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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

From yoga, Pilates, and barre to boxing, running, and strength training—plus so much more—Boston has it all. Ready to get after it? We’ve broken down all the best places to get your sweat on in Boston. Let's gooo!




Come for the high-intensity workout, stay for the results. At Barry’s (in Downtown Crossing, Back Bay, and Chestnut Hill), there’s no slacking. You’ll get all your cardio and strength work done in one 50-minute heart-pounding class hosted in the "Red Room", where you’ll be surrounded by a community of fitness-lovers and feed on the motivation of a top-notch instructor. Barry’s isn’t deemed “The Best Workout in The World” for no reason.

At Orangetheory Fitness, no muscle group is left behind. At any of their MANY Boston area studios, you’ll work every part of your body in an adrenaline-filled interval-style class. You’ll wear a heart rate monitor to determine which metabolic zone your body is in at all times. But don’t let this intimidate you — the instructors are skilled at progressing or regressing each movement, so every level of fitness can participate.

This Boston favorite has a little bit of everything. Boxing in the ring, boxing to the beat of music, circuit training, cardio, and yoga. While you’re learning how to punch, jab, cross, and hook, you’ll be coached by educated instructors who’ll give you technique cues, and the inspiration to keep fighting on. And if you want to train like a boxer, you can opt into the Training Camp to track your progress. You’ll truly discover why you fight at their FiDi or Seaport gyms, plus a studio coming to Saugus in 2020.

Up the intensity of your yoga routine with a little extra strength and power — that's the ethos behind CorePower Yoga. The national franchise believes in working every muscle and every emotion in their classes, and they have plenty of options for you to find your niche. Take your pick of CorePower Yoga 1, CorePower Yoga 1.5, Yoga Sculpt, CoreCardio Circuit, HotPower Fusion, and more. And get this: your first week is free at any of their 11 Boston-area locations!

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone—or SLT for short—does just that. This beloved NYC studio arrived on Newbury St. in 2017 and has been winning hearts and quivering legs every since. It’s the ultimate core workout, as you fight to stabilize yourself on the Megaformer for 50 minutes. But while your core is constantly working, you’ll also hit legs and arms for a full-body sweat, all set to the beat of amazing jams. Grab your grippy socks and get ready to shake.

Treat your body, mind, and soul to a cycling class unparalleled. Instructors not only coach riders through a fast-paced and sweaty journey, they also cultivate a sense of empowerment and unity that cannot be found anywhere else. The ride becomes about more than just a workout; it’s time carved out for you to focus on self-care — inside and out. And their five Boston-area SoulCycle studios offer above-and-beyond amenities, too, which makes the price tag of class a little more justifiable.

From the creators of Somerville's Brooklyn Boulders comes BKBX, a first-of-its-kind adventure training center in Allston. What does an adventure training center entail? Well, aside from the setting looking like the gym of the future, the programming is legit. You get tons of bouldering and climbing space, a range of 50-minute group-based training classes (with metrics tracked in real time), a social area used to plan real-life adventures, and a recovery center with 3D body assessments, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression boots, foam rollers, massage — the works. An experience here is an adventure in itself.

Let the beat of the music drive your workout — that’s how they roll at B/SPOKE. Every class at these studios is synced perfectly with the playlist, and the instructors deliver a seamless experience that you can’t help but participate in. Not only do they have tons of cycling classes to choose from—HOT R/DE, HIP-HOP R/DE, and #THROWBACK R/DE to name a few—but they also offer TRAIN. Held in-studio or at lululemon's class-dedicated space on Newbury, this HIIT format leaves the bike behind to tone and build up strength.

Slow movements, fast results. That’s the mantra at btone, and it’s exactly what you can expect from their classes. Each exercise is done with precision and focus so you’ll get the most out of your workout. And once you feel those slow-twitch muscle fibers fire up—aka shaky legs—you’ll know you’re doing it right. Choose from several Boston studios to get your sweat on.

At MYSTRYDE, you’re faster than you think. And they’ll prove it to you. With top-notch treads and running instructors, you’re bound to crush whatever goals you have in mind. And as all good runners know, it’s essential to cross-train, so check out the Stryde Plus Core and Power Stryde. Though, if you don't want to step foot on a tread, the class called Power X actually has no running and instead, you'll find a strength-building class with resistance bands, kettlebells, and bodyweight movements. Fitt Tip: when the weather warms up, this North End studio takes their runners outdoors to sweat in the fresh air. Come join!

With two Boston locations (Back Bay and Battery Wharf), Exhale is an urban oasis for residents looking to take their workout (and self-care) to the next level. Aside from relaxing zen spa rooms where you can treat yourself to a pre- or post-workout massage, they also have a fitness and yoga studio which features a full schedule of yoga, barre, cardio, and HIIT classes. And after you’ve fully fatigued your muscles, you can take advantage of their relaxation room and fully-stocked locker room, a steam room, and showers.

Yes, Back Bay's Lynx Fitness Club is a little over-the-top, but they're not hiding that. This is luxury fitness through and through. From their capped membership to keep the gym from getting crowded to the high-end strength and cardio machines to the instruction for group classes and personal training, the spared no expensive to give you a quality workout. Plus, the gym hosts a Topgolf SwingSuite attended by a PGA-certified instructor — as if this place didn't already have country club vibes.

With locations in Belmont and Seaport, BURNIN’ By Ray, the so-called “Un-Gym”, has designed a low-impact, high-intensity fitness concept using motorless cardio machines that will get every muscle in your body burnin’. The innovative equipment (Jacobs Ladder, Airbike, VersaClimber, AirRunner) allows you to self-power the machines in between strength training sets. And with the lights turned down low and bumpin’ beats, you may think you walked into a nightclub.

While Barry's boasts red and Orangetheory has a favorite color too, your sweaty experience at North End's Row Republic will be washed in deep blue. Mood lighting aside, the boutique rowing and strength studio's programming is top-notch. With only the best playlists, the 60-minute workouts split between the Technogym SKILLROW rowing machine and floorwork with the FITBENCH, a surprise box of dumbbells, bands, kettlebells, and more, will have you sore and coming back for more.

While a membership to Equinox's luxury gym doesn't run cheap, your money is definitely well-spent. Even aside from the pool, the spa services, or the in-house Juice Press (Franklin, Seaport, or Dartmouth locations), the value of Equinox is in their group fitness classes. From a HIIT class called Firestarter to boxing, barre, and treadmill classes, the programming and the expert instructor leading the class make each experience a 10/10.

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