7 Spots For Healthy And Delicious Acai Bowls in Boston

7 Spots For Healthy And Delicious Acai Bowls in Boston

Acai bowls you can do no wrong. These vibrant bowls that have taken over our Instagram feed contain more than just the makings of a pretty pic. And with tons of healthy options to blend right in, acai bowls are basically the definition of perfect.

If you’re obsessed with these healthy treats as much as we are (or you’ve never had one!), then you absolutely need to check out these 7 spots in Boston offering up some insanely delicious acai bowls.

  • Cocobeet

    Acai Bowls in Boston
    image via CocoBeet

    A flawless mixture of acai, strawberries, maqui berries and banana; Cocobeet’s sole (but huge) bowl is whipped to a heavenly consistency. A trifecta of blueberries, coconut and homemade granola are sprinkled on top to give the bowl some extra flavor and appreciated texture. One bite in and we can almost promise you’ll be asking if this Financial District juice bar sells that granola separately. The answer is yes, yes they do. Slow clap.

  • The Juicery

    The juicery Boston Acai Bowls
    image via The Juicery Facebook

    This North End treasure only has one option for acai bowls, and really, that’s all they need. The Classic Acai Bowl from The Juicery is a combo of acai, frozen banana, and almond milk. Say please, and they’ll finish it off with fresh banana slices, a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, crunchy granola, a pinch of coconut, and a dusting of cocoa nibs. Is your mouth watering yet?

  • Revolution Juice

    Revolution Juice Boston Acai Bowls
    image via @thriveexchange Instagram

    The acai bowls at Revolution Juice in the Back Bay start with a simple base: Acai berries, banana, and dates. Next, you choose your four toppings (or more if you’re feelin’ a little crazy). Not a fan of coconut? Awesome — go for a sprinkle of chia seeds instead. We suggest sticking with the fresh fruit and granola because it just doesn’t seem like an acai bowl without ’em. Fitt tip: Cacao nibs are a great addition for all you chocolate-lovers.


    Jugos in Boston
    image via @soha_eats

    JUGOS likes to pack their acai bowls with an extra fruity punch — and we’re totally okay with that. A creamy blend of acai, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and coconut water — the Kai bowl is a force to be reckoned with. Obviously, it wouldn’t be complete with the finishing touches of sliced banana, granola, and — you guessed it — more berries. Not feeling the Kai? That’s okay. This Back Bay hot spot has got three more unique acai bowl flavors to choose from.


    image via @pressedjuicery Instagram

    The acai + macqui berry bowl is where it’s at in this South End (and Beacon Hill) gem. A brilliant combo of acai, maqui, and cacao create a pillow for an artfully placed layer of house-made almond butter, berries, banana, and, again, house-made granola. And in case you’re wondering — almond butter and acai are a match made in heaven (and Boston).

  • Liquiteria

    Liquiteria Acai Bowls Boston
    image via Liquiteria Facebook

    While these Cambridge-made bad boys might not warrant a spot front and center on your Instagram feed (they’re just not that pretty, TBH), their bowl certainly warrant a spot in your stomach. Particularly, the peanut butter acai bowl because if you’ve never had peanut butter on your acai, you haven’t lived. It adds that ideal salty kick to an otherwise sinfully sweet dish. In other words: Highly addictive.

  • Bom Cafe

    Bom Cafe Boston Acai Bowls
    image via @liammarshall9 Instagram

    This Cambridge secret serves Brazilian staples on the reg. Yes, that means acai bowls. Really, really good acai bowls. Although one of the cheapest options on this list, the acai bowls here don’t skimp. The texture’s on-point, the toppings (that include strawberries, bananas, and granola) are always fresh, and because this is a Brazilian restaurant, you can get a side of cheese bread (trust us — this is a must).