The Most Exciting New Workout Spots & Healthy Restaurants in Boston

The Most Exciting New Workout Spots & Healthy Restaurants in Boston

Boston’s got plenty to brag about, but perhaps one of the most exciting things about our city is its ever-expanding health and fitness scene. The only problem? It can be hard to keep up. And we get it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all of the latest, greatest, and on-the-way healthy restaurants and sweat spots. Your Google Search days are over.

  • Energize | Brighton

    Energize Boston
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    You could say Energize is still a relatively new name in Boston—they opened their first shop in May 2017—but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a fast favorite! Locals just can’t stop sipping and snacking on their delicious juices, salads, and smoothie bowls. So, it’s no surprise that this health food haven decided to give Boston what they really wanted — more Energize! They kicked open the doors on their Brighton location at the end of March, and we’re all better off for it.

  • CycleBar

    cyclebar boston
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    There’s no denying that Boston’s cycling scene is heating up, so it only makes sense that big-name boutique studio CycleBar would set up in our city — and on July 19, they opened their second location, right in Somerville. If you haven’t already experienced CycleBar Assembly Row, here’s what you’re in for: a tiered cycling studio featuring 55 bikes, second-to-none audio and lighting technology, and beats-driven, high-intensity rides. Oh, and did we mention they provide shoes for free?

  • Life Alive | Brookline

    Life Alive Boston
    image via @lifealivecafe | Instagram

    Whether you’re vegetarian or not, chances are you’re familiar with Life Alive. Their Cambridge, Salem, and Lowell locations have been filling Boston bellies with plant-based grain bowls, salads, and wraps for quite a while now. But the best part about Life Alive is that they recently opened their FOURTH location. Now, you can get your hands on their organic meals if you’re in Brookline, too.

  • Double Zero

    Double Zero Boston
    image via @doublezeromk | Instagram

    This pizza place is not like the others. The difference? They’re serving pies with a healthy twist, aka they’re entirely plant-based! Thought up by well-known chef Matthew Kenney, New York-based Double Zero is making their way to Boston in October. Once they do, you’ll be able to wrap your hands around slices of vegan pizza like their Spicy Marinara Arrabbiata made with shiitake bacon, cauliflower, macadamia ricotta, and basil. We’re already drooling.

  • Rhythm n’ Wraps

    Rhythmn n' Wraps Boston
    image via @rhythmnwraps | Instagram

    If you hang around Harvard Square or Sidney and Cambridge, you’ve likely had a treated yourself to a tasty taco or wrap from the Rhythm n’ Wraps food truck. Well, in case you haven’t heard, this vegan and vegetarian hot spot landed a brick-and-mortar in June. Now, when the craving for their plant-based creations hits, you’ll be able to make your way over to Packard’s Corner to satisfy your needs. But don’t worry — you can still find the truck in Cambridge.

  • Spyce Food Co.

    Spyce Food Co. Boston
    image via @sarahstorrer | Instagram

    We really are living in the future, folks. In May, healthy eatery Spyce Food Co. opened their doors on Washington St. But don’t expect to see your fellow Bostonians behind the counter crafting your meal. Nope, Spyce is a fully-automated restaurant, meaning it’s entirely run by robots. Sure, it might take some getting used to, but if you’re in a hurry, this place is your go-to. Thanks to technology, everything is made in three minutes or less. You can’t beat that!

  • BURNIN’ By Ray

    Burnin By Ray Boston
    image via @burnin_byray | Instagram

    Alright, we’ve heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), but what about low-impact, high-intensity training (LiHi)? Well, there’s a new studio making their way to Boston, Seaport to be exact, this September that focuses on just that. At BURNIN’ By Ray, you won’t be sweating it out on the treadmill. Instead, you’ll alternate between equipment-based exercises—on the VersaClimber, Airbike, and AirRunner—and strength-conditioning sets. Keep your eyes peeled for their grand opening and get ready to turn up the burn!

  • Barry’s Bootcamp | Back Bay

    Barry's Bootcamp Boston
    image via @kathryntbyrd | Instagram

    Barry’s Bootcamp refers to themselves as “The Best Workout In the World”, and for good reason. Their high-intensity workouts that burn muscles, torch calories, and ensure you’re in tip-top shape. Well now, if you live in Boston, you can get sweaty with Barry in Chestnut Hill, in Downtown Boston, AND in their recently-opened location in Back Bay (it opened this May).

  • Carrot Flower

    Carrot Flower Boston
    image via @carrot_flower_jp | Instagram

    Jamaica Plain is about to get a whole lot juicier thanks to this new cafe that’s setting up shop there this summer. The best part about Carrot Flower? Everything they make, from their smoothies and acai bowls to their juices, soups, and overnight oats are made with organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients whenever possible. And go ahead and bring your vegan friends — they’ve got plenty of plant-based options here.

  • Mighty Love Food

    Mighty Love Food Boston
    image via @camerongrob | Instagram

    There’s a new restaurant coming to FiDi and they’ve got your health in mind. Say hello to Mighty Love Food, a fast-casual spot that has plans to dish out delectable and good-for-you bowls, bagels, sandwiches, smoothies, and salads made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. And if you’ve got some eaters in your crew that don’t do dairy, soy, gluten, or meat—don’t worry—Mighty Love’s got them covered. Keep an eye on their social media, they should be opening any minute.

  • Outdoor Voices

    Outdoor Voices Boston
    image via @ovboston | Instagram

    Since OV opened of their Seaport store in July, it’s likely that you’ve seen fitness fiends all over the city sporting their trendy, tri-tone leggings and ’gram-worthy apparel. But probably the best part about this new addition to the neighborhood is the community workouts. OV is known for hosting fitness pop-ups meant to whip you into shape and bring together like-minded individuals. Now, that’s a brand that’s #DoingThings.

  • Whole Heart Provisions

    whole heart provisions Boston
    image via @wholeheartprovisions | Instagram

    There are already plenty of healthy eateries around Boston, but it’s time to make room for one more. Whole Heart Provisions already has locations in Cambridge, Central Square, and Allston, and soon, they’ll be adding another to the list. This fall, they’re opening a spot in Harvard Square. So, no matter where you are in the city, you won’t be too far from their veggie-focused bowls and street food snacks.