The Most Exciting New Workout Spots and Healthy Restaurants Opening in Boston

The Most Exciting New Workout Spots and Healthy Restaurants Opening in Boston

New Year = new health and wellness goals — and what better way to stay motivated than experiencing the city’s most exciting new spots to sweat, eat, and repeat?  Well, we’ve got you covered and have rounded up Boston’s hottest (and soon-to-be-hot) healthy spots you’ll want to experience ASAP. Who knows? You might just find your next favorite food or fitness fix.

  • Playa Bowls

    Openings in Boston
    image via Playa Bowls | Facebook

    Prepare to immediately be transported to a tropical island thanks to Playa Bowls’ array of brightly colored smoothie bowls, juices, and more that will be coming to you sometime this year. The New Jersey-based health joint is slated to open its doors in Brighton (exact opening TBD) and is known for its nourishing ingredients including pitaya, coconut, chia pudding, banana, oatmeal, and greens. Hope you’re ready for some delicious healthy goodness!

  • ((305)) Fitness

    Openings in Boston
    image via 305 Fitness | Facebook

    ((305)) Fitness might have made its humble Boston debut in 2016, but it recently got the space it deserves with a brand new 2,500-square-foot-studio right on Commonwealth Ave. in Back Bay. Now, everyone can get in on the fun and prepare to drip puddles of sweat thanks to their fat-blasting, dance-meets-toning workouts that seriously bring the burn.

  • btone Fitness

    Openings in Boston
    image via btone Fitness | Facebook

    With studios in Lexington, Sudbury, Wellesley, Waltham, Back Bay, North End, and South Boston, everyone’s favorite Pilates-inspired workout is now opening up shop in Middleton and Hanover mid-2019. Both btones will offer their signature 45-minute Tone class that embodies their “slow movements, fast results” concept, perfect for jump-starting your metabolism, burning fat and increasing flexibility. Who’s ready to feel the burn?

  • BKBX

    Openings in Boston
    image via BKBX | Facebook

    If you’re an adventure junkie constantly looking for the next challenge, BKBX, a concept from Somerville favorite Brooklyn Boulders, is perfect for you. This one-of-a-kind training center recently opened in Allston and is centered around helping you reach your fitness goals, regardless of what they may be. Their innovative 50-minute classes use an extensive bouldering wall as well as ground work to help maximize results. They also offer excursions and expeditions to put your capabilities to the test. Talk about things getting real.

  • Central Rock Gym

    Openings in Boston
    image via @crg_boston | Instagram

    Stuck in a workout rut and looking to switch things up? Say hello to Central Rock Gym, an indoor rock climbing facility that offers a little something to everyone. The 5,000-square-foot space is right in the heart of the city and offers 150 bouldering routes, as well as a weights and cardio fitness room. You can expect daily classes, work and lounge spaces with free WiFi, showers and lockers rooms, and certified climbing and personal training instruction. It really doesn’t get better than that!

  • Zing Bowl

    Openings in Boston
    image via Zing Bowl Brazilian Healthy Food | Facebook

    You might not associate the mall with healthy eating, but Zing Bowl might change your mind. The trendy food spot recently opened up within CambridgeSide and is perfect for a quick acai bowl or a nutty green salad with quinoa. They even sell packaged ingredients, free of preservatives, that can be purchased online. Win-win!

  • Rev’d Indoor Cycling

    Openings in Boston
    image via Rev'd Indoor Cycling' | Facebook

    With two locations in Dedham and Foxboro already, Rev’d Indoor Cycling is on its way to Boston sometime in early 2019. This unique studio is known for its high-quality rides—with an enforced spin shoe requirement—led by seriously experienced instructors. Prepare for each ride to be personalized with motivated movements performed to some heart-pumping beats.

  • SLT

    Openings in Boston
    image via SLT Back Bay| Facebook

    One of the most exciting workout spots in Boston in 2018, SLT is slated to open a second location in Boston in early- to mid-2019. Often described as “Pilates on crack”, these 50-minute classes are the perfect combination of cardio, strength training, and Pilates that will whip you right into shape. Done entirely on the Megaformer, the movements aim to burn calories and keep your muscles going until they fatigue to lengthen, strengthen, and seriously tone your body.

  • CorePower Yoga

    Openings in Boston
    image via CorePower Yoga | Facebook

    CorePower Yoga is known for combining an intense physical workout with mindful yoga to offer up that balance we’re all looking for in life. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the national franchise opened two new locations—one in Harvard Square and one in Back Bay—in an effort to start 2019 on an even more successful note. If your resolution this year is to build strength, tone your core, and ignite your intent along the way, CorePower is perfect for you.

  • Saus | Somerville

    Openings in Boston
    image via Saus | Facebook

    This one’s for all the veggie-lovers out there. Saus, known for their hand-cut fries and frik (hand-rolled beef and pork sausage), is going full vegetarian with their new location in Bow Market. Enjoy a guilt-free indulgence with their plant-based BBQ Impossible Burger or add Impossible Chili to your poutine, or mix it up in a vegetarian bowl. The best part? Everything can be modified to be vegan, so there’s a little something for everyone. Just don’t forget the sauce — they’re plant-based, too!