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JUL 14, 2020



It’s no secret that fitness has a lifestyle for many. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, you now meet for a Booty By Brabants class. Instead of coworkers bonding over drinks after work, they’re going to SoulCycle — unless it’s Friday, then maybe drinks are involved too. You get the gist.

And while going hard all the time is cool and all, let’s face it — our lives are busy and we need time to recover as well. Lucky for us, that’s also becoming a hot new trend. As local favorite recovery studio BDY SQD celebrates their second location, let’s take a look at the state of all things stretch in Boston.


In this town, you can find just about any workout you could ever possibly want to try. The city is covered from corner to corner with gyms and studios offering tons of classes to get you sweaty. But they're now expanding to offer their clients even more: a complete health routine that includes rest, mobility, and high-tech recovery methods. After all, it's rest that give your muscles time to recover and repair in order to progress in fitness ability and prevent injuries. Many studios are filling that need right here in Boston, and it seems just about everywhere else too.

BDY SQD, a leader in recovery, opened their doors on Newbury St. over a year ago and instantly became the go-to spot for every gym-goer’s myofascial release. And now they’ve opened their second location in Ink Block to spread their stretching techniques all over Boston. Their trained coaches specialize in science-based trigger point therapy and dynamic bodywork so you leave feeling your very best. And we can attest — you do indeed feeling like a new person after a 30-minute session.

With this latest studio, BDY SQD has maintained their other trademark services, including an infrared sauna and NormaTec sessions. Their one-stop recovery shop’s goal is to go beyond simply fixing sore muscles to actually help prevent injury before it even happens.


But the trend of recovery is only just getting started. Brooklyn Boulders’ adventure training center BKBX opened earlier this year, and they made sure to include a whole room dedicated solely to recovery in their state-of-the-art facility. Clients can enjoy complimentary use of 3D digital assessments, cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, stretching tables, vibrating foam rollers of all shapes and sizes, compression sleeves, muscle therapy devices, and more.

And because Equinox has long been known as the luxury frontrunner of the industry for all things fitness, you know they don’t miss a trend. While various restorative-style yogas and meditations dot Equinox’s calendar, each gym also comes complete with a full-service spa that offers a wide array of massages, facials, and body scrubs to help you “power down to power further”.

Boutique stretching studios, meanwhile, are stretching coast to coast, and we have Lymber. Their goal is to help their clients stay active for years and years, recognizing the importance of building your body back up after breaking it down with intense workouts. The Newton, MA studio offers three personalized ways to stretch—Relax, Perform, and Recover—to keep you limber and strong.


These gyms and studios are all digging in on rest, recovery, and self-care and are passionate about helping their clients slow down so they can come back better, faster, and stronger. But don’t let us convince you — try a session for yourself with our friends BDY SQD at one of their two convenient locations. You’ll feel the difference immediately.

Who knows, perhaps your next get-together with friends can be some R&R in the infrared sauna?


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