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JUN 3, 2019

Bluestone Lane

Coffee Shop

Between big-name chains, local shops, and boutique bars, there is no shortage of options for coffee in Boston. Yet, no amount of flowing coffee could ever fully satisfy a Bostonian's thirst for a quality cup.

Bluestone Lane, an incredible Aussie-style coffee shop, must have noticed our coffee obsession because they’ve decided to open not one, not two, but three locations. They’re coming on strong and bringing the flat whites and toasties with them.


Bluestone Lane is a lifestyle-focused brand founded in New York City. They drew their inspiration for their Australian-vibe cafes from the coffee culture in Melbourne, where premium coffee is a way of life. From LA to DC to Toronto, no two Bluestone Lanes look alike, but they each offer the same range of high-quality coffees, specialty beverages, and healthy eats.

While coffee is a necessity to many, Bluestone Lane likes to think of coffee as an experience. They want to change the way you think about your daily cup — instead of the focus being a need for caffeine, Bluestone Lane is passionate about the quality of their coffee and the way it’s served. Each customer is invited into their cafe as regulars and leaves as connoisseurs.

And come this June, you’re going to be hooked. Bluestone Lane is opening two kiosk locations—one in South Station and one in Financial District—as well as a counter-service shop in Harvard Square with extra seating and an expanded menu. The first kiosk on High St. is expected by June 2019, followed by the Atlantic Ave. kiosk (South Station) and Harvard Square cafe after that.

All three spots will offer the entire signature selections of coffee, tea, and wellness collection that feature matcha, turmeric, and beet-root powders in one-of-a-kind drinks. Their typical coffee counters include over 15 types of coffee beverages, numerous teas, and several lattes each with a different health benefit. Ever had a Beet Latte or Berry Adaptogen Spritz? Well, now you can.

You can also expect Australian-styled Avo Smash toast, pastries, and oatmeal. The Harvard Square cafe will have additional items on their menu, such as healthy bowls and more “toasties”. Get your taste buds ready for Ricotta, Berries & Mint Toast, Salmon Toast, the Rainbow Bowl, and a whole lot more.


Really, who could say no to a killer brunch and outstanding coffee? Keep an eye out for the signature blue-colored awnings arriving in our city any day now. And if you like to try before you buy, Bluestone Lane will be offering free coffee in the morning for their pre-openings. Details of exact dates for the launch are coming soon!

In the meantime, get your fill of your current favorite coffee spot. We have a feeling you’ll be waving the Australian flag soon.