Bartleby’s Seitan Stand is Boston’s Go-to Spot For Vegan Fast Food

Bartleby’s Seitan Stand is Boston’s Go-to Spot For Vegan Fast Food

Attention fast food-lovers! Your wildest dreams are about to come true. Soon, it will be possible to find classic American fast food without the guilt or Big Mac sweats.

It’s just the “veganning” for Stephanie Kirkpatrick’s new Boston-based food truck concept, Bartleby’s Seitan Stand.

  • No meat, no problem

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    image via @bartlebysfood | Instagram

    Bartleby’s is making its way downtown and serving up incredible fast food… but without the mystery meat. Menu items include fried sandwiches on toasted buns, crispy golden nuggets, fries, salads, and dipping sauces, all designed for a vegan diet with carefully-sourced ingredients free from animal products. And their secret (or not-so secret) ingredient? Their signature seitan!

    But what exactly is seitan? Pronounced say-tan (cue the satan jokes), it’s a popular meat substitute made from wheat gluten. Low-fat, low-carb, and high in protein, its juicy and chewy meat-like consistency is the highlight of the food truck’s menu.

    The recent rise of vegan dining is trending, but this food truck is taking things to another level for their customers, who they refer to as “devils.” Whether you order their Hail Seitan or Demon Deluxe sandwiches or a Devil’s Dozen (13 seitan nuggets and double dose of sauce), Bartleby’s is convenient, affordable, and, obviously, plant-based. It’s also sustainable for a fast-paced, grab-as-you-go lifestyle.

  • Mother Earth knows best

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    image via @bartlebysfood | Instagram

    From their crispy seitan patties to their fully biodegradable containers, Bartleby’s is classic American fare with a twist. The biggest twist to modern fast food? They actually care, claiming they’re “empowering people to do good for themselves, the animals, and the planet—one meal at a time.”

    Roaming, diet-friendly meals on wheels? We can’t wait until Bartleby’s opens its doors (or windows).

  • Guilt-free comfort food

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    image via @bartlebysfood | Instagram

    Are you ready for a guilt-free tasty twist on American food? Bartleby’s 16-foot truck will begin serving their “hellishly good fast food” to Bostonians on April 2. Will Bartleby’s Seitan Stand have you too saying “to hell with meat?” You can see for yourself on Mondays and Wednesdays in Back Bay and Fridays in Downtown Crossing.

    Sound like vegan heaven? Wait until you taste the Seitanic Spicy Sauce.