Row House, a Popular Boutique Rowing Studio, is Setting up Shop in Boston

  • Brittany Goncar
  • Fitt
Row House, a Popular Boutique Rowing Studio, is Setting up Shop in Boston

During the spring, summer, and fall, it’s not unusual to see crew teams and recreational rowers powering up the Charles River. But in the winter, these athletes need to take their sport indoors. And if you’ve never been part of a crew team, you should at least know that their beloved/hated dryland training is BIG right now.

Enter: Row House, a popular California and New York rowing studio that just announced they’re testing the waters in Boston.

Row, row, row your boat

Now, if you know nothing of rowing, you may think that it’s solely an arm workout, and we can’t promise that they won’t feel like Jell-O before class is over. But rowing is actually one of the most impactful forms of total-body cardio.

Not only is this 45-minute workout low-impact, it will help train your flexibility, create brawny strength (legs, back, upper body, core…), and have you huffing and puffing regardless of your experience.

And when things get hard, let the sweet tunes and team-like atmosphere motivate you.

All Aboard

No previous experience? No problem. Row House designed its workouts to benefit athletes of all levels. Come in, try your best, and we promise you’ll be better for it.

Classes will focus on individual skill drills, team sync rowing, and recovery to maximize the best of all worlds. Besides, who doesn’t like a challenge?

Want to visualize your effort? Progress is tracked throughout class for all you data nerds out there, so remember your numbers. Stick to it, and we know you’ll see improvement!

Row House is planning to set up its first Boston studio in the Lovejoy Wharf complex in the North End. And while the opening date has yet to be confirmed, word is they’re planning for a late spring/early summer opening. So stay tuned for more details!