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If you want to hop on a bike and pedal until you can’t pedal any more, you’re in luck — Boston's indoor cycling scene is legit. The only thing tougher than the class itself? Choosing a studio. So put this guide to use and get to work.




Music can take an ordinary workout into something next-level, and BSPOKE would know. With studios downtown on Federal St. and outside the city in Wellesley, B/SPOKE deftly handles the dial, cranking out the best tunes while you spin the pedals. The spot-on playlists designed by each instructor bring out the inner athlete in every rider. This allows you to cycle harder and longer, making you stronger with each rotation. Arm weights, a little dancing on the bike, and some steep, heavy climbs — that’s what we call oh-so-good.

SoulCycle is almost synonymous with boutique cycling these days. They started in Boston with a studio in Chestnut Hill and then rapidly expanded with studios in Back Bay, Seaport, Beacon Hill, and Dedham. And while convenience is one thing, SoulCycle stays true to its roots. They emphasize the mind and spirit, encouraging riders to understand the mind-body connection. That is, understanding that what happens on the bike can make a difference with life outside the studio.

Unique to other studios in Boston, Flywheel uses numbers to push each rider. Each bike has a mini screen that tracks the amount of resistance, the RPM, and the power that the bike is producing. This real-time personal performance reporting is the real deal. And while Flywheel surely appeals to the inner competitor in all of us, if you’re not into the numbers, let your body do the talking as you kick it into a whole new gear. You’ll find Flywheel Sports Back Bay in the Belvedere Arcade of the Prudential Center.

You’re gonna get hooked on The Handle Bar pretty quick. With four studios in the Boston area, this indoor cycling studio is alive with hot beats, low lights, and epic sweat sessions. They use a combo of arm weights, tap backs, and good ol’ fashioned sprints to keep the mind guessing and the body working. Add in some motivational instructors and hold on because you're in for one wild ride.

This studio at the end of Hanover St. near the Waterfront is the first to ride into the North End. Of course Ride has all the cycling essentials, like bikes and a full-body workout. But this studio cranks up the music and hits the climbs, sprints, jumps, tap backs, and push-ups extra hard, taking your ride to new heights. If you’re new, make sure to check out all their class packages that range from two-class packages to a whole year's worth.

If you want to ride at a studio where your more than a number, look no further than ctowncycle. But don’t be fooled by the super-friendly atmosphere because the studio’s classes are no joke. Set to energetic music to really get your heart and legs pumping, each one is different, so you’ll never get bored. Plus, if you’re new, you can take advantage of this crazy-good deal: two weeks of unlimited classes for just $45.

Lots of indoor cycling studios pride themselves on playing the most motivating music, but Turnstyle takes this to a whole new level. Classes like Beyoncé vs. Jay-Z or Boy Bands vs. Girl Groups will have you rocking hard as you push those pedals. And with five studios in the area—Back Bay, Charlestown, Kendall Square, South End, and Woburn—there are dozens of these super fun classes to choose from every day of the week.

The masterminds behind Rev’d Indoor Cycling, Meaghan St. Marc and former New England Revolution midfielder Clyde Simms, brought all the right stuff to this crowd-favorite ride. Unlike some studios, Rev’d wanted to prepare cyclists before, during, and after their ride. The result? Plenty of expert advice, from hydrating pre-class to choosing the best class style for your level. Don’t worry about a dull experience, either. Curated, rhythmic beats sync perfectly with your ride, and with no screens and no monitors, you’ll be completely absorbed as you pedal and extra pumped once you step off.

Tucked away in both Beacon Hill and Jamaica Plain, you can find REPS Fitness really turning up the heat. You have three options of classes to maximize your burn: REPSCYCLE, KORECYCLE, and CYCLE & FLOW. Each workout begins with 30 minutes of intense cycling to get your heart rate up, with the next 30 minutes focusing on either strength training, a core burn, or yoga flow depending on which you sign up for. If you’re ready, you can try them all (you should) to really get a feel for the REPS experience.

While only available to Equinox members, The Pursuit is a one-of-a-kind cycling class centered around motivation. Prepare to have your stats displayed on a wall for the whole class to see as you pedal your hardest to win a series of games. While you can compete as an individual, games also involve teams, challenging riders to improve upon their speed as well as mileage. The end result? A 50-minute sesh that makes high-intensity interval training a little fun. Buying the Equinox membership might be worth it after all.

The instructors are the heart and soul of this Roslindale studio, so get ready for personalized classes with their own unique spin. After you get your free shoe rental, gear up for a challenging LYFT class that’ll get you on the bike and then on the mat with some hardcore strength exercises. Or, book the RYDE class, where you’ll be pumping to the music with hand weights. And if you love a good mashup, try LYFT + RYDE for an intense interval challenge on and off the bike.

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