17 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Boston’s Health And Fitness Scene

17 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Boston’s Health And Fitness Scene

Year after year, Boston is consistently ranked among the healthiest cities in the US. If you’re reading this, that’s probably not a big surprise. You know all about our dedication to running outside, even during Nor’easters. How we make the most out of every summer moment because the season is so short. And our city’s dedication to helping out those in need through events that combine fundraising and fitness. Bostonians have a rep for being cold and maybe a tad confrontational, but really we’re just proud of the awesome and active place we call home. There’s a reason why it’s nicknamed the Hub, after all.

  • We’re home to the world’s oldest annual marathon

    Boston Marathon
    image via Boston Marathon | Facebook

    Three words: the Boston Marathon. Every April, thousands of runners celebrate Patriots’ Day—AKA Marathon Monday—by tackling 26.2 miles. And thousands more come out to cheer them on. The energy in the city is positively electric and may even inspire your own marathon dreams. Just remember: right on Hereford, left on Boylston, and you’re home.

  • Biking is better than ever

    Boston Biking
    image via @drgreggrosicki | Instagram

    A decade ago, it was rare to see someone commuting by bike in Boston. Today, the city’s streets are full of cyclists on their way to work, doing errands, or just out for a ride. With some protected bike lanes and even bike traffic lights, plenty of places to ride off-road, and several local bike shops to help get you geared up, Boston has become a cyclist’s paradise. Don’t have two wheels to call your own? No worries. Just hop on a Hubway bike at one of 180 stations across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. You can ride all day for just six bucks.

  • We started The November Project

    November Project
    image via November Project | Facebook

    What began as a challenge between two friends in Boston has evolved into a worldwide fitness phenomenon. The November Project now has groups in cities and countries around the world, so just bring up that we’re the OGs to make others jealous. All you have to do is “Just Show Up” to get your sweat on outside, rain, shine, or snow.

  • Our very own Central Park

    Boston Parks
    image via Wikimedia Commons | Facebook

    New York City may be home to the king of all urban parks, but Boston has its very own Frederick Law Olmsted-designed green space that we’re just as proud of. It’s called the Emerald Necklace and you can follow it all the way from the Public Garden/Boston Common to Franklin Park. It’s the perfect place to run, walk, or lounge on a beautiful day.

  • Water, water, everywhere

    Boston Kayaking
    image via Wikimedia Commons

    You know the song — the one where we all belt out how much we love Boston’s dirty water and how proud we are to call this city home. Well, there’s a good reason it’s one of our city’s anthems. Whether it’s the Charles River, the Mystic River, or, you know, the ocean, Boston is practically surrounded by water. And there are a ton of ways to enjoy it all, whether you paddleboard, kayak, swim, or hit the beach.

  • We’re flexible

    Where to do Yoga in Boston
    image via Yoga Around Town | Facebook

    Living in Boston can be stressful. The frigid winters, the delays on the T, the nail-biting Super Bowl comebacks. But Boston doesn’t leave you hanging. The city is absolutely full of amazing yoga studios that are perfect for any type of yogi, whether it’s your first class or your 50th. Sometimes you can even take a class for free (or at least on the cheap). And in the summer, bringing our mats outside is one of our favorite ways to unwind.

  • You can rock climb and work all in one place

    Rock Climbing in Boston
    image via Brooklyn Boulders Somerville | Facebook

    When Brooklyn Boulders Somerville opened its doors in 2013, it took the local climbing scene by storm. The 40,000-square-foot factory turned gym has two-story-high bouldering and top-rope walls. There’s even a 50-foot wall that rewards climbers with views of Boston from the top. After your climb, grab your computer and settle into the co-working space. And when you need a break from emails, there are plenty of challenging routes to try right in the building.

  • Eats fit for a feast

    Boston's Best Restaurants
    image via Toro | Facebook

    Years ago Boston’s food scene was mostly known for its baked beans, brown bread, and cod. We still do seafood better than just about anybody (lobster roll, anyone?), but now the city also caters to all kinds of other tastes. We’ve got every type of healthy food you can think of, whether you’re giving paleo a go or eating meat-free. We’ve even got healthy pizza, including lots of solid gluten-free options. And on those cold winter mornings, hit up the area’s first oatmeal cafe to start your day right.

  • Hot or iced, we do coffee right

    Coffee Shops in Boston
    image via @lizaherlands_ | Instagram

    It’s not a stretch to say that Boston runs on Dunkin’. And while we’re not anti-DD, we prefer to grab a cup of coffee from a local joint when we can. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from all across the city. Really want to fit in? Take part in a local tradition when you sip an iced coffee while shoveling your sidewalk after a blizzard. We guarantee you won’t be the only one.

  • Sweat then sip

    Harpoon Brewery
    image via @harpoonbrewery | Instagram

    Decades ago, Boston was at the forefront of the craft brewing scene with Sam Adams and Harpoon leading the way. The big guys are still here and they’ve since been joined by a ton of awesome smaller breweries that we just can’t get enough of. The best part? They’re all located near gyms and run routes, so you can get your sweat on before you work on the 12oz. curls.

  • We’re all about local food

    Farmer's Markets in Boston
    image via Boston Public Market | Facebook

    The farm-to-table movement has taken the Boston area by storm and we couldn’t be happier about it. There are tons of seasonal farmers markets all over the city where you can buy fresh, local produce, bread, cheese, eggs, and so much more. Plus, we even have the Boston Public Market. It’s a permanent, all-local, indoor farmers market that’s open every day, all year long. Music to our ears.

  • We brunch with the best of them

    Tatte Bakery and Cafe
    image via @carro_lynn | Instagram

    Like most major cities, Boston is always DTB (that’s down to brunch). Some of what you’ll find is super decadent, like lobster Benedict, but there are plenty of healthy brunch options in the city, too. And if you’d like to get some burpees in before downing all that bacon, look no further than Brunch Fit. The group hosts several events every month that combine the best of Boston’s food and fitness scenes. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

  • We do good and do it big

    Pan-Mass Challenge
    image via Pan Mass Challenge | Facebook

    If you prefer to get around on two wheels instead of two feet, the Pan-Mass Challenge might just be the biking event for you. Every August, 6,000 cyclists from around the world come to Massachusetts to ride anywhere from 27 to nearly 200 miles. And they’re not just doing it for themselves. These riders are slogging it out in the summer heat to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since its founding in 1980, the PMC has raised nearly $550 million for life-saving cancer research. It’s the perfect place to do good and feel good.

  • You never have to run alone

    Running in Boston
    image via Heartbreak Hill Running Company | Facebook

    Bostonians love to get fit in just about every way you can imagine, but at its heart, it’s a running city. That may have something to do with our famous marathon. But whatever the reason, we’ll take it. One of the best parts about living in a city that’s crazy for running is that there’s no shortage of run clubs to join. No matter your neighborhood or ability, there’s one out there that’s perfect for you.

  • You can workout for free

    Boston Cycling
    image via Soulcycle

    Let’s be real — joining a gym or yoga studio can cost a pretty penny. And sometimes you’d like to try a class or scope out the facilities before making a big commitment. Well, you’re in luck because there are a ton of ways to workout for free in Boston. Whether you’re sampling a new-to-you-gym or hitting up one of the many free or wicked cheap yoga classes throughout the city, there’s a way to break a sweat without breaking the bank.

  • You can take your workout outside

    Boson Workouts
    image via Boston Public Health Commission | Facebook

    Bostonians aren’t afraid of exercising outside in just about any type of weather. Extreme heat and cold don’t scare us. That’s a good thing because there are a ton of ways to take your workout outside. Whether you’re looking to pound the pavement, cycle along the river, tackle a parcourse, swim, or do yoga, there’s a spot for you to get fit and get fresh air.

  • All we do is win

    Boston Red Sox
    image via Boston Red Sox | Instagram

    We probably don’t have to tell you this, but Boston has some of the most loyal and proud sports fans of any city in the world. It’s not unusual to see people wearing Patriots, Bruins, or Celtics jerseys year-round. Or to go to a concert and have the band announce the Red Sox score between songs. Right before belting out their own rendition of Sweet Caroline, that is.