try their bi-annual 40 Days to a Personal Revolution to deepen your practice, meet new friends, and create something bigger in your life!

  • Los Angeles - BoxUnion

    image via BoxUnion | Facebook

    Boxing has taken over the fitness scene, and for good reason. The hard-hitting, high-intensity workout is the perfect combination of cardio and stress relief. But slipping on your first pair of gloves and coming face to face with the bag can be intimidating. That’s why at BoxUnion off Ocean Avenue it’s their mission to make sure you feel welcome, and most importantly, have fun. First-timers are encouraged to take their Form and Footwork class, just so you can get down the fundamentals. And once you do, check out their all levels signature BoxUnion Class that’s sure to make you sweat.

  • Nashville - SHED Fitness

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    image via @brittanyfarwick | Instagram

    At SHED Fitness, you’ll find moderate- to high-intensity circuit stations perfect for any fitness junkie who is looking to get ridiculously fit. The best part? SHED splits up the days of the week to focus on different muscle groups, so all you have to do is show up and be ready to work! Choose from group circuit classes or personalized 30-minute strength classes, each of which will whip you into serious shape.

  • New York - Tone House

    Best Gyms in the US
    image via Tone House | Facebook

    Tone House may take the cake for the hardest class in the Empire State. See for yourself at their studio in Upper East Site or NoMad. During their hour-long class, you’ll throw your chest to the ground from the get-go, move your feet crazy-quick and, after plyometric-packed circle drills, move into an endless circuit of push-ups, burpees, and sprints — all at a race speed. The gym’s owner is a former pro-football player, so it’s no surprise the floor is covered in astroturf. But don’t worry — while the class is intense, it’s not competitive; participants cheer each other on, trainers are supportive, and the general vibe is super motivational.

  • Philadelphia - City Fitness

    Best Gyms in Philly
    image via City Fitness Philly | Facebook

    City Fitness is growing by leaps and bounds. Following the success of their enormous Fishtown facility and locations in Graduate Hospital, Logan Square, Northern Liberties, and South Philly, they’ve opened a signature club in Logan Square and have another in East Market in the works. The pride and joy of City Fitness is their Thrive Functional Training program, promising to train individuals for “the sport of life, whatever that means to you.” Whether you’re trying to feel, look, or train better, Thrive’s combination of plyometrics, strength, and agility exercises will get you there.

  • Phoenix - The Sweat Shop

    image via Merichelle V. | Yelp

    Three words: Yoga, Barre, Spin. Seriously, this is a boutique fitness-lover’s dream. Head to The Sweat Shop in Uptown Phoenix for a toning barre class. Feel like doing more cardio? Take a ride at the 45-minute Spin class. Sore from barre and spin? Get your butt to the 90-degree heated yoga flow class to stretch it out. The last perk: The Sweat Shop is next to Flower Child so that you can really let your fit flag fly.

  • Pittsburgh - Mecka Fitness

    image via @meckafitness | Instagram

    Searching for a chic space to get your sweat? Mecka Fitness is your spot. Sign up for a cycling class, hop onto a bike, and prepare for an epic ride. But, don’t worry — you don’t have to be a champion cyclist to check out this top-of-the-line studio. The team at Mecka will make you feel right at home. And their complete schedule of classes will make you want to move in. Once you’re all spun out, you can change the pace by hopping off your bike and jumping into HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), CrossFit-inspired boot camp, or RowFit, a cardio rowing interval blast!

  • Portland - Studio X

    Best Gyms in the US
    image via StudioX Fitness | Facebook

    Studio X in SE Portland has a little bit of everything. Bootcamp? Check. Cardio conditioning? Yep. Yoga? You got it. It doesn’t matter if you show up for open gym are sign up for a class, you’re going to experience an muscle-building workout that focuses on the fundamentals. And they keep classes small here, so they’ve got your back through the entire workout. Drop ins are welcome, but you may want to think about a reservation. Classes fill up quickly!

  • San Diego - Trilogy Sanctuary

    image via Trilogy | Facebook

    Trilogy Sanctuary holds up to its name – it’s a triple-threat of aerial yoga, an infrared-heated indoor studio space, and an organic, vegan cafe. The La Jolla location boasts a rooftop space with daily aerial and Vinyasa yoga classes overlooking the ocean as well as plenty of comfy nooks to enjoy your raw, organic, vegan (but delicious) smoothie, bowl, or meal. And on the rare rainy San Diego day, you can take your practice to their indoor yoga studio.

  • San Francisco - The Assembly

    Best Gyms in the US
    image via The Assembly | Facebook

    Not only is The Assembly a new workout studio, it’s a social gathering spot and co-working space as well. Occupying a historic building in the Mission, The Assembly has three main areas — The Studio, The Sanctuary, and The Garden. There, you’ll find daily fitness classes from top-tier instructors and dreamy space to relax and recharge. It’s the ultimate community vibe, so watch out for speakers, events, movie nights, art openings, and some opportunities to talk out some important issues.

  • Seattle - Bala Yoga

    image via Bala Yoga | Facebook

    Bala’s gorgeous white-walled, wood-floored Fremont studio is the minimalistic setting you crave when you want to unplug from all distractions and get in sync with your body. In addition to the standard power Vinyasa and chill Yin practices, they also offer an incredibly interesting range of deep-dive workshops, like the Wim Hof breathing method, arm balances and inversions, and acupuncture. Fitt Tip: their Hip Hop Yoga classes are lit.

  • Twin Cities - Alchemy365

    image via Alchemy365 | Facebook

    Alchemy is the mecca for efficient workout junkies. The workouts are different every day and never last longer than 50 minutes. But one thing’s for sure — you will always get a mix of yoga, strength, and conditioning exercises. The classes are so dynamic that they will be over before you know it (you won’t be staring at the clock — you won’t have time!). Plus, Alchemy has four locations, meaning you can always find a class time that works for you.

  • Washington DC - Cut Seven

    image via @cutseven | Instagram

    In a dark, black-lit gym off Rhode Island Avenue, you’ll find one of DC’s toughest group workout classes. Cut Seven, founded by a husband-and-wife pair of personal trainers, offers sports conditioning classes that focus on a different muscle each day. More than a killer workout, Cut Seven offers that nostalgic camaraderie of your high school or college sports teams — what could be better than that?

  • Charlotte - MADabolic

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    image via @sweatnetclt | Instagram

    You might’ve seen the MADabolic studios in Elizabeth and South End and wondered what they’re all about. Allow us to break it down for you: MAD is an acronym for momentum, anaerobic, and durability, and the classes are all about making you feel like a powerful, primal athlete. Cool, right? Whether you’re a runner, yogi, or just a fitness enthusiast, MADabolic’s got a workout routine to fit your goals. Try it once, and you’re sure to be as mad about it as we are.

  • Detroit - Detroit Body Garage

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    image via @nancy.m.nguyen | Instagram

    It’s no surprise that Detroiters are obsessed with this West Village studio! Their industrial-chic vibes and cool urban and community feel make this the perfect place to get your heart pumping. Each class is catered to a different workout goal, and the trainers help you make that goal a reality. From a calming yoga flow to a full-force, high-octane HIIT class, count on coming to each class with determination and leaving with your head held high!


    Our selection process: With contributors and ambassadors on the ground in every Fitt city, we surveyed our local teams to arrive at the top sweat spot in their respective locale. Besides focusing on physical fitness, these gyms and studios make working out more accessible so you can live an active lifestyle no matter how you like to sweat.