Beyond The Bike: Introducing The Peloton Tread

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Beyond The Bike: Introducing The Peloton Tread

At-home fitness has been around since, well… Richard Simmons. And now at-home boutique cycling is officially a THING as Flywheel and Peloton prepare to duke it out next to your couch.

But if cycling or sweatbands aren’t your scene, you’re in luck. Starting this fall, Peloton is bringing boutique fitness to your home once again. And this time, it’s playing to the runners.

  • Lace up!

    peloton tread
    image via Peloton

    They’re calling it the Peloton Tread. And like the bike, the Tread will stream both live daily classes and give you access to huge library (think thousands) of recorded classes. You can follow (and sweat) along on the attached 32-inch HD touchscreen. Yep, we said 32 inches. This thing might need its own room.

    Peloton is going beyond running, too. Shake things up for your brain and your body by supplementing all that cardio with a strength-based floor workout. Or mix up your run with some on- and off- the-Tread HIIT. Then stretch it all out with some cool down or rest day flexibility classes. It should be noted that walkers are also welcome — there’ll be guided hiking and walking workouts for all levels. You may be seeing a few less mall-walkers about…

  • Yep, it’s fancy

    peloton tread
    image via @onepeloton | Instagram

    Peloton isn’t messing around with quality. They promise a cushy and comfy stride with a belt made up of 59 shock-absorbing slats. They’ve got the beats down, too. The Tread will have you running with surround sound thanks to its super-techy sound bar.

    And you bet your bottom dollar it has a price tag to match. The Tread will sell for a paltry $3,995. But if that’s hard to swallow, you can also pay for it monthly like a gym membership (or start a GoFundMe). Expect to pay a monthly fee for access to the live and recorded classes, too.

    So will this replace your outdoor runs or Barry’s membership? Is it worth the investment?

    We Fitt folks don’t know whether or not they’ll land in our living rooms, but we sure hope to see these things in more gyms around us. Hotels, apartment complexes, fitness centers — how cool would that be? And unless you have a whole lot of extra house and a fat wallet to match, it might be the only real-life glimpse you ever catch of this tricked-out tread…