This Annual Fitness Event Will Pump You Up


[National] The Arnold

Ryan Deer


Here at Fitt, sometimes we’re absolutely torn between fitness events. Should we take in the views from Drake yoga, #JustShowUp to the ***LINK**November Project**, or earn our slice behind the bar at a PR pizza party? Can’t we just do them all?


The answer is yes. Thanks to Arnold, we can.


You flexin’?


The Arnold Sports Festival, commonly known as The Arnold Classic (or just The Arnold), is a monstrous four-day annual fitness extravaganza in Columbus, Ohio. Established by bodybuilding legend/Twins star/ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s built this festival to be as epic as he was in his prime. We can practically see him extending his hand and dropping the famous line “come with me if you want to lift!”, or something like that.


Headlined by Arnold’s bread-and-butter, the professional bodybuilding competition, The Classic sees the fittest of the fit and most magnificently muscled men and women on the planet. It’s the crowning achievement (bestowed by Arnold, of course) of bodybuilders from around the globe.


Everything exercise under the sun, plus chess


Don’t think it’s all flexing, though. If you didn’t come for the oiled up bodies, surely you came from the table tennis, right? This is what we were talking about. The weekend is packed with every style of fitness you could possibly imagine. And it’s incredibly fun to see how many you can do.


It’s like one big carnival! Come one, come all! Step right up to see Yoga at the Arnold, the newest, most flexible competition. Knock down some bench press reps to shave off your finishing time in the 5k Pump & Run. Catch a few routines of cheerleading, dance, or baton twirling. Compete in The Open at the MidWest Community Throwdown (we hear heats of CrossFit’s 16.2 WOD). Or witness the strongest men on the planet pull cars and lift truck tires!


Make it a tradition


The Arnold has gotten better each and every year since its start in 1989. Now, 18,000 athletes converge on the city of Columbus for the opportunity to strut their stuff and show that they’re truly world-class.


But even us normals have a place at The Arnold. Almost 200,000 of us from all over the world show up to witness the fitness, schmooze for health tips and tricks, and, with certainty, cop all the free swag from the Arnold Fitness Expo (bring a wheelbarrow).


It’s just something you need to see for yourself… at least once.***LINK**GREATAMERICANBUCKETLIST**