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APR 18, 2019



So you and your bestie have decided to jump-start the month with the “Whole 30” challenge (looks like lobster rolls are out). Or maybe you have simply chosen to follow a more natural and clean lifestyle by way of eating paleo.

Whatever the reason, having paleo-friendly eats on lock is pretty much a necessity this day and age. Thankfully, Boston’s sprinkled with quite a few paleo-friendly restaurants that would make our Paleolithic Era ancestors proud.

You might be surprised to find an Italian restaurant on a paleo list, but guys, this South End hot spot allows you to substitute spaghetti squash for pasta. Can we get an amen? Whether you opt for red meat, seafood, or a straight up vegetarian dish, Stella’s made-to-order menu is on point… paleo or not.

Another South End gem, Washington St.’s Toro is a Spanish-style tapas restaurant serving up Barcelona-inspired small plates that would make any paleo stomach happy. It’s not just the locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients that makes Toro stand out; the staff is ready and able to point out exactly what is and what is (unfortunately) not suitable for the hunter-gatherer diet.

So this one’s not technically in Boston, but it’s close enough. Cabot’s in Newton actually has a paleo-friendly menu — as in, you don’t have to dissect the menu, praying that maybe you’ll be able to find something to eat. It’s literally laid out for you. Our vote? The Paleo Hamburger Platter Special.

If you find yourself in Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, or Prudential Center when the hunger pangs hit, Dig Inn’s got you with a quick and healthy bite. First of all, the ambiance already makes whatever meal you choose Instagram-worthy. Priorities. Second of all, you have the option to build your own bowl. Yes, you can cater your dish to your own specific paleo taste buds. Then, you can… dig in. (We had to.)

Okay, obviously you’re going to have to order your burger sans bun at this Boston favorite. Sans cheese, while you’re at it. But that’s okay. Sub in avocado and a fried egg and you’re good to go. Hell, go crazy and pile on some sautéed peppers and onions. Though, if you’re super strict with your paleo diet, we suggest double-checking with the staff that their burgers are grass-fed. If you’re burdened with sad news — just get the turkey patty instead. Check out their multiple locations in the Boston area and get your grub on.

So, you might have to bypass the pita (if you ever jump off the paleo bandwagon — do yourself a favor and try it), but the flavorful proteins and Mediterranean-inspired toppings are a fair trade. Bringin’ the eats downtown on Beacon St., Piperi is perfect for all you hungry paleo business folk scouring the city in search of a quality lunch spot that won’t break your diet.

Bring on the meat. Seriously, if you’re looking for somewhere to get in your meat fix, The Salty Pig on Dartmouth St. is the place to do it. Round out your plate (depending on how strict you are with your caveman diet) with Marcona Almonds, Roasted Fingerling Sweet Potatoes, and Vermont Wildflower Honey, and let your taste buds revel in paleo heaven.

On top of being on of Tom Brady’s favorite Boston eats, you’ll find that Sonsie on Newbury is particularly accommodating when it comes to serving up paleo-friendly dishes. For starters, to make things easy, you can always order off the gluten-free menu. But the staff is also super-helpful and will point you in the direction of customizable lean meats with organic fruits and veggies. Better yet? They’ll also suggest having your food cooked in olive oil and encourage subbing out certain sauces to make sure your meal is up to paleo code. It doesn’t get much better than that!

With 11 locations across the city, Sweetgreen is known for their delicious, yet insanely healthy, lean meat and veggie-centered options. Plus, their highly-sustainable, locally-grown products are organic and hormone-free, making them perfect for curating your favorite paleo-approved dishes. Try one of their make-your-own salad options and simply leave off the cheese — it won’t disappoint!


**Updated by Faith Brar, October 2018

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