Now Open: Get to Boston’s First Oatmeal Cafe in Davis Square

Now Open: Get to Boston’s First Oatmeal Cafe in Davis Square

We’re all about starting our day off right with a healthy breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day (or so mom used to say). So we go all in on Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls or savory avocado toast.

Sure, those are solid choices. But sometimes we’re crave something hot and hearty. That’s where the Oat Shop comes in.

From pop-up to permanent

image via @oatshopboston
image via @oatshopboston

It’s official, Boston has its very first oatmeal cafe. The Oat Shop is open open for business in Somerville’s funky Davis Square. But locals have been raving about these cozy bowls of oats since the Middle Gray in Brookline hosted an Oat Shop pop-up last summer.

Who’s the oatmaster? Owner Alan Donovan spent his career in finance, not the food industry. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of bringing healthy breakfasts and lunches to the masses. His own love of oatmeal inspired him to create a cafe dedicated solely to this healthy grain.

Sweet or savory

Oat Shop
image via @wanderingbostoneater

The Oat Shop cooks steel-cut oats two ways: in coconut milk for sweet bowls and in vegetable broth for savory ones (don’t knock it till you try it). Then you can go to town picking out all the toppings you want.

Unlike a lot of oatmeal, which is all about sweetness, the Oat Shop sells oatmeal bowls that appeal to a diverse range of tastes. You can get everything from a bowl topped with a fried egg and sriracha to an apple pie bowl with real maple syrup. So whether you like it sweet or savory, there’s a bowl for you.

Now open

The Oat Shop opened its doors at 22 College Ave. in Somerville and we’re already loving this hot and healthy breakfast option on cold Boston mornings.