Join this Weekly Run Club for High Fives and Positive Vibes

Join this Weekly Run Club for High Fives and Positive Vibes

So you’ve started running regularly, which is great. Except now you’re getting a little bored pounding the pavement by yourself. You know there are a bunch of local running groups in Boston, but you’re feeling intimidated. The thought of showing your stuff in front of total strangers (or eating their dust) makes you want to run for the hills.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s a running club in Boston that’s founded on the idea of being super inclusive to runners of all abilities and paces. It’s called RUNFELLOW and it’s just what you’ve been looking for.


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It’s no surprise that a city with an iconic marathon would also be home to a running club built on empowering and encouraging fellow runners. Sure, some people think Bostonians aren’t all that nice, but that’s mainly the perception of outsiders who don’t get us. People who live here know we take care of our own.

And that’s the idea behind RUNFELLOW, a running club and running gear company. It was started two years ago when Jillian D’Amato got an extra boost from a fellow runner’s smile while crossing the Longfellow Bridge. That small connection motivated her to finish her run strong. The feeling was contagious and D’Amato wanted to share it with the rest of the Boston running community. RUNFELLOW (a combo of run + fellow) was born.

Running Club + Running Clothing = Running Community

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RUNFELLOW’s good vibes are spread in two ways: through weekly run clubs and through its running gear. The run clubs are so popular that they recently expanded from one to two. The Tuesday night session leaves from a Somerville (or Cambridge) location and the Thursday night runs start in Boston. Runners of any and all paces are welcome to join these free twice-weekly workouts. Push yourself, then expect to be greeted back at the start with high fives. And once everyone has finished, the group retreats to a bar for drinks, snacks, and camaraderie with 30-90 of your new best runner friends.

Let’s be real: Everyone knows half the fun of running is all the great gear you get to wear. RUNFELLOW uses its clothing line to share motivational messages with fellow runners. The group’s signature slogan “I Like Your Pace” has been stamped on everything from tech T-shirts and tank tops to knit beanies and bright headbands. Wearing this gear is like giving every runner you pass a high-five – perfect for your daily run or the big race you have coming up.

Get Ready to Run

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If you want to join RUNFELLOW’s Run Clubs, just show up. There’s no pre-registration required and the twice-weekly runs are completely free. The starting locations change for each run, so check RUNFELLOW’s website each week to see the next route.

So now there aren’t any more excuses about why you can’t join a run club. RUNFELLOW is for everyone, seasoned runner and newbie alike. Just make sure your high-five hand is ready!