Get Outside: It’s Totally Free to Visit Any of The National Parks This Weekend

Zion National Park | Most Beautiful Hikes in the World

You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to appreciate the beauty that our national parks have to offer. No matter if it’s a tourist favorite like the Grand Canyon or one you may have never heard of (Cuyahoga?), national parks have something for everyone.

And this Veterans Day Weekend (three-day weekend, baby!), you can enter all 58 national parks for free—which means $30 more for post-hiking treats.

Fo free!

Yosemite National Park | Rock Climbing
image via Wikimedia Commons

Normally, most of our National Parks charge a fee from $3 to $30 for a week’s pass. But next year, sadly, prices are likely to triple—up to $70 per vehicle—for some of the most popular parks. So, get your hiking on for free this long weekend while you still can!

Here are some national park favorites that you could explore for a few hours, or a few days. And if there are none close to home? Use this day as a reminder to get outside and appreciate the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

Grand Canyon
Petrified Forest

Joshua Tree
Channel Islands

Mesa Verde
Rocky Mountain
Great Sand Dunes

Cuyahoga Valley

Crater Lake

Great Smoky Mountains

Big Bend
Guadalupe Mountains

Mount Rainier

Coming Soon: Barry’s Bootcamp is Setting up Shop in Atlanta

You heard the rumors. We’re confirming they’re true. Barry’s Bootcamp is—finally—coming to Atlanta.

The workout you’ve been waiting for

barrys bootcamp atlanta
image via Barry’s Bootcamp

For the ATL fitness maniacs lucky enough to try a Barry’s workout in Chicago, Boston, NYC, or LA, you know what’s coming. And we commend you on how you spend a vacation (but try something leisurely next time, why don’t you?). 50 minutes of treadmill runs combined with grueling circuit training is no joke. And we’re just dying to try it out.

Plus, the Fuel Bar, complimentary towels, showers, lockers, and Wi-Fi are nice little perks for those jam-packed days.

Roll out the red carpet lights

barrys bootcamp atlanta
image via @barrysbootcamp | Instagram

Barry’s is opening its doors for classes beginning Saturday, October 28. With their brand new digs at The Shops in Buckhead, you’re all set for a sweat sesh and a shopping spree. (Okay, maybe just window shopping after class.)

Gear up for the grand opening by practicing a few hill sprints. Trust us — you’ll need it! See you on the 28th!