Breathe Deep: 12 Meditation Studios Bringing Mindfulness to The Masses

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Breathe Deep: 12 Meditation Studios Bringing Mindfulness to The Masses

There’s a new kind of fitness in the workout scene, and it’s making people happier and healthier without even breaking a sweat. So, what is this magical workout? Why, mindfulness and meditation, of course!

Yeah, you can have the body fat percentage of your dreams, kick ass at ten triathlons, and beat Usain Bolt in a footrace, but if you don’t have your mental fitness in check, it’s pretty tough to feel good about anything. That’s why we’re so thankful that, as more and more people are realizing the value of a healthy mind when it comes to overall fitness, meditation studios are popping up all over the country.

Breathe deeply and check out our favorite spots leading this chill trend below.

  • MNDFL | New York, NY

    Best Meditation Studios in the US
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    “Even if you think you can’t meditate, we have teachers who will prove you delightfully wrong.” With a claim like that, you better have the goods to back it up. And boy, do MNDFL studios have the goods. For starters, the environment is all kinds of comfy-cozy — think about the most comfortable (and clean) living room you can imagine, then multiply it by 10. But what really makes these NYC-based studios sing is their attention to different mindful practices. There are meditations for heart health, energy, emotion regulation, and even classes for kids. And with sessions starting at only $10, your mind won’t be on your wallet.

  • The DEN | Los Angeles, CA

    The Den | Meditation Studio
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    Want to get cozy? We mean really cozy. Like, the coziest you’ve ever been? Then get yourself to this studio that features the ultimate in cozy-making experiences. Los Angeles’ The Den feels more like a comforting cocoon than a studio (it’s like being on the couch in your living room), which makes it the perfect environment to get down on any of their many offerings. Whether you want to work on your focus, your happiness levels, or simply take a break from the chaos of city living, they’re going to get you there. Fitt Tip: The #CTFO class does what its name implies.

  • Ceremony Meditation | Venice, CA

    Best Meditation Studios in the U.S.
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    If you’re looking for a full-on, comprehensively-mindful experience, then meet your mecca. Ceremony Meditation covers all of the bases of this emerging trend — there’s a sound bath workshop to get you in a mellow mood, breathwork to help you harness a renewed sense of energy and balance, and reiki healing that’ll clear you of any negative vibes you might be holding onto. And it’s all done within the confines of a stunning temple (or zen garden) in Venice with plenty of opportunity to connect with Mother Nature in all her glory.

  • DEFINE Living | Houston, TX

    Best Meditation Studios
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    DEFINE living is another studio that focuses on demystifying meditation and opening it up for regular folks like us. Their friendly approach invites Texans to take a breather from everyday stressors and work to maximize their feel-good vibes (without having to slip on your monk robes). Classes feature a range of meditation focuses from parenting to love to positive intentions, so no matter what aspect of your life you’re looking to improve, you’re guaranteed to leave smiling.

  • Lake Shrine | Los Angeles, CA

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    Los Angelenos are obsessed with this place, and for good reason. It extends far beyond a simple studio and expands into a full-blown majestic dream. There’s a lakeside meditation garden featuring shrines and waterfalls, a beautiful hilltop temple, and a whole bunch of other gorgeous amenities to help you soothe your spirit. Beautiful as it is, its sprawling layout and learn-as-you-go format can be overwhelming for newbies, but worry not! There’s a Visitor Center ready and waiting to answer any questions you have about books, teachings, or simply how the hell to meditate. Drop in for a silent session or sign up for a soulful, full-on retreat.

  • Mastermind | Dallas, TX

    A self-proclaimed “gym for your brain,” Mastermind is all about mental fitness. Because they want to support you in developing all aspects of your mind’s awareness, they have 12 different types of classes, each with a different focus. Want more energy? There’s a class for that. Looking to relax more easily? Yep, class for that, too. Just want to mellow out to some chill tunes? Oh yeah, they do that, too. So, do a solid for yourself and make your way to Dallas.

  • Moment Meditation | Vancouver, BC

    Moment Meditation
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    If you’re not yet sold on the oh-so-many benefits folks claim meditation can bring to your life, then this place will get you all the way there. Moment Meditation in Vancouver (Canada) features unique technology that measures your brain activity, heart rate, muscle tension, and more while you’re meditating. You’ll then get immediate feedback reflecting the level of chill your body achieved with a measure they call your Mindfulness Quotient (MQ). Over time, you can see how your MQ improves, but we’re pretty sure you’ll already feel it.

  • Unplug Meditation | Los Angeles, CA

    Meditation Studios
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    Okay, hipsters, this one’s especially for you. Unplug Meditation, with its hip and trendy LA studio, looks like the future of mindfulness while being right here in the present. With its minimalist design, Unplug invites you to do just that — unplug your devices and plug in to inner-peace and contentment. Sound good? Of course it does, especially considering there’s crystal healing, aromatherapy, mantra meditation, and a gang of other offerings designed to help you up your chill game.

  • Inscape | New York, NY

    meditation studio new york
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    If zen were a place, you could find it in New York’s Flatiron District. Wondering what we mean? Make your way to Inscape, a luxury meditation studio (and iOS app). This 5,000-square-foot space is dedicated to immersive, audio-guided meditation and relaxation experiences. Inspired by a trip to Burning Man festival, Inscape’s founder Khajak Keledjian set out to create a temple-like space in the heart of the city. The Dome room (pictured above), an immersive light and sound environment, was the result. The second meditation room, known as the Alcove, is an equally as inspired space that provides a respite for meditation, visualization, focus, and mantra sessions.

  • Chill | Chicago, IL

    best meditation spots in chicago
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    What can Chill do for you? This Chicago studio is an antidote to anxiety and they’re focused on helping you escape the chaos of life. But don’t expect their classes to include incense, chakras, dogmas, or gurus. This is modern meditation, people. And Chill believes less is more. What you can expect: a clearer mind, collected thoughts, and less stress. Chill, it’s good for you.

  • M Meditation | Seattle, WA

    best meditation classes near seattle
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    Here to help you lead your best life, M Meditation in Seattle, WA is a Modern Meditation Movement. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a studio, but plans for one are in the works, so we think it counts. M’s series of pop-up meditation events are all about making meditation approachable and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re simply interested in giving meditation a try or a veteran in the meditation game, M invites you to come sit with them. Want to be the first to know about an upcoming event? Become an M Insider and be ready to get clear + centered + calm, STAT.

  • The Lotus | Denver, CO

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    Denver’s home for meditation and energy healing, The Lotus will guide you to ultimate relaxation as the world around you fades away. Calm your mind and restore your inner balance with Workday Wind Down, energize your mindset with Wake Up, or let go of anxiety and focus on embracing the real you with Happiness. Whatever class, workshop, or healing therapy you choose, you’ll leave this studio feeling truly enlightened.