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Every busy Bostonian knows that making time to pound the pavement can be a real pain. And sometimes sticking to your running routine is a task too large to conquer alone.

Well you don’t have to face your running-related woes alone when you live in a city like ours! Boston is a haven for runners and fitness-enthusiasts alike. Which means there are countless local running groups that offer the support, camaraderie, and motivation for our fellow runners.

So if you’re looking for a group of run-loving folks to sweat with in this great city, you have to check out these amazing Boston run clubs.


Janji | Facebook

For those who view running as a time to explore, join the creators of local running apparel company Janji on Saturday mornings to, well, do just that. Known as the Nomadic Running Crew, this 9:30am run club sets off on a different journey around the Boston area each weekend — and no two runs are the same. There’s always a pit-stop at a piece of public street art though, to add a little creativity to those (often) ten-mile jaunts. What better way to soak in some of that Boston culture?


November Project Boston | Facebook

This list obviously wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the November Project and their weekly Wednesday early morning run club! At 5:30am and 6:30am, rain or shine, make your way to Harvard Stadium in Allston to tackle 1147 concrete seats. And by tackle, we mean run. But don’t worry — through the November Project’s lively traditions like constant hugging, cheering, and singing, you’ll be having more fun at 5:30 in the morning than anyone else around.


Community Running Association of Boston | Facebook

There’s family, and then there’s your running family. And good news: Community Running is adopting. Their priority is to engage that inner-cheetah of middle-to-back of pack runners who want to enjoy themselves while getting fit. Their workouts take place year-round and are coached to ensure each member gets the most out of his or her experience. Regardless of age or ability, runners are encouraged to join the group and participate in Monday and Wednesday workouts throughout the Boston-metro area.


Heartbreak Hill Running Company | Facebook

Whether you choose to depart on Wednesdays out of the Heartbreak Hill Running Co. storefront in Newton, on Thursdays out of the South End Athletic Co. storefront in Boston, or Saturdays at either location, one thing remains the same: you’re in for one killer run. The Run Club is designed for runners of all abilities who want to improve their speed and endurance. For those who decide to tag along for the Wednesday HHRC session, their motto goes something along the lines of “we eat hills for breakfast.” You’ve been warned.


Night Shift Brewing | Facebook

Is there a better pairing than fitness and booze? Probably, but we still think they go together quite nicely. And so do the folks at Night Shift Brewing. Created with all levels of runners in mind, the weekly Night Shift Brewing fun run offers a relaxed 5k jog along the Bike Path in Everett. And since we all know that beer tastes SO much better when you’ve earned it, quench your thirst afterward with a well-deserved brew. Grab your friends and make a night of it any Wednesday at 7pm.


@dsrunners | Instagram

This dedicated group of runners all hail from the Somerville, Medford, Cambridge and Arlington area, and have a shared obsession with hitting the pavement. With basic guidelines that include respecting your running mates, always regrouping for the slower members, and a non-negotiable requirement to have fun, the Davis Square Runners are a great option for those who aren’t necessarily looking to hit a PR. Join 20-30 locals every Tuesday at 6:15pm for a three-mile jaunt at your own pace.


Boston Athletic Association Running Club | Facebook

For runners interested in a more intense and performance-focused group, the B.A.A. Running Club is the premier one in the Boston area. Members generally have specific, competitive goals that they hope to accomplish and seek the support of the Boston Athletic Association to do so. The B.A.A. provides coaching, workout groups, racing team programs, long runs, and all the preparation needed to participate in road races, cross country, track & field, and various marathons. So if you like standing on podiums, this club might be for you.


Informal Running | Facebook

Yes, that’s the real name of this running group, and it’s perfectly indicative of what they are all about. This group is comprised of eccentric, informal runners whose one and only goal is to engage in informal runs with like-minded people. They also aren’t tied to just distance workouts, offering interval training on Tuesdays, beach running on Thursdays, and three-, five-, or six-mile loops on Saturdays (which is always followed by brunch). Consider this your formal invitation for some easy-going running.


Alison McGinty | Facebook

This group considers themselves a motley crew of runners that takes things seriously… but not too seriously. The SRR hosts weekly runs, track workouts, and even races, but none of that gets in the way of having fun. See, this group has been around longer than any other in Somerville, and offers those runners on the edge of Boston and Cambridge a spot to lace up their sneakers amongst friends. And, as an added bonus, they do it all for charity.


Thirsty Irish Runners | Facebook

This seventeen-year-old group focuses on friendship more than anything else. As friends, they help one another train, pace, and prepare for races and weekly runs. And they sure do enjoy themselves along the way. Every member of the Thirsty Irish Runners are brought together through running, but share so much more than that. They put their running family first and make training and racing a close second. As a result, the Thirsty Irish Running group has become a place for runners to build friendships while building better bodies.


@canofspaghetti | Instagram

The L Street Running Club offers so much more than just logging miles — camaraderie and support is what this Southie running club thrives off of. Group runs are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and both nights you can choose to join either the 6pm or 6:15pm group to head out for anywhere between five–seven miles. Don’t be surprised if your run is sprinkled with a few hills here and there. But it’s all worth it when you enjoy some pretty spectacular views of the bay.


Dashing Whippets Running Team | Facebook

Welcoming runners of all levels, the Dashing Whippets Running Team hosts three weekly runs. That’s three perfect reasons to strap on your sneakers and get in a solid workout. Saturday mornings are reserved for a longer run (think five-20 miles) that starts out at the Boston Common. Tuesday and Thursday nights keep it short and sweet in Cambridge and then Charlestown, focussing on interval, tempo, and hill sets.


Run Fellow Facebook

This group of novice and seasoned runners wants to make it easy for new friends to join. Since there is no membership or fee required, they like it when people just show up (do it) — chances are, you won’t want to leave. Its members are all about supporting one another with a smile, high-five, or words of encouragement that help propel you to the finish line. The group meets for three-to-five mile runs every Tuesday night at different spots throughout Somerville and Cambridge. And, if you ask them, no run is complete without post-run activities including beer and snacks — so don’t forget your ID or your appetite!


The Brighton Bangers Running Club | Facebook

This lively bunch refer to themselves as the “friendliest running club in one of Boston’s most welcoming neighborhoods,” and who are we to deny that? The Brighton Bangers Running Club meets every Saturday at 9:30am (8:30am in the warmer months) for runs of varying distances and speeds. However, it’s their Wednesday evening 7pm runs that put BBRC on the run club radar. Why’s that? The always-a-good-time post-run gatherings at one of Brighton’s diviest of dive bar (we mean that in a good way), the Last Drop.


Marathon Sports (Boston) | Facebook

This club is all about combining fun and exercise into a weekly, or even twice-weekly event. The organizers behind the Marathon Sports Running Club encourage members to enjoy relatively easy three-to-five mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. And it’s not just a way to get a workout in, and to learn a few new routes throughout the city. The best news about this club is that it’s not specific to just Boston; runners in Brookline, Cambridge, and Wellesley can also participate in weekly runs by meeting at their convenient Marathon Sports store.


Forest Hill Runners | Facebook

Good news, Jamaica Plain-ers, there’s a run club that meets every Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 9am right in your very own backyard — the Stony Brook T. Then again, they’ve been known to throw in a few social runs throughout the other days of the week, so don’t worry — you’ve got options. And, since you run at your own pace, all levels are welcome. Fitt Tip: Don’t miss out on the Saturday morning sessions — they usually end at J.P. Licks, and you know what that means. ICE CREAM.



Ladies of Boston, get to this local running group for your chance to meet and train with other female runners of all abilities and fitness levels. Head to Athleta Newbury on Tuesday night at 6:30pm for three- and four-mile routes along the Charles River. Can’t make it this week? No worries; this group will be waiting every Tuesday through September. Since She Runs Boston has a “no women left behind” policy, you’ll fit right in no matter your pace.


@wadeaw19 | Instagram

Frontrunners Boston is Boston’s first gay and lesbian running club. For almost 40 years now, members meet every Saturday morning, and take a leisurely loop around the Charles. Some people walk a three-mile circle, while others opt to sprint out the full 7.8-mile trail — to each their own. Whatever path you choose, Frontrunners always end the run with brunch nearby. Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to us.


Stephi’s Run Club | Facebook

Stephi’s in Southie isn’t just serving up delicious food. They’re dishing out great workouts too. Who woulda thunk? Every Monday at 6pm, Stephi’s brings together runners of all experience levels for a casual run around the South Boston/South End area. But what really sets this run club apart from the rest? Complimentary post-run apps! What can we say? We’re a sucker for free (and oh-so-tasty) food.


@jeanboileau | Instagram

Every Tuesday at 6pm, lace up those sneaks, throw on a tee, and meet at the North End Greenway. That is, if you’re looking to get in an epic run in one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods. The route changes every week, but is generally somewhere between three-to-six miles. Because the ultimate goal of this run club is fun, any and all are welcome.


Parkway Running Club | Facebook

Running with the Parkway Running Club means always finding a spot that suits you. They support the training for all runners, from the casual jogger to the experienced racer. Based out of West Roxbury, MA, you can find this group regularly engaging in weekly runs, charity races, and more. Don’t sweat feeling like a stranger though. You’ll instantly find your stride, hitting the pavement alongside other runners with the endless, cheery support of the Parkway Running Club!


Anna Rachel Photography

One of Boston’s newer running communities has quickly become one of the most popular tribes to join. And their monthly, themed Midnight Runs (usually starting around 8pm) are a huge draw — come costumed and ready to run… and yell… and dance. But if you’re not down for a late-night crawl across the city, come for their regularly hosted weekly 10k Music Boot Camp Run, which leaves Scholars Bar every Tuesday night at 7pm sharp. During the course of a 10k run, you’ll jam to curated playlists and make five stops along the way for bodyweight exercises. Plus, Sundays are for long runs; expect 15–30k before a lunch social.


@lululemon | Instagram

Get ready to conquer all your running goals with the lululemon Run Club — LRC for short. They’ve got you covered for your shake-out run, speed, hills, and that (sometimes) dreaded long run. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the LRC meets at one of their shops (Prudential on Mon., Seaport of Tues.) in the evening, while Thursdays (Newbury) and Saturdays (Chestnut Hill) are for the early bird. Whether you’re training for a race or just want to have fun and meet good people, the LRC is the place to be.