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FEB 28, 2020



It takes more than loyalty to stay on top in Boston’s fitness scene. The instructors, the experience, the technology, the workouts, the community — they’re all factors these days. And one studio consistently checks all the boxes.

Since opening in 2014, B/SPOKE has quickly become one of Boston’s premier fitness studios. With locations in downtown Boston, Wellesley, and the Cape, the cycling phenomenon offers the ultimate workout experience. Their goal? To make fitness rewarding and complementary to the hustle of everyday life.


Regardless of your fitness level, B/SPOKE has something for everyone. When they first opened, the studio started with a signature, 45-minute R/DE cycling class, a mix of cardio, hand weights, and core work aimed to transform the way you look and feel. Now, the studio offers a total of six different R/DE classes that satisfy every fitness junkie’s needs.

If 45 minutes just isn’t enough, attendees can opt for a 60-minute, 75-minute, and even a 101-minute-long class. Then there’s the HOT R/DE that cranks the heat and allows you to really sweat out your day and clear your mind. And if you really rely on music to fuel your workouts, opt for the Hip Hop or #Throwback R/DE classes to get in the groove. You can even take the music with you via their public Spotify playlists.

But let’s be real. Indoor cycling isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. And while cardio is great, a well-rounded fitness routine needs more. That’s what inspired B/SPOKE to elevate their experience and introduce TRAIN and TRAIN X classes that take place in what’s dubbed “the Lab”. Here, you will find no bikes, instead weight and mats for more cross-training type moves to help you build overall strength and conditioning.

With what some might call their secret sauce, these classes are led by some of Boston’s finest fitness instructors with years of experience under their belt. This cultivating of top-tier talent that can both deliver the best workouts and also remember the names of class regulars leads to a little something called community.


B/SPOKE’s workouts alone are proof that they focus on giving their clients the best. And they’ve branded themselves as more of an experience versus just another place to work out. They’ve done that by enabling people to do something relevant, something bigger than fitness. Their charity R/DE classes, for instance, are a perfect example of that. On a near weekly basis, the studio dedicates a R/DE class solely to charities to raise funds and awareness for all sorts of causes.

The same community aspect is what inspired them to partner with lululemon on Newbury to feature their TRAIN and TRAIN X classes every week. Yes, the activewear boutique’s in-house studio is a great place to get fit doing HIIT, but it’s also perfect for socializing and refueling with Nourish Your Soul located right below.

In an effort to offer that same type of experience in their own space, B/SPOKE opened their very own DR/P Cafe in late 2019, located inside their Wellesley location. The adorable coffee shop has a small yet comprehensive menu that includes everything from matcha and turmeric lattes to kombucha and a seasonal spritz. Just another example of how the brand is trying to be more than just your average studio.


When it comes to reshaping the wellness space, B/SPOKE is on the right path. Their approach is equal parts holistic and luxury, and their goals of helping the community find a sustainable path to better health and personal growth is what makes them stand out on their own.

Rest assured, if their own growth of things to come, their next big thing is already in the works.


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