200 Miles, Unforgettable Views, & One Epic Beach Party: Mark Your Calendar For Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

200 Miles, Unforgettable Views, & One Epic Beach Party: Mark Your Calendar For Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that no matter how you work out, it’s always better when you’re with your crew.

And for Reebok Ragnar’s Cape Cod road relay, you’re not just going to want your friends there — you’re going to need them. The two-day adventure will test your endurance, strength, and sheer will power. But the feeling you’ll get and stories you’ll have to tell after you cross the finish line will be unmatched.

The Ultimate Road Rally

ragnar relay cape cod
image via Ragnar

If you’re new to the Ragnar Relay, there are some things you should know. The biggest, possibly most daunting fact is that you’ll be continuously running 200 miles. You might think it’s impossible, but that’s what friends are for! Ragnar’s Road races are 12-person affairs (or six-person if your friends are ultramarathoners), and while you’re running one of the 36 segments of the race—distances varying from three miles to 11 miles—the next runner will be on deck in your team’s personal cargo van.

It’s a supported run, meaning Ragnar will have designated checkpoints to allow you to switch your runner, stretch your legs, and hopefully catch some zzz’s. Once you regroup and recoup, it’s up to you to decide who’s pounding the pavement next, who’s driving, and who’s leading carpool karaoke.

It’s an active bonding experience like no other, and your friends will soon become best friends as you go the distance — all the way to the beach.

Take the Cape

ragnar relay cape cod
image via Ragnar

There’s no denying that you’re going to have to muster up some serious self-discipline and a good amount of grit to take on a Ragnar, but you’ll have picturesque surroundings and epic views to help carry you through.

You and your team will start your journey on the sandy shore of Nantasket Beach in Hull with a full view of the Boston Harbor. From there, you’ll cruise past historical landmarks, breathtaking beaches, and New England coasts. Just make sure you’ve packed your headlamp — once the sun sets, you’ll need it to navigate those woodsy roads and trails.

After you and your sweat-soaked team have dug in deep and crossed the finish line at Smugglers Beach as a pack, it’s time to hug it out, high-five, and reward yourself at Ragnar’s biggest beach party yet. Explore the five area beaches, kick back, enjoy live music, and try to remember every incredible moment over the past 36 hours. A weekend with Ragnar will be one for the books.

Event Details

What: Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod
Where: Nantasket Beach, Hull to Smugglers Beach, Yarmouth
When: May 10–11, 2019
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