19 Vegan Restaurants Across The US For Mouthwatering, Plant-Based Eats

19 Vegan Restaurants Across The US For Mouthwatering, Plant-Based Eats

Vegan spots are popping up on all corners of the world but not all vegan joints are as noteworthy as others. Luckily, we are here to help! The following eateries are not just noteworthy among vegan communities, they are recognized by all dietary preferences as the plant-based cream of the crop.

If you’re lucky enough to reside near one of these need-to-know, chef-curated vegan eateries, good for you. If you’re less lucky (but just as hungry), scribble your favorite must-trys into your itinerary during your next city visit. Gone are the days vegans settle for french fries and side salads!

  • Plant | Asheville, NC

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    image via @plantisfood | Instagram

    Thoughtful in their approach, Plant is where sophistication meets innovation. Each dish is as entertaining as it is mouthwatering. If you want your socks blown off, order the Seitan Chile con Queso or the Lasagna Cruda. Want to enjoy that bottle of wine you have been saving for a special occasion? Great. Bring it along. But make sure it’s vegan, as this establishment is so committed they won’t even uncork your wine if it was made with any animal products.

  • Vedge | Philadelphia, PA

    Best Healthy Eats in the US
    image via Vedge Restaurant | Facebook

    Vedge is not just a hometown hero in Philly, it has also earned some national nods for their veggie-forward fare. The ever-changing menu complements the consistently intimate vibe, where diners can expect to be catered to and fed until happy. For those looking to save a buck while still indulging in perfection, pull up a bar stool during happy hour. You can munch on meat-free bar eats and sip discounted high-end beverages. Basically, baller status for half the price.

  • Gracias Madre | San Francisco, CA

    Best Healthy Eats in the US
    image via Gracias Madre | Facebook

    Chips and salsa are a classic, suitable for any dietary demand — and thank god for that! But the vegan spin Gracias Madre puts on Mexican cuisine will have even the most devout carnivore salivating at the scrumptious cheez-drenched chips. Each dish is made from love, too. No, literally, all ingredients are grown and used from the Be Love Farm. This place screams hippie yet caters to all because no one can say no to love and kickass Mexican food.

  • Mesa Verde | Santa Barbara, CA

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    image via Mesa Verde | Facebook

    If your palate craves all the colors of the rainbow, pull up a seat. Mesa Verde uses the prettiest (and most delicious) fruits and vegetables to serve their diners. If there is a flower on your plate, chances are you can eat it. How cool is that? The locally-sourced and organic options are a serious hit in this beach community. If you want fancy, aim for the Cashew Cheese Board, but if you’re looking for a casual treat, Street Tacos will do the trick. Either way, brace yourself for deliciousness.

  • HipCityVeg | Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC

    Best Healthy Eats in the US
    image via HipCityVeg | Facebook

    Prepared to be tricked. The burgers from HipCityVeg cause even the most committed carnivore to long for more. The chicken-less sandwiches and meat-less burgers will have you double-checking the ingredient list, repeatedly, but you can rest assured that it’s all vegan. And it’s all good. Fast, fresh, and devoted to bettering this world (and your body) one burger at a time.

  • Drop Squad Kitchen | Wilmington, DE

    Best Healthy Eats in the US
    image via Drop Squad Kitchen | Facebook

    This restaurant wins the award for most eclectic description. An American family living in Delaware dishing out plant-based noms inspired by their aboriginal heritage. Did we get your attention? Good, but we aren’t done. This restaurant is collecting ALL the accolades, including healthiest food in Delaware Today and has even gained PETA as a superfan. Their menu ranges from dogs to tacos and boasts a list of “God’s Shakes” that are too good to pass up.

  • Erin McKenna’s Bakery | Manhattan, NY

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    image via @erinmckennasbakery | Instagram

    Vegans have a sweet tooth too, and NYC’s Erin McKenna gets that. She also gets soy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and kosher. What’s left? The healthful mouthwatering sweet treats her bakery has became famed for. It’s not only visually appealing but will satisfy the many taste buds begging for sweetness. From cupcakes to donuts and even wedding cakes, this bakery delivers, literally and figuratively. Though, if you don’t live in the Big Apple don’t fret — they now distribute all over the US.

  • JaJaJa | Manhattan, NY

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    image via Carolina R. | Yelp

    If authentic Mexican street food is their game then we are ready to suit up play along. To prove their devotion to authentic Mexican street food, JaJaJa opened in Manhattan on Cinco de Mayo in 2017. Their cuisine has been climbing to the top of the NYC vegan/veg scene ever since. And their innovative take on Mexican will manifest in the form of their Buffalo Flower (spicy tempura’d cauliflower) and Chipotle Sweet Potato Tacos. Fitt Tip: those are top choices among regulars, but don’t overlook the bowls!

  • Watercourse Foods | Denver, CO

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    image via Watercourse Foods | Facebook

    Denver has no shortage of health-conscious dining options. But if you’re craving comfort food in vegan form, opting for Watercourse Foods might take a bit of the guilt away. Don’t expect guilt-free indulgence, though — this menu drips “cheesy”, carb-happy goodness. Breakfast is served all day, every day for pancake- and scramble-lovers. And these vegans aren’t just about food, they like to drink too. This establishment caters to the environmentally-friendly brunch-lovers — weekends are reserved for mimosas, bloodies, and their widely popular Maple Bourbon Smash. Whiskey and maple syrup? Um, count us in.

  • Crossroads Kitchen | Los Angeles, CA

    image via @crossroadskitchen | Instagram

    Although the menu is plant-based, most wouldn’t know it upon dining at Crossroads. The establishment keeps their ego at bay, with no obvious or showy mention of how they uphold their vegan standards. This has been effective in recruiting both omnivorous and carnivorous patrons as regular diners. The full vegan bar is no deterrent, either, offering crafty cocktails to satisfy tipsy sippers. And with a soup like Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho, you can feel the creativity flowing from the kitchen and into your belly.

  • Chicago Diner | Chicago, IL

    Best Vegan Restaurants in the US
    image via @terry_tackbary | Instagram

    Not your typical diner. Meat- and dairy-free is a tradition at this Chi-town diner. So much so that their tag line is “meat-free since ’83. It’s clear that these guys were vegan before it was cool — mad props on that. But vegan is not the only dietary restriction they recognize. This diner has a whole menu devoted to gluten-free eaters. And what kind of diner would they be if they didn’t serve milkshakes? These ice cream sensations are award-winning.

  • Beyond Sushi | New York City, NY

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    image via Beyond Sushi | Facebook

    Fishless sushi? Okay, we’ll bite. We simply can’t talk this place up enough. The fish-free sushi movement is strong, and these pioneers are the muscle behind it. You won’t even notice the absence of tuna in your Spicy Mango roll (nor will you likely care) after devouring the black rice, avo, and spicy veggies. But your mouth won’t be the only one having fun — you’ll get your eyes into the game. Simply by glancing at one of the colorful sushi plates created in this joint will leave you satiated. And with six bustling locations taking up real estate around New York City, eaters can choose the best location for their afternoon commute.

  • Elizabeth’s Gone Raw | Washington, DC

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    image via Elizabeth's Gone Raw | Facebook

    Elegance and presentation are the thing at this fancy vegan space in DC. With each plate looking like an artful masterpiece, this eatery could double as an art gallery. Organic, fresh pressed cocktails and (get this!) house-made iodized ice give their signature drinks a fresh twist. The food speaks for itself, too. If you don’t already pledge allegiance to the cause, Crispy Cassava Cup and Royal Trumpet Mushroom & Heart of Palm Crab Cakes will have you converting to a raw vegan diet. Expect to be wowed with tasteful dishes and elite service.

  • Ai Love Nalo | Honolulu, HI

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    image via Ai-Love-Nalo | Facebook

    Ai Love Nalo is your friendly neighborhood vegan restaurant doing big things in a small community. This vegan haven keeps true to the traditional Hawaiian fare while nixing all traces of animal products. Though, they still keep the bright and spirited flare of Hawaiian tradition. Plus, the farm community of Waimanalo, where Ai Love Nalo is nestled, is home to a gang of organic farms that lend produce to one another. Need a recommendation for dinner? Vegan laulau and “pork” and taro leaf are traditional Hawaiian meals that gain big praise in this eatery.

  • Vtopia Restaurant and Cheese Shop | Portland, OR

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    image via Vtopia | Facebook

    You’re probably not surprised to see Portland on our list. The city oozes healthy living just like Vtopia oozes cheesy deliciousness. And it’s truly put on display with their mac n’ cheese flavorings. The most popular add-ons? Green chile, shiitake bacon, avocado, and a scoop o’ soup. Yes, you read that correctly — this vegan “cheez” shop is breaking all sorts of rules. Bonus: all cheese is raw, aged in house, and patrons are encouraged to sip vino with their cheese board to get the full effect of the pairing. Done. You don’t have to ask us twice.

  • Arlo’s | Austin, TX

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    image via The Wandering Vegan | Facebook

    Arlo’s, a “curb-side kitchen” is so Austin. They serve late night vegan comfort food out of a food truck. And believe us — this comfort food will make you more than comfortable whether you are drunk snacking or nourishing your sober bod because Arlo’s grub is 100%plant based, locally sourced, and made fresh daily. Their menu is made up of only a few kickass items, but that is all you’ll need. Their burgers (there are three) and street tacos are what keep Austenites loyal, no matter what led them to the truck.

  • by CHLOE. | Multiple Locations

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    image via @plumfoodsus | Instagram

    by CHLOE. gives fast food a new look. Though, fear not — their quality is not compromised by their speed. Food is delivered quickly, but you wouldn’t know it by looking and tasting all the intricate toppings that make up their to-die-for burgers (specifically, the Guac Burger). This is a human- and canine-friendly establishment, so treat yourself to a Matcha Marg and spoil your best bud with the Pup Cakes from their very own menu. The casual dining spot is spreading quickly across the US reaching both coasts (LA and NYC), Boston and Providence, and even skipping over the pond to share the love with London.

  • Cinnaholic | Multiple Locations

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    image via @@iamgsilva | Instagram

    Let’s lead with “Shark Tank-approved”. That’s right — the stamp of approval was slapped on their innovative, flavorful vegan cinnamon rolls by Mark Cuban. These buns will out-do any of their dairy- and egg-made counterparts. With endless toppings and frosting flavors, it’s no doubt this sweet spot will hit your sweet spot. Whether you opt for maple frosting with a dash of cookie dough crumbles or cake batter cream with sprinkled pretzels, you will be stuffed and smiling at any of Cinnaholic’s shops.

  • Trilogy Sanctuary Cafe | San Diego, CA

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    image via Trilogy Sanctuary | Facebook

    Vegan cuisine and yoga poses go hand-in-hand at Trilogy Sanctuary Cafe in San Diego. This La Jolla-based yoga house and café has gained a badass reputation in the vegan world. Partly for their rooftop terrace overlooking SD beaches but mostly for their raw vegan snacks that accompany those Insta-worthy views. Their nachos and cheesecake are great munchies following an afternoon flow or aerial yoga class. We bet it’ll have you screaming “namaste right here all day!” from the top of the roof.