Rewild, America’s First-Ever Vegan Beer Hall & Eatery, is Coming to Quincy

Rewild, America’s First-Ever Vegan Beer Hall & Eatery, is Coming to Quincy

Here in Boston, we’re known for being on our game when it comes to fitness and health trends. We have tons of studios catering to any workout you can imagine (including aerial yoga) and any kind of food you could possible crave. And, once again, we’re proving to be ahead of the curve in the healthiest way.

Meet America’s first-ever vegan beer hall and eatery, Rewild.

  • Plant-based heaven

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    image via @veganrican28 | Instagram

    Rewild, the beer-serving vegan dream is set to open in Quincy, MA in the summer of 2018. The bar will boast 20 plant-based beers on tap, as well as non-alcoholic options such as kombucha, seltzer, and coffee. Before you ask: not all beers are considered vegan due to animal by-products used in the brewing process. Now you know, cheers!

    Ready to hear about the food? We’re talking burgers, tacos, pizza, vegan bacon-wrapped scallops that are made with oyster mushrooms, and more. All ingredients are 100% vegan and are crafted from plants taken from Mother Earth. Are you drooling yet?

  • Spreading the vegan love

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    image via @thevegan_vixen | Instagram

    One of the plant-loving leaders behind it all,Paul McAuley, runs the website Eat Green Make Green. He’s a Boston-based entrepreneur and start-up consultant for plant-based companies. After switching to a vegan lifestyle just a few years ago, he began to see his whole life transform for the better and never looked back. Today he has successfully run numerous companies in the tech and food space, with Rewild being his latest project.

    The leadership team also includes Marissa Hughes and chef Will Hernandez, who both previously worked with by CHLOE., a Fitt-favorite vegan restaurant chain.

  • The first of its kind

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    image via @thevegan_vixen | Instagram

    All three plant experts are collaborating to create a space where vegan and non-vegans alike can come together to have a few beers, eat quality food, and hang out. Believe it or not, there currently is no such establishment like this anywhere in the country, and Rewild is here to fix that.

    Stay up to date with announcements by checking out Rewild’s website, and raise one up to the geniuses who saw past beer brats and burgers for something sustainable.