This Local Company Created a Craft Beer for an Active Lifestyle

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This Local Company Created a Craft Beer for an Active Lifestyle

Crossing the finish line of a race is thrilling and many runners love to celebrate with a post-race beer or two. But guzzling brewskies isn’t always the best thing for an athlete who’s running low on hydration and fuel. Instead of missing out on all the fun, grab a Mighty Squirrel. This Boston-based beer is changing the way fitness friends celebrate their big wins or just unwind after a chill game of Ultimate in the local park.

Building a Better Beer

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Most people know that beer is loaded with carbs and calories, but lacking pretty much everything else. And while runners, cyclists, and other fitness fanatics need to replenish what they’ve just burned off, most don’t want to sink all their hard work into an empty beverage or two. That’s where Mighty Squirrel comes in. It’s a different kind of beer crafted just for athletes, and really anyone who loves being active.

Each Mighty Squirrel beer contains four grams of protein. This is huge in a world where most beer has way less than half of that in a serving. Protein is essential in restocking depleted nutrients after a hard workout, so while drinking Mighty Squirrel isn’t exactly healthy, it’s about as good as beer gets. We’ll drink to that!

Making the Squirrel Mighty


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It only makes sense that the guys behind Mighty Squirrel are super active themselves. Co-founders Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar love sailing, fishing, skiing, hiking, playing tennis, and running. They met about six years ago working in the medical device industry, but were soon bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and set out to start their own company together.

They hit on the idea for Mighty Squirrel while having celebratory beers with friends after tennis matches. A couple years of kitchen experiments later, they finally had a protein brew that tasted great. The founders hooked up with the brewery at the Von Trapp Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, and started producing enough beer to share with the world. Mighty Squirrel was introduced to the Boston market last year and the three brews are already a big hit with local athletes, of which there is no shortage of in the city.

Where to Find Mighty Squirrel

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Mighty Squirrel’s distribution is expanding rapidly (people are going nuts!) throughout Boston and Massachusetts. You can now find it many local liquor stores and at several restaurants and bars in the area. The Mighty Squirrel website has a handy map and list with details on where to find the beer, so you know where to go to toast your next PR.